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Erläuterungen zu diesen US-AUDIO Seiten der 1950er Jahre

Die hier stehenden amerikanischen Artikel aus 1959 (aus der US-AUDIO) sind teilweise sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, weil sie erstens aus einer längst vergangenen Zeit stammen und zweitens, weil dort in den USA ganz "anders" gedacht wurde als bei uns in Old Germany oder in Europa.

Vergleichbar mit unseren deutschen Hifi-Magazinen etwa ab 1962 ist jedoch, daß auch diese Zeitschrift ihre Anzeigen- Kunden und -Leser (be- oder ab- ?) werben mußte. - Weiterhin sind die Dimensionen des amerikanischen Kontinents mit den unseren hier in Europa nicht vergleichbar. - Ein Redaktions-"Trip" von New York nach Los Angeles oder Chicago oder gar in die Wüste nach Las-Vegas zu einer der CES- Audio- "Shows" war - auch mit dem Flugzeug - immer noch eine Weltreise. Und jede Ausstellung oder "Messe" wurde als "Show" deklariert. Und natürlich, in USA musste alles "Show" sein, um beim Publikum einige Aufmerksamkeit zu erzeugen.



In der Januar Ausgabe 1959 von AUDIO, die wir nun als gedruckte Scanvorlage verfügbar haben, sind die Texte und Bilder der Neuigkeiten ausreichend leserlich enthalten.

Tape Stroboscrope

• Tape Stroboscrope. A stroboscopic disc which, when placed against running tape, indicates the correct (or incorrect) speed of a tape recorder, has recently been introduced by H. & T. Company, P. O. Box 6041, Montgomery. The disc is mounted on watch-type bearings to eliminate drag. Total weight of the assembly is only five ounces. The disc indicates three speeds - 3%, 7%, and 15 ips. It must be used in conjunction with a 60-cps a.c. light source.

EICO Stereo Preamplifier

• EICO Stereo Preamplifier. Available in both kit and factory-wired form, the new Model HF-85 preamplifier is a complete stereo control system in low-silhouette design adaptable to any type of installation. Frequency response, measured from high-level inputs with tone controls electrically flat, is stated to be ± 0.3 db from 5 to 200,-000 cps at any output level up to 3 volts r.m.s. Intermodulation, determined by GO and 7000 cps input at 4:1, is 0.07 per cent,
and harmonic distortion is 0.1 per cent, also at 3 volts output. Tone control ranges are 15 db boost and cut at 10,000 and 50 cps. Independent level and tone controls in each channel may be operated together with a built-in clutch. Separate low-level inputs are provided in each channel for magnetic cartridge, tape head, and microphone, with high-level inputs for FM and AM tuners and for FM multiplex. Each channel is also equipped with two auxiliary inputs. Further information will be supplied by Electronic Instrument Co., Inc., 33-00 Northern Blvd., Long Island City 1

Bozak "Urban." Cabinets

• Bozak "Urban." Cabinets. Clean of line and modern in style, the new "Urban" series of speaker enclosures supplement Bozak's established Contemporary and Provincial designs. Like other Bozak cabinets, the Urban enclosures are infinite baffles. Available in two sizes for the Bozak B-302A (illustrated) and B-305 speaker systems, both Urban enclosures are offered in a choice of finishes, or unfinished when it is desirable to match existing furniture or panelling. Further information will be supplied by the R. T. Bozak Sales Company, Darien, Conn.

Tape-Head Cleaner

• Tape-Head Cleaner. Known as the Walsco "Kleen-Tape," this device permits the cleaning of recording heads in two minutes without the use of tools, and without disassembling the tape recorder. The Kleen-Tape is a specially impregnated fabric tape on a standard reel. In use the reel is placed on the recorder in the normal manner and is "played through." The cleaning formula with which the fabric tape is impregnated dissolves and removes iron-oxide accumulation, also picks up dust and other foreign materials from the head. The tape can be used over and over. Manufactured by Walsco Electronics Manufacturing Company

Telechron Needle Timer

• Telechron Needle Timer. Now available to manufacturers of high-fidelity phonographs, coin-operated machines, and other types of record players, the Need-L-Minder timer accurately clocks the playing hours of a stylus. The dial-type indicator automatically meters the stylus's "in use" Time up to 1.000 hours and requires re-setting to zero only when a new stylus is installed. Manufactured by Clock and Timer Department, General Electric Company, Ashland, Mass.

Bulk Tape Eraser

• Bulk Tape Eraser. This heavy-duty degausser will handle any tape reel up to and including 10 1/2" in diameter. The field generated is strong enough to erase any tape without rewinding or flipping the reel. In operation, the reel is placed over the spindle on the eraser and rotated until each segment passes over the field area several times, then lifted off slowly and removed to a distance of at least six feet.

The degausser incorporates two transformers drawing 6 amps at 110 vac, an on-off switch, and a line fuse. Dimensions are 6"x7"x3". Carrying catalog No. ML-120, this unit is available from Lafayette Radio, Jamaica 33, N.Y.

Turner Microphone

• Turner Microphone. A dynamic microphone of the lavalier type, the Model 22A "Acoustic-Vent" embodies a new Turner - developed engineering - principle introduced by company engineers as "a unique bass reflex which produces natural low-frequency response." Specifications of this broadcast microphone are stated as: Frequency response, 60 to 20,000 cps; Output level, -90db for 50ohms impedance, -84 db for 200 ohms impedance. The unit is cased in aluminum with neutral gray non-reflecting enamel finish. For more information and complete technical specifications, write direct to The Turner Company, 909 17th St., N.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Program Equalizer

• Program Equalizer. Developed for use by broadcast stations, recording studios and motion picture producers, the Type G-801 Program Equalizer is a low-cost device which requires only 3 172 inches of rack space. Impedance is 500-600 ohms and insertion loss is 14db. Low-frequency control is adjustable in 2db steps to provide up to 8db boost at 100 cps, and to provide attenuation in 2db steps from 4db to 10db at 100 cps. High-frequency control is adjustable in 3db steps to provide both boosts and cuts of 3db and 6db at 5000 and 8000 cps. Literature is available upon written request to Magnasync Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 5546 Satsuma Ave., North Hollywood, Calif.

Roberts Stereo Tape Recording System

• Roberts Stereo Tape Recording System.
Designed primarily for serious home recordists, the 90-S Stereo Recorder and the matching A901 Recording Amplifier make up a complete stereophonic record-playback system engineered to professional standards. The 90-S incorporates an amplifier, preamplifier, VU meter, and playback speaker. It is driven by a hysteresis-synchronous motor which holds wow and flutter well within professional equipment tolerances.

The A-901 is equipped with a VU meter for second channel monitoring, microphone input, and built-in two-way speaker system. The 90-S may be used separately as a complete monophonic recording system, with the A-901 added later on when stereo recording is desired. Lightweight, easily portable, the companion units are electronically matched and designed with identical physical dimensions. Complete technical specifications will be supplied by Roberts Electronics, Inc., 1028 N. La Brea, Hollywood 38, Calif.

Sherwood 60-Watt Amplifier

• Sherwood 60-Watt Amplifier. Featuring an efficient combination of six Type 7189 output tubes in push-pull parallel, the Model S-1060 is a complete audio control system and power amplifier mounted on a single compact chassis. Among its features are a "tube saver" B+time delay relay, d.c.-heated preamp filaments, and output-tube balance control. The S-1060 offers the same flexible controls incorporated in the well-known Sherwood Model S-1000 II. These include a 6db presence-rise switch, equalizer control, bass and treble controls, "center-set" loudness control, loudness compensation switch, 12db/octave scratch and rumble filters, phono level control, tape-monitor switch, and selector switch for five inputs, all on the front panel. Frequency response is stated to be 20 to 30.000 cps ±1.0db, and inter-modulation 1.5 per cent at full rated output. Output impedances are 4, 8, 16 ohms, and a cathode follower is provided for recording. Sherwood Electronic Laboratories, Inc., 4300 N. California Ave., Chicago, 111.



Arkay Stereo Amplifier

• Arkay Stereo Amplifier. Available factory-wired or as an easy-to-build kit, the Arkay CS-28 is a versatile stereo control center with dual 14-watt power amplifiers which may be switched to provide 2 8-watts for monophonic use. Intermodula-tion and harmonic distortion are both under 1 per cent at rated output. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps. Controls include a stereo reverse switch for interchanging- channels, a balance control, and a gain control which governs volume in both channels simultaneously. Cabinet design is in the modern styling which recently won for Arkay the Fashion Foundation's coveted Gold Medal Award. Step-by-step instructions for assembly are supplied with each kit. For complete details, write Arkay, Inc., 88-06 Van Wyck Expressway, Richmond Hills 18, N. Y.

Dynaco "Stereodyne" Pickup / by Bang and Olufsen

• Dynaco "Stereodyne" Pickup. Manufactured in Denmark by Bang and Olufsen and distributed in this country by Dynaco, the Stereodyne pickup cartridge utilizes a unique symmetrical design which provides equal compliance and output for each stereo channel. Output voltage is generated by a "moving iron element" which operates with two pairs of coils in a balanced push-pull arrangement. Output from each channel is 7.0mv at 5cm/sec stylus velocity. Flat frequency response is obtained in either stereo or monophonic connection from 30 to over 15,000 cps. Channel separation exceeds 22db. The high compliance figure of 5 x 10-6 cm/dyne is identical in all directions of stylus excursion. The cartridge can track at 2 grams; the suspension system will also permit use at up to 6 grams for record changers. The Stereodyne is equipped with a 0.7-mil diamond stylus, replacement of which may be readily accomplished by the user. Complete data on the Stereodyne pickup is available from Dynaco Inc., 617 N. 41st St., Philadelphia 4, Penna.

Audio Response Plotter

• Audio Response Plotter. Quick, easy and permanent pen-written response curves of any audio-range equipment are supplied economically by the Model ARP-2 Audio Response Plotter. Defining smoothness of output as the production of an equal amount of acoustical energy per octave in the audio range, the ARP-2 gives immediate visual proof of the smoothness of performance of any audio system or component. Requests for further information should be addressed to John Joss, Southwestern Industrial Electronics Company, 2831 S. Post Oak Road, Houston 19, Texas.

Knight "Bantam" Stereo FM-AM Tuner

• Knight "Bantam" Stereo FM-AM Tuner. The FM and AM sections of the Knight Model KN-130 are completely independent to permit separate FM and AM tuning for stereophonic reception. Dual outputs permit stereo or monophonic tape recording of program material. Only 3"xll"x9", the compactly designed Bantam can be conveniently placed on a table, bookshelf, or mantel. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps within ±0.5 db on FM. FM sensitivity is 4.0 microvolts for 20 db of quieting; AM requires 10 microvolts for 20-db signal/noise ratio. Controls include: Selector (ON-OFF, FM, STEREO, AM); dual concentric knobs for AM and FM tuning, and AFC off-on. Attractively finished in leather-tone brown, the KN-130 has a contrasting brushed-brass panel with ebony trim. Further information may be obtained from Allied Radio Corporation, 100 N. Western Ave., Dept. PR-S41, Chicago 80, 111.

Thorens Turntable Kit

• Thorens Turntable Kit. This new 33 1/3-rpm transcription turntable in kit form can be assembled in half an hour without the use of special tools. Embodying the same precision craftmanship that characterizes the well-known Thorens Model TD-124 turntable, the Model TDK-101 kit features mirror-finish machining on all critical working parts, and the same compliant belt-plus-idler drive found on the more expensive Thorens units. Other features include automatic disengagement of the idler when the turntable is switched off, and speed adjustment of ±3%. A built-in strobe disc allows setting of the turntable to exact speed. Thorens Company, New Hyde Park, N. Y.

Sherwood 20/20 Stereo Amplifier

• Sherwood 20/20 Stereo Amplifier. Embodying a complete preamplifier and two 20-watt output channels on a single chassis, the Sherwood S-5000 offers every important control feature essential to both stereo and monophonic operation. Also included is provision for balancing out the vertical component when a stereo cartridge is used for playing a monophonic recording. Principal control features of the S-5000 include: All dual controls; stereo normal/reverse switch; phase- reversing switch; dual-amplifier monophonic operation with either set of input sources; stereo, stereo-reversed, monophonic 1, monophonic 2, monophonic 1 + 2 are selected by the function switch, which also operates a corresponding group of indicator lights to identify the selected operation mode; all controls operate both channels simultaneously; loudness, bass, and treble controls may also be pulled forward to adjust each channel separately when desired. Each output channel delivers 20 watts from 20 to 20,000 cps ±0.5 db with intermodulation under 1.5 per cent. Input sensitivity is 0.25 volt for tuner and 2.5 mv for phono. Complete information is available from Sherwood Electronic Laboratories, Inc., 4300 N. California Ave., Chicago, I11

Fisher Multiplex Adaptor

• Fisher Multiplex Adaptor. This device makes possible the reception of fully compatible stereo broadcasts transmitted through the "Crosby multiplex system". It is designed for use in a stereophonic sound system and is connected to FM or FM-AM tuners equipped with a multiplex jack. The MPX-10 adaptor contains a number of exclusive features, including a highly balanced matrix stage which provides excellent separation of the two stereo channels. Special feed-through connections permit standard FM and AM signals to pass through the adaptor when multiplex stereo is not being received. This permits permanent connections for reception of both standard and multiplex broadcasts. Provision is made on the MPX-10 for both low- and high-level input signals. The sensitivity for full limiting at the low-level input is 30 mv; 120 mv at the high-level input. Manufactured by Fisher Radio Corporation, 21-21 44th Drive, Long Island City 1, N. Y.

Pilot Stereo Preamplifier

• Pilot Stereo Preamplifier. Hardly any desirable audio control function is incorporated in the Pilot Model 216 stereo-phonic preamplifier. Equally suitable for recording and reproduction, the 216 features two illuminated VU meters and recording-level controls. A front-panel level switch permits measurement of tape output level as adjusted by the recording level controls in one position, while in the other position it switches the VU meters to measure the main audio output level as adjusted by the balance, tone, contour, and volume controls. Twelve inputs are afforded for stereo or monophonic signal sources, three of them being high-gain inputs, and including inputs for an FM-PM multiplex adaptor. Frequency response of the 216 is 20 to 20,000 cps ± 1.0 db. Harmonic distortion for 1-volt output is 0.2 per cent. Record equalization for RIAA, LP, NARTB and AES curves is provided at calibrated positions on the bass and treble controls. Sensitivity for 1-volt output is 3 mv for phono, 2.5 mv for tape head, 3 mv for microphone, and 110 mv for tuner, multiplex, and tape recorder. Pilot Radio Corporation, 37-04 36th St., Long Island City 1, N. Y.

Ruxton Two-Way Speaker System

• Ruxton Two-Way Speaker System. The "Venezia" is a true two-way system incorporating the British-made Kelly ribbon tweeter, Mark II series. The d'aphragm of this unit consists only of a light metallic ribbon operating in an intense magnetic-field. The whole of the moving system vibrates with equal force and in phase, resulting in remarkably smooth response and freedom from resonance effects. The Venezia is modest in power requirements and can be adequately driven with a high-quality 10-watt amplifier, although amplifiers of higher power rating may be used when desired. Frequency response of the system is 30 to 25,000 cps. Decorator-styled by Hubertus Liero of California, the Venezia is available in a wide variety of fine furniture woods and finishes. Further specifications may be secured by writing the manufacturer, Ruxton Electronics, 11168 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 25, Calif.


Die weiteren 11 Neue-Produkte Rubriken aus 1959 kommen alle auf dieser Seite

Norelco Stereo Recorder

• Norelco Stereo Recorder. Engineered and manufactured by Philips of the Netherlands, the Norelco stereo "Continental" tape recorder features push-button controls for ease of operation, twin track recording- for economy, and three speeds -  7 1/2, 3 3/4 and 1 7/8 ips. At each of its three speeds the stereo Continental compares favorably in performance with many machines operating at the next higher speed. This is due primarily to the Philips magnetic head with a gap of only 0.0002 in., which makes possible extended high-frequency response even at lower speeds.

The machine can be used to record monophonic tapes, and to play back monophonic or stereo tapes (das war so ähnlich wie die TK 41 und 42 von GRUNDIG). The unit consists of a tape drive mechanism, two preamplifiers with controls, one power amplifier, and a wide-range speaker. For stereo playback, a second power amplifier and a wide-range dual-cone speaker in a matching cabinet is available as an accessory. Frequency response at 7 1/2 ips is 40 to 16,000 cps and wow and flutter are 0.15 per cent. Signal-to-noise ratio is 54 db. For further information write North American Philips Company, Inc., High Fidelity Products Division, 230 Duffy Ave., Hicksville, N. Y.

Harman-Kardon Multiplex Tuner

• Harman-Kardon Multiplex Tuner. Designed as a completely integrated multiplex receiver, the Model T250 is an AM-FM tuner which "may be" (wir haben erst 1959 und keiner weiß Genaues) converted to multiplex by means of the Harman-Kardon Type MA250 multiplex adapter which plugs directly into the tuner chassis. With the MA250 installed, the tuner becomes a one-piece instrument providing single-channel plus compatible-multiplex-stereo reception. The FM front end is a new shaded-grid tetrode which combines the low noise characteristics of a triode with the sensitivity of a pentode.

The T250 incorporates the new Harman-Kardon "Gated-Beam" limiter with zero-time-constant grid circuit and wide-band Foster-Seeley discriminators. A new electronic tuning bar, which functions on both FM and AM, is framed in the body of the tuner's handsome brushed-copper escutcheon. Catalog sheets containing complete information on the T250 will be mailed upon request to Harman-Kardon, 525 Main St., Westbury, N. Y.

Irish "Continental" series Magnetic Tape

• Irish "Continental" series Magnetic Tape. Intended primarily for use on a number of European recorders which are being imported into this country and which do not accept a 7" reel, the Irish brand "Continental" series offers a 5 1/2" reel with extended lengths of tape, and correspondingly increased playing time. Tape lengths range from 850 ft. for standard thickness tape to 1650 feet for double-play. Tape recordists who have had difficulty in finding proper reel sizes and tape lengths for their European recorders may write ORRadio Industries, Inc., Shamrock Circle, Opelika, Ala., for the names of dealers that stock the Continental series.

Tape Head De-Magnetizer

• Tape Head De-Magnetizer. Known as the Wearite "De-fluxer", this device removes residual magnetism from the tape head of any recorder/reproducer. Simple to use without removing the head screening shield, it insures maximum signal/noise ratio, at the same time protecting recorded tapes from cumulative background noise and attenuation of the upper frequencies. Made in England by the manufacturers of Ferrograph tape recorders, the de-fluxer is distributed exclusively in the U. S. by the Ercona Corp (Electronic Division), 16 W. 46th St., New York 36, N. Y.

Heathkit Chairside Enclosure

• Heathkit Chairside Enclosure. In addition to providing convenience and utility this Heathkit equipment cabinet will enhance the appearance of any living room with its striking design in either traditional or contemporary models. Designed for maximum flexibility and compactness, the enclosure is intended to house the Heathkit Models BC-1A and FM-3A AM and FM tuners and the WA-P2 preamplifier
as well as most any standard record changer.

Adequate space is provided at the rear for enclosing any of the Heathkit power amplifiers designed to operate with the WA-P2. Although intended originally for these components, the cabinet is not frozen to specific locations for each one. Component location can easily be worked out for the existing situation in each home. All parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly. For further information write Heath Company, Benton Harbor 25, Mich.

Goodmans Stereo Speaker

• Goodmans Stereo Speaker. The Stereosfere is specifically designed as a second speaker in a stereophonic music system. It operates on the principle that the human ear cannot detect the accurate position of the source of sound at frequencies below 300 cps. Bass sound, in a system utilizing the Stereosfere, is channeled to the existing full-range speaker, with all sound above 300 cps divided equally between the existing speaker and the Stereosfere. The Stereosfere delivers clean response from 300 to 20,000 cps. Functional in design and appearance, the unit measures only ten inches in its largest dimension. It can be tilted, swivelled, rotated, hung from the ceiling or wall, or placed at normal height. Manufactured in England by Goodmans, Ltd., the Stereosfere is distributed in the U. S. by Rockbar Corporation, Mamaroneck, N. Y.

Erie AM-FM Tuner

• Erie AM-FM Tuner. Long known as a principal manufacturer of component parts, notably quality resistors, Erie Resistor Corporation, Erie, Pa., has entered the high fidelity field with a new AM-FM tuner (auch wieder ähnlich zu unserer deutschen Firma Görler, die auch erst nur Tunerkomponenten gebaut hatte). Designated Model EM-085-ER, the tuner features an etched wiring board, and includes in its circuitry two i.f. stages, a limiter stage, and a Foster-Seeley discriminator. A 300-ohm balanced input, with trifilar matching coil, eliminates the usual dual input stage, according to company engineers. Other features of the tuner are exceptionally low noise level and strong a.f.c. control voltage. The unit is housed in a tastefully finished black cabinet with gold trim.

Input Transformers

• Input Transformers. These cased plug-in input transformers are intended for replacement or original equipment use on many amplifiers and tape recorders, such as the Ampex and RCA. They are designed to match the impedance of microphone, pickup cartridge or line to that of a highimpedance input amplifier. All units are double Mumetal shielded to provide optimum signal-to-noise ratio. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps ±2db. Size of the transformers is similar to that of standard octal metal tubes. Manufactured by Microtran Company, Inc., 145 E. Mineola Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y.

Telectro 3-Speed Tape Recorder

• Telectro 3-Speed Tape Recorder. Speeds of 1, 3, and 7 1/2 ips are incorporated in the new Model 350 tape recorder recently introduced by Telectrosonic Corporation, 35-18 37th St., Long Island City, N.Y.

It accommodates reels up to 7" in diameter, and permits up to 8 hours of playback time. A rotary-type selector makes speed selection easy, and an interlocking device prevents any change of speeds while the machine is in operation. A solenoid-actuated automatic shut-oft stops the recorder at the end of each reel and returns all control to neutral. Frequency response is stated to be 50 to 15,000 cps at the 7 1/2" recording speed. Push-button controls are afforded for record, play, rewind, fast forward, and pause. Other features include output jacks for external speakers and amplifiers; inputs for microphone, phonograph, and tuner; digital-type counter; level indicator. The Model 350 is housed in a handsomely-styled portable carrying case and weighs only 27 lbs. It comes equipped with microphone and stand, and a 7" reel of tape.

NEW PRODUCTS - AUDIO • April, 1959


Ampex Tuner and Audio Control

Ampex Tuner and Audio Control. Marking its entry into the high-fidelity components field, Ampex is introducing a stereo AM-FM tuner and a matching stereo audio-control-preamplifier, both of which were developed for incorporation into Ampex console home music systems, but which are being made available separately as individual components.
The Model 502 tuner incorporates on a single chassis two completely independent but matched tuning units, for either or both FM and AM reception. Offering excellent selectivity and sensitivity, the tuner was designed as a precision unit to provide optimum balance between the two parallel channels at all levels of operation, a feature critically important for stereo recording off the air. AM circuitry provides broad and sharp selectivity positions. Engineering features include accurate visual tuning indicators and flywheel tuning mechanisms. The unit also features provision for adaptation to FM multiplex.
The Model 402 audio control center offers instant selection of any desired source of stereo or monophonic reproduction. Two loudness controls, one for each channel, are mounted on concentric shafts and friction coupled to permit setting and maintaining uniform calibration and balance of audio levels, with automatic treble and bass compensation at any desired listening level. Individual bass and treble controls permit maximum boost and cut of 16db. Full technical information will be mailed upon request to Ampex Audio, Inc., 1020 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Shure Stereo Arm-Cartridge Combination

• Shure Stereo Arm-Cartridge Combination. Virtual elimination of record and stylus wear has been accomplished with the stereo version of the Shure Studio Dynetic integrated tone arm and magnetic cartridge. Intended for use in professional turntables, the unit will track at less than two grams stylus force; at this force the cartridge can actually be swept back and forth across a spinning record without causing damage to either the record or the diamond stylus. Channel separation of the Studio Dynetic is more than 20db at 1000 ops. Frequency range is 20 to 20,000 +2.5db. Output is 5mv per channel at 1000 cps. Compliance, both vertical and lateral, is 8 x 10-6 centimeters/dyne. Manufactured by Shure Brothers, Inc., 222 Hartrey Ave., Evanston, 111.

  • Anmerkung : Die Sprüche mit dem "kein Verschleiß" sind erst in 1969 und 1976 widerlegt worden. Die Auflagekraft spielt nämlich fast keine Rolle.


Harman-Kardon Stereo Tuner

• Harman-Kardon Stereo Tuner. The "Madrigal," Model ST350, is a tuner which sets a new high in simplicity of operation, being operated entirely by push-buttons with exception of the tuning function itself. Also it is exceptional in its versatility. It contains separate AM and FM sections for simulcast stereo reception, and is equipped with signal and power supply to drive the new Harman-Kardon MA350 multiplex adapter, which may be mounted within the tuner enclosure. When equipped with the adapter the tuner is fully capable of receiving "Crosby compatible multiplex broadcasts" (die aber im April 1961 doch nicht Standard wurden). FM sensitivity is below 1 microvolt for 20db quieting; 1.9 microvolts for 30db quieting; frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps within + 0.5 db. AM sensitivity is 20 microvolts/meter; frequency response is 20 to 8000 cps ± 3.0 db. The ST350 tuner is ideally suited for use with the Harman-Kardon Epic, Model A250, 50-watt stereo amplifier. Further information will be supplied upon request. Write Harman-Kardon, Inc., 520 Main St., Westbury, N. Y.

Dual Turntable/Changer

• Dual Turntable/Changer. Embodying many exclusive features essential to stereo reproduction, the new Dual (pronounced du'-al) Model 1006 is a combination 4-speed turntable and deluxe record changer. The unit will track and operate the automatic cycling mechanism with stylus force as low as 2 grams. A built-in direct-reading pressure guage insures optimum cartridge operation and long record life. The turntable proper weighs 5*4 lbs. and is laminated and concentrically girded to retain dynamic balance and a plane surface. The motor is of sufficient power to drive the turntable to full speed within a half second from a dead start. A one-piece tone arm employs a double set of direct-acting ball bearings for both vertical and lateral axes. A Stereo-Mono switch includes a phase-cancelling feedback circuit which removes vertical noise signals resulting when monophonic records are played with stereo cartridges. (Anmerkung : Das war natürlich Unsinn, denn dann gab es jede Menge Probleme mit den Auslöschungen.)
The changer mechanism is unique in that it will operate with any diameter record from 5" to 12", and will intermix ten records in any sequence. These and other special features of the Dual 1006 are described in greater detail in literature available from United Audio Products, Inc., Desk 6, 202-4 E. 19th St., New York 3, N. Y.

G-E Speaker Enclosure

• G.E. Speaker Enclosure. Proportioned for minimum width, with its height compatible with the G-E EQ-1 series equipment cabinet, the new "Stereo Classic" EX-50 series is a 5-cu.-ft. "distributed-port" speaker enclosure which is introduced by G-E as the top quality enclosure in its hi-fi components line. When used with a high quality coaxial or biaxial speaker system, it lias more than double the low-frequency power output capability of comparable closed-type enclosures. The seven "distributed port" openings are in the rear panel, to eliminate grille cloth interference and improve the enclosure's acoustic resistance function. Possible spurious sound from air turbulence through the openings is eliminated by the size and placement of the ports. The EN-50 is designed to accommodate air pressures of speakers of up to 60 watts. Further information is available from; General Electric Company, West Genesee Street, Auburn, N. Y.

Fisher Stereo Remote Control

• Fisher Stereo Remote Control. The Model RK-1 stereo control unit permits adjustment of speaker level anywhere within the listening area. Developed for use with the Fisher 400-C master audio control, this attachment makes it possible for the listener to set the volume and balance of his speakers at the spot where he hears the program instead of at the control center. The RK-1 consists of a control assembly, a 30-ft. connecting cable, and an adapter plug for connection to the 400-C. In operating position, volume of both left- and right-hand speakers may be controlled independently. Fisher Radio Corporation, 21-21 44th Drive, Long Island City 1, X. Y. D-6

Heathkit 12-Watt "Bookshelf" Amplifier

• Heathkit 12-Watt "Bookshelf" Amplifier. This compact little amplifier provides the same high quality sound reproduction as the Heathkit Williamson-type amplifiers and is limited only in power output. The EA-2 has more than enough power for the average home and provides 20-to-20,000cps response within +1.0db, with less than 1.0% harmonic distortion at full output. Miniature tubes are used throughout the advanced circuitry, including Type EL84 output tubes in a push-pull tapped-screen output circuit. Output transformer is tapped at 4, 8, and 16 ohms. Built-in preamp has provision for three inputs, magnetic phono, crystal phono, and tuner. Separate bass and treble controls provide both boost and cut. Vinyl-clad steel housing with brushed-gold trim is exceptionally neat in appearance. For further information on this excellent low-priced amplifier kit, write Heath Company, Benton Harbor, Mich.

Electrostatic Tweeter

• Electrostatic Tweeter. Introduced as the Model "AH!" (das ist wirklich der Mame)Electrostatic Transducer, this unit is equipped with a self-contained r-c crossover network, and may be connected in parallel across any low- or full-range speaker without additional facilities. Frequency range is 500 cps to well beyond the limit of audibility. Built-in fused power supply affords 1000 v.d.c. polarizing potential. Two capacitor elements permit 120-deg. dispersion. Push-pull construction holds distortion to an absolute minimum. The AH! is designed to match an 8- or 16-ohm output of a 15- to 50-watt amplifier. Cabinet is finished in hand-rubbed walnut. For further information write Cosmos Industries, Inc., 31-28 Queens Blvd., Long Island City 1, N. Y.

Miniature Transformers

• Miniature Transformers. A new series of small transformers intended for use with printed circuits has been added to the line of audio components manufactured by ADC "Audio Development Company", 2833 13th Avenue, South, Minneapolis 7, Minn. Five standard case sizes range from 0.56" square by 0.60" in height up to 1.27" square by 0.94" in height. Audio, power, and ultrasonic transformers and inductors in these sizes are available for either transistor or vacuum-tube circuitry. Terminals and inserts are on standard 0.1" grid multiples.



CBS-Hytron Preamplifier Tube

• CBS-Hytron Preamplifier Tube. This new tube, designated Type 7247, is a dissimilar-section double triode which combines in a single envelope the first two stages of preamplification for a high-fidelity amplifier. Section one is a hi-mu triode writh low hum and noise levels. It is intended as an amplifier for low-level inputs. Section two is a medium-mu triode having characteristics similar to those of a 6C4. It is suitable for cathode-follower or large-signal phase splitter service. Twin 150ma heaters may be connected in series or parallel for operation from 12.6 or 6.3 volts. Complete technical data for the 7247, including typical circuit diagrams, can be obtained by writing to CBS-Hytron Advertising Service, Parker Street, Newburyport, Mass., and asking for Bulletin E-317.

Stereo Record Demonstrator

• Stereo Record Demonstrator. Record dealers, as well as others that have use for stereo listening without distraction, will welcome this Permoflux development. Providing as it does binaural auditioning of stereo records, it frees the dealer from such chores as placing speakers, adjusting volume, etc., for each individual listener. The demonstrator consists of a hi-fi stereo amplifier with total output of 12 watts, a transcription-type turntable with 4-pole motor and pickup arm, diamond-stylus cartridge, and two sets of headphones which may be switched independently from binaural to monophonic listening when desired. The unit can be used to demonstrate monophonic records as well as stereo records, and is equipped with jacks for feeding external speakers. Individual tone controls are incorporated for each channel. Further technical information will be supplied by Permoflux Products Company, 4101 San Fernando Road, Glendale 4, Calif.

Wharfedale Speaker System

• Wharfedale Speaker System. To meet the demand for a small full-range speaker system, G.A. Briggs has designed the new Model WS/2, a complete two-speaker assembly in a sealed, patented enclosure. It requires no additional speakers to achieve a wide frequency range, and will operate efficiently when driven by an amplifier of only moderate power. Measuring only 11"x19"x24", the WS/2 is finished on all sides and can be used singly or in pairs, horizontally or vertically. It is an ideal unit for adding stereo to any existing high-fidelity speaker system. For full information write to Dept. 50, British Industries Corporation, 80 Shore Road, Port Washington, N. Y.

Dynaco Triple-Function Amplifier

• Dynaco Triple-Function Amplifier. The Stereo 70 contains two independent 35-watt amplifiers which can be used for stereophonic or monophonic reproduction, or as a dual-channel unit when desired. Based on the use of patented circuitry and a newly-developed output transformer, the Dynaco A-470, the amplifier provides full rated output from 20 to 20,000 cps at less than 1.0% total harmonic distortion. Intermodulation ranges from .05 per cent at normal listening levels to 0.5 per cent at rated power. A dual printed-circuit assembly, supplied factory wired, simplifies construction and permits completion of the amplifier in less than five hours under normal circumstances. Detailed information on the Stereo 70 is available from Dynaco Inc., 617 X. 41st St., Philadelphia 4, Pa.

Stereo Cartridge

• Stereo Cartridge. Made in England by Acos Laboratories, this turnover cartridge has been added to the line of phonograph accessories manufactured and merchandised in the U.S. by The Duotone Company, Keyport, N. J. Built around a piezoelectric element, it delivers 0.8 to 1.0 volt output, and contains built-in RIAA equalization. Frequency response is flat within ±1.5db from 40 to 15,000 cps with a roll-off of 10db at 18,000 cps. Channel separation is said to be better than 25db at 1000 cps. The special "lok-tite" turnover mechanism is designed to maintain the stylus at a perfect 45-deg. vertical-lateral angle to the record grooves, thus assuring balanced stereo reproduction.

Bulk Tapo Eraser

• Bulk Tapo Eraser. More frequently than not, the average tape recordist finds that, after tape erasure, there is enough residual noise remaining on the tape to make itself heard over a new recording. By simply placing a reel of tape on the Robins Model 99 bulk eraser, and rotating it a couple of times, complete erasure takes place and background noise level is lowered by as much as six db below that achieved by the average erase head. The device handles reels up to 10 ins. in diameter, and erases tape up to one-half inch in width. It operates on regular 117-volt 60-cycle line voltage. Manufactured by Robins Industries Corp., 36-27 Prince St., Flushing, N. Y.

Transistorized Power Supply

• Transistorized Power Supply. The EICO Model 1020 serves ideally as a universal power supply for operating transistor radio receivers, hearing aids, preamplifiers, instruments, and other transistor devices under repair, development, or study. It is also intended for use as a variable bias supply to bias transistors or vacuum tubes in circuit development. Ripple is 0.5 per cent at full load. Two Type 2N256 power transistors are incorporated in the circuit to permit output voltages up to 30 volts. Output is continuously variable and is monitored by a dual-range voltmeter (0-6, 0-30 volts d.c). Maximum output current capacity is 150ma from zero to 12 volts; 200ma from 12 to 24 volts, and 300ma from 24 to 30 volts. The 1020 is available in either kit or wired form. Manufactured by Electronic Instrument Company, Inc., 33-00 Northern Blvd., Bong Island City 1, N.Y.

Harman-Kardon Stereo Receiver

• Harman-Kardon Stereo Receiver. Like its predecessor, the monophonic "Festival", the new H-K stereo "Festival," Model TA230, is a complete electronic center on a single compact chassis. It is supplied with optional copper-finish or hardwood enclosure. Incorporated in the Stereo Festival are separate AM and FM tuners for simulcast reception, dual preamplifiers with input facility and control for every stereo function including FM multiplex, and a 30-watt dual power amplifier. Features include the new H-K friction-clutch tone controls to adjust bass and treble for each channel separately. Once used to adjust system balance, they may be operated as conventional gang-ed controls. Preamp filaments are d.c. heated to insure freedom from hum. Separate electronic tuning bars are provided for FM and AM. Controls include AFC, contour selector, rumble filter, scratch filter, mode switch, and record-tape equalization switch. Two high-gain magnetic inputs are provided for each channel. Ideal for those situations where unsurpassed performance and compact size are of equal importance, the Festival measures but 15-13/16"w x 6/8"h x 123/4"d, including- enclosure. Full technical information will be supplied upon request by Harman-Kardon, Inc., 520 Main St., Westbury, N. Y.

Silicone Record Spray

• Silicone Record Spray. Developed as an effective means of shielding records against dust and grime, Sil-Spray is a new silicone "mist" recently introduced by Jensen Industries, Forest Park, I11. A concentrated solution, it comes packed in an aerosol container complete with its own cloth applicator. The silicone mist may be applied directly to the record grooves or sprayed first on the cloth, then rubbed lightly on the disc. Sil-Spray also serves as a static eliminator.
(Mehr dazu schreibt ein US Autor auch in 1959.)


Program Equalizer

• Program Equalizer. Developed for use with broadcast, motion-picture, recording, television, and industrial audio equipment, the StudioSound Equalizer has input and output impedances of 600 ohms and an insertion loss of 14db. It provides up to 16db attenuation and 12db boost at 40 and 100 cps, and at 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 kilocycles. The unit is available on a standard rack panel with all keys, knobs, and jacks; or component parts and dials may be purchased separately. The equalizer is designed for use in individual microphone or program circuits. For further information write Studio Supply Company, 711 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, Calif.

Sargent-Rayment Stereo Tuner

• Sargent-Rayment Stereo Tuner. Designed with the fastidious user in mind, the SR-1000 stereo tuner leaves virtually nothing to be desired in its outstanding performance characteristics. Use is made of the Sargent-Rayment-developed 2-tube AM detector which is capable of reproducing AM signals with an absolute minimum of distortion. A specially engineered 10-kc whistle filter allows maximum frequency response, yet provides infinite suppression of inter-station interference. Broad- and sharp-bandwidth AM reception is switch controlled. The FM channel utilizes an advanced gold-plated frame grid cascode tube, permitting FM sensitivity of 0.85 microvolts for 20db of quieting. For maximum gain and stability, the SR-1000 uses the new low-voltage if tubes, followed by limiters and a fully-balanced broad-band ratio detector. FM audio response is within ±1.0db from 18 to 22,000 cps. (Anmerkung : Welcher UKW Sender lieferte damals 22.000 Hz an und auf welchen Geräten wurden solche Aufnahmen abgespeichert - in 1959 ?)
AM response is flat to 8.200 cps in the broad-bandwidth tuning position. Special provisions are incorporated for FM-multiplex operation, including output jacks for adapters and wired-in automatic switching. The SR-1000 is fully described in a new 12-page catalog which is available on request from Sargent-Ravment Companv. 4926 E. 12th St., Oakland, Calif.

Stereo Balance Indicator

• Stereo Balance Indicator. The versatility of this instrument promises to make it of distinct interest to every owner of a stereo system. Featuring two separate coils set in a single magnetic field, each stereo channel feeds an individual coil through a full-wave bridge rectifier. When both signals are equal and balanced, the resultant deflection on the meter scale will read zero. Individual channels may be measured by means of two slide switches. Stable meter action and protection from peak voltages are afforded by damping networks. Maximum meter sensitivity of 120 microamps may be varied by a 7-step range control. By properly positioning this control, the movements may be used as VU meters when connected across a 600-ohm load. Cataloged Model TM-66, this instrument is distributed by Lafayette Radio, 165-08 Liberty Ave., Jamaica 33, N.Y.

Fisher Stereo Receiver

• Fisher Stereo Receiver. The Model 600 Receiver contains separate FM and AM tuning sections, a stereo audio control with 19 operating controls and switches, and two power amplifiers providing 40 watts continuous power in stereo operation, all on one integrated and compact chassis. Only the addition of speakers is required for the unit to function as a high-fidelity system for the reception of FM-AM stereo programs, as well as for standard FM and AM programs. In addition, associated equipment may be plugged into the 600 to make it a complete sound center utilizing all available program sources, such as records, tape and FM multiplex broadcasts. The r.f. stage in the FM tuner employs an especially-engineered cascode circuit which provides high sensitivity and maximum signal-to-noise ratio. The AM section consists of a high-gain r.f. stage, a pentagrid mixer and oscillator, and an i.f. stage which provides either broad- or sharp-bandwidth tuning. Frequency range of the dual 20-watt amplifiers is within 1.0db from 20 to 20,000 cps. A total of 14 input and output jacks is provided, including connections for an FM multiplex adapter. The front panel contains 13 operating controls and switches. Connections for 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm speakers are provided on each channel. For full information, write Fisher Radio Corporation, 21-21 44th Drive, Long Island City 1, N.Y.

New "Precise" Line

• New Precise Line. Marking its entry into the high fidelity field, Precise Development Corp., Oceanside, X. Y., has just introduced two new stereo amplifiers and a tuner. The Integra, Mark XXIV, incorporates two 20-watt channels, which may be combined for monophonic use. This unit, pictured, accommodates phono, tuner, TV, and tape inputs in an arrangement which permits switching to two tuners, two TV sets, or tuner and TV for certain types of stereo broadcasts. In the phono position it will accommodate magnetic, ceramic, and crystal cartridges, and slide switches vary loudness contour, select between four modes of operation, reverse channels, and control a.c. power. The Eclipse Mark XIV amplifier is a highly simplified amplifier of lower power output accommodating tuner and phono inputs. The Perfecta AM-FM tuner employs cathode follower output, and incorporates a tuning meter. The function switch permits connecting a TV set and a ceramic pickup (or a magnetic pickup through a preamplifier) with full front-panel control.



Stable Audio Oscillator

• Stable Audio Oscillator. Stability exceeds 1.0 per cent and frequency response is within ±1.0db over a range of 30 to 15,000 cps in the new Model 200 audio oscillator recently introduced by Barker & Williamson, Inc., Bristol, Pa. - Harmonic content is very low. The 200 generates a maximum 10-volt output into a 500-ohm load. At 5-volt output distortion is less than 0.2 per cent. Controls are incorporated for adjusting frequency and output. No zero reset or line calibration is required, and dial calibration is accurate to +3.0 per cent of scale reading.

Presto Stereo Cutting Head

• Presto Stereo Cutting Head. This new disc cutting head, Model S1, has absolute stability from 30 to 20,000 cps, giving a totally useful band width without peaks or dips. A new Presto-designed feedback coupling technique permits recording at previously unobtainable levels, with distortion virtually unmeasurable. A unique suspension system provides superior cross-talk characteristics. Presto's "Studio Oriented" design permits quick change of stylus, with no jig or fixture required for alignment, and with no need for removing the head from the feed mechanism. The S1 fits all Presto disc recording lathes and all other professional lathes as well, with mounting kits available where necessary. Manufactured by Bogen-Presto Company, Paramus, N.J.

Pilot Stereo Control-Amplifier

• Pilot Stereo Control-Amplifier. The new Pilot Model 240 is a modestly priced dual-channel stereo preamplifier-amplifier. Each channel of the unit has five inputs, including two pairs of phono inputs for connection of both a record changer and a turntable, with provision for the use of either by means of the selector switch. The remaining three pairs of inputs accommodate FM-AM, multiplex and tape recorder. The exclusive Pilot TroLok tone controls permit treble and bass adjustment for each channel separately, or simultaneous bass and simultaneous treble adjustment for both channels. An automatic shut-off permits the record changer mechanism to also turn off the amplifier after playing the final record in a stack. The 240 has a total power output of 30 watts, 15 watts per channel. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps ±1.0 db. Harmonic distortion is less than 1.0 per cent. Sensitivity is 3.0 mv for phono and tape-head inputs, 110 mv for tuner and tape recorder. RIAA equalization is automatic, while LP, NAB, AES, and tape head equalization is provided at calibrated points on the tone controls. The nine front-panel controls for the 240 include: Input Selector, Mode (including Stereo Reverse), Volume/Power On-Off, Loudness, Stereo Balance, Bass, Treble, Automatic Shut-Off, and Speaker Selector. Manufactured by Pilot Radio Corporation, 37-04 36th St., Long Island City 1, N. Y.

Sherwood FM Tuner

• Sherwood FM Tuner. The new Model S-3000 II FM tuner features "Inter-Channel Hush," a new circuitry which adds to the convenience of FM tuning by muting the noisy "hash" normally heard between stations on highly sensitive tuners. The instrument is also provided with a front panel control to adjust the degree of silencing without affecting the tuner's sensitivity. The Sherwood FM tuner circuit is extremely sensitive, stated by the manufacturer to be 0.95 microvolt for 20db quieting. Automatic frequency control with 18db correction simplifies accurate tuning. Front panel AFC disabling switch is incorporated for use when receiving a weak station adjacent to a strong signal. Frequency response of the S-3000 II is 20 to 20,000 cps ±0.5db. Both intermodulation and harmonic distortion are well under 0.5 per cent at 100 per cent modulation. Sherwood Electronic Laboratories, Inc., 4300 N. California Ave., Chicago 18, I11.

Stromberg-Carlson Stereo Preamp

• Stromberg-Carlson Stereo Preamp. A complete stereo control center, this new preamplifier, Model ASE-434, features Stromberg-Carlson's "Stereo Tone Balance" signal. This enables the user, simply by flicking a switch, to introduce an audible signal into each stereo channel, so that the two channels can be balanced under actual operating environment. Separate bass, treble, and volume controls are provided for each channel. Selection of RIAA or NARTB equalization is provided by switch settings, and scratch and rumble filters may be switched in or out. A phantom output (mixed A and B) is also provided. Manufactured by the Stromberg-Carlson Division of General Dynamics Corporation, Rochester 3, N.Y.

Goodmans Speaker Systems

• Goodmans Speaker Systems. Two new speaker systems recently introduced into the American market are the "Tetraxiom" and the "Triaxiom," unitized 4- and 3-way systems, respectively. The Tetraxiom, illustrated, is entirely unique in both design and construction, while the Triaxiom is more conventional. Both systems utilize the new "Rigidflex" cone, with a flexible, free-floating edge and rigid center to provide pure piston action. The two Tetraxiom models announced are rated at 40 and 50 watts, respectively, and tweeters are angled to the polar axis for wide dispersion of the highs. All Tetraxiom and Triaxiom models are built on rigid die-cast chassis to maintain optimum alignment of the high-precision radiators. Goodmans speakers are distributed in the United States by Rockbar Corporation, 650 Halstead Ave., Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Flutter Meter

• Flutter Meter. This sensitive measuring device was engineered to comply with the standards set by the "Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers" for flutter and wow. It is designed to fill the need for a rapid and accurate method of obtaining- visual indication of wow and flutter content of all types of tape recorders and playback equipment including 33-1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm discs and 16- and 35-mm sound film mechanisms. A built in preamplifier and input attenuator will accept potentials ranging from 1.0 millivolt to 100 volts. Flutter and wow are measured through high- and low-pass filters, respectively. A built-in 3000cps oscillator permits the instrument to be used without the need for calibration and the use of external oscillators. A three-range filter is included to study and isolate flutter and wow components. Three scales - 0.3, 1.0, and 3.0 per cent are calibrated for flutter and wow.

Significant readings can be made down to 0.01 per cent with reliability. Controls on the panel consist of an input voltage selector, a vernier calibration adjustment, a capacitance balancing control to compensate for differences in linear speeds of tape mechanisms, turntables and film equipment, a filter selector and a scale selector switch. Complete technical specifications may be obtained by writing to Amplifier Corp. of America, Instrument Division, 398 Brodway, New York 13, N.Y.

Universal Impedance Bridge

• Universal Impedance Bridge. The Type 1650-A impedance bridge is a highly accurate instrument for the measurement of the inductance and storage factor, Q, of inductors, the capacitance and dissipation factor, D, of capacitors, and the a.c. and d.c. resistance of all types of resistors. It replaces General Radio's popular Type 650-A impedance bridge, offering wider range and greater accuracy. The new model has completely new electrical and mechanical design. One important feature of the 1650-A is "Orthonull," an exclusive new mechanical-ganging device which facilitates measurement of low-Q inductors and high-D capacitors. Orthonull makes easy many low-Q measurements which are practically impossible with some impedance bridges. The instrument is completely self-contained and portable, with battery-powered, low-drain, completely transistorized oscillator and detector. Manufactured by General Radio Company, 275 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 39, Mass.



"Surround-Sound" Speaker System

• "Surround-Sound" Speaker System. This system has an 8" driver mounted in the bottom of the round cabinet and a matching- 4" tweeter mounted in the top, distributing sound in a 360-degree pattern. In addition to providing- realistic sound reproduction, the system also provides the answer to the problem of "what to do with the cabinets" - they double as handsome end tables. With stereo, the listener benefits from the stereo directional effect without consciousness of speaker placement. Cabinets are made of heavy wood, laminated with Formica, and are available in walnut, mahogany or blond finish. Further information and literature are available from the manufacturer, ALPHA-sonic Manufacturing- Company, 256 Fourth Ave., S.E., Osseo, Minn.

H-K Stereo Amplifier

• H-K Stereo Amplifier. Priced essentially for the budget-conscious user (den Billigheimer), this new Harman-Kardon amplifier incorporates many of the features normally found only in units which cost considerably more. Known as the Lute, Model A220, it is a 20-watt stereo amplifier with dual preamps and two 10-watt output channels all on a single chassis. It is supplied complete with cage without extra cost. At normal listening levels, the frequency response of the Lute is 20 to 20,000 cps. Four Type 7408 output tubes are employed to insure minimum distortion. Inputs are provided for both magnetic and ceramic cartridges. A highly effective full-range balance control will compensate for any speaker system, regardless of variations in efficiency. There are also separate ganged bass and treble controls, and a ganged loudness control. For full description of the Lute, write Harman-Kardon, Inc., 520 Main St., Westbury, N. Y.

G-E Stereo Cartridges

• G-E Stereo Cartridges. Major improvements in the essential areas of stereo performance - response, separation, compliance, and freedom from hum - have been achieved with the new VR-22 series of stereo cartridges recently announced by General Electric. The VR-22 series comprises the VR-225 with a 0.5-mil diamond stylus for professional turntable systems, and the VR-227 with a 0.7-mil diamond for record changers and other turntables.

While both units are similar in appearance and basic design, the VR-225 is superior in some performance areas. The VR-225 has 20-to-20,000-cps frequency response within 3.0db, up to 30db channel separation, and recommended tracking force of 2 to 4 grams. The VR-227 has a frequency range of 20 to 17,000 cps within 3.0db, up to 30db channel separation, and recommended tracking force of 5 to 7 grams. Replacement styli for the VR-22 series are not interchangeable with previous G-E stereo cartridges. In addition to the new series, G-E will continue to market its "Golden Classic" stereo cartridges, as well as the VR-II monophonic models. General Electric, Specialty Electronic Components Department, West Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y.

Sherwood Amplifier

• Sherwood Amplifier. This latest Sherwood development, Model S-4400, is a 36-watt add-on basic amplifier and stereo preamp on a single chassis, for converting monophonic music systems to stereo. Matching all other Sherwood units in style, its 10" depth permits bookshelf mounting. To make a dual 36-watt stereo combination, the S-4400 can be used in conjunction with the Sherwood S-360, a small basic 36-watt amplifier. When used in this fashion, only the S-4400 need be accessible. The S-4400 offers the important control features essential to stereo operation. These include dual loudness control, stereo normal/reverse switch, and phasereversal switch. The four modes of operation - stereo, stereo-reverse, mono 1, mono 2, mono 1 and 2 (for use in operating a stereo pickup on a monophonic record with the vertical rumble and scratch components balanced out) - are selected by the function switch, which also operates a corresponding group of indicator lights.
In addition the unit incorporates the controls found on all Sherwood amplifiers. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps within ±1.5db at full rated output, with 1.5 per cent intermodulation. Preamp filaments are d.c. powered. For complete technical specifications, write Sherwood Electronic Laboratories, Inc., 4300 N. California Ave., Chicago 18, I11.

Precise AM FM Tuner

• Precise AM FM Tuner. A newly-developed dual-limiter circuit designed to improve selectivity is featured in the Per-fecta, an AM-FM tuner recently added to the line of high-fidelity equipment manufactured by Precise Development Corp., Oceanside, N. Y. Also featured in the tuner is variable automatic frequency control. Coupled with the dual-limiter circuit, the a.f.c. affords unusual sensitivity, an ability to bring in even weak stations and "lock" them. An output meter assists in tuning by giving visual indication on both FM and AM. Other features include a cathode-follower output, Foster-Seely discriminator, flywheel tuning, ferri-loop antenna, and 3-gang variable capacitor. A rich white-and-gold front panel harmonizes pleasingly with a handsome charcoal grey case.

Koss Stereo Headset

• Koss Stereo Headset. The SP-3 Stereophone headset is unique in that it reproduces the full frequency range of 30 to 15,000 cps by means of 3 1/2" dynamic reproducers incorporated in each earphone. Specially constructed to overcome the constricted sound so often associated with headphone listening, it preserves the full dimensional effect of stereo. Since the Stereophone headset has an impedance of 4 ohms, it can be connected directly across an amplifier output or speaker voice coil with no internal wiring changes. Adapters are available for 600- and 12,000-ohm impedance to enable the phones to be used for monitoring. Only one simple connection is necessary if the phones are to be used monophonically. Full descriptive information is available from Koss Incorporated, Electronic Manufacturing Division, 2227 N. 31st St., Milwaukee 8, Wis.

Lowther Speaker Systems

• Lowther Speaker Systems. Two new speaker systems, engineered by the Lowther Manufacturing Company of England, are now available to music lovers of this country. The Model TP-1, illustrated, is a corner enclosure utilizing dual horns. Middle and treble tones are dispersed uniformly by a reflective horn of unique design. In the bass range, the driver unit is efficiently coupled to the air by means of a folded horn utilizing the corner of the room as a prolongation of the horn structure. The PM3 driver system contained in the TP-1 is an unusual 8" twin-cone unit with a large magnetic structure which provides a gap flux of 22,000 gauss. Developed specifically for the TP-1 enclosure, the PM3 has a frequency range of 20 to 22,000 cps and will handle 25 watts of integrated program material. The other system introduced is the Acousta, a moderate-size system - conventional in appearance - which performs outstandingly. Frequency range is 20 to 18,000 cps, gap flux is 17,500 gauss, and power rating is 25 watts. Complete descriptive material on both the TP-1 and the Acousta will be mailed upon request to Lowther Sales Company, 880 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J.

Straigt-Line Mixer Control (Flachbahnregler)

• Straigt-Line Mixer Control. Intended for demanding professional application, the 1001-A mixer is exceptionally low in contact noise, is extremely smooth sliding, and incorporates a resistance element which can easily be replaced. Special controls may be made up with ganged elements for stereophonic mixing. Frequency response is within +0.5db from 0 to 20,000cps. Maximum input level is 1.0 watt, or 25 volts rms. Insertion loss is 6.0db. Impedance is 600/600 ohms. Slider pressure is 20 grams, with friction-adjusting screw provided for adding more drag if desired. This is an excellent instrument for mixing signals from several sources, such as microphones and other low-level devices, with application in music scoring and re-recording systems. For full technical specifications write Electrodyne Corporation, 503 S. McClay St., Santa Ana, Calif.

Test Record (Mono und Stereo)

• Test Record. Performance of stereo and monophonic music systems, from stylus to speaker, may be tested in the home with the Audiotester test record. The stereo side includes metronome-balance, pickup-alignment, channel-separation, frequency-response, and turntable-rumble tests. Monophonic systems may be checked for stylus wear, frequency response, intermodulation, rumble, and tone-arm resonance. Further information on the Audiotester test record may be obtained by writing Audiotex Mfg. Co., Dept. PR, 3225 Exposition Place, Los Angeles 18, Calif.

NEW PRODUCTS - AUDIO • August, 1959


EW PRODUCTS - AUDIO • October, 1959


Pilot Speaker System

• Pilot Speaker System. This advanced, compact three-way "bookshelf" system is comprised of five individual speakers -  two 3-in. tweeters, two 6-in. mid-range units, and a special 12-in. Air-Flex woofer capable of 1-in. cone excursion. It may be mounted either horizontally or vertically with equal effectiveness. Designated Model PSV-1, the systenrachieves a great degree of flexibility by having the tweeters and mid-range speakers mounted in such a manner that they can be rotated from outside the enclosure by means of Pilot's Acoustimatic Turret Control. The user himself can thus place the mid-range and treble speakers in the best operating position for either vertical or horizontal mounting of the enclosure. Frequency range of the system is 40 to 16,000 cps, with crossovers at 800 and 8000 cps. Power handling capacity is 40 watts of program material. Means are provided for matching the system to its acoustical surroundings, or to the user's individual taste. Located on the back panel are a presence control for adjusting response of the mid-range speakers, and a brilliance control for adjusting the tweeters. Dimensions of the PSV-1 are 2 5%" x 14 14" x 12" d. Pilot Radio Corporation, 37-04 36th St., Long Island City 1, N.Y.

Marantz Stereo Amplifier

• Marantz Stereo Amplifier. Essentially, the new Marantz Model 8 consists of two of the well-known Marantz 30-watt amplifiers mounted on a single compact chassis. It incorporates simple metered adjustment instruments, making unnecessary the matching of output tubes. Three telephone-quality electrolytic capacitors are included in the silicon power supply, assuring long life and high reliability. The amplifier realizes significant savings through the fact that the power supply section and metered adjustments are common to both channels. Complete specifications and price may be obtained by writing the Marantz Company, 25-14 Broadway, Long Island City, N.Y.

Record Piling System

• Record Piling System. The Quick-O-Matic record storing system stores and files records in a matter of seconds, at the same time protecting them from dust, scratching, warping and breakage. The system consists of three elements - (1) The Add-A-File, (2) albums in which the Add-A-Files are stored, and (3) a record and file numbering system. The heart of the system is the Add-A-File, which consists of an envelope and an attached pocket which rotates in and out. The record is placed in the pocket and pushed into the envelope, which has walls of specially-finished manilla to overcome the scratching problem. To find a record, the number of the desired disc is first found in an index. Then the correspondingly gold. All file numbers are in full view and can be spotted at a glance. Manufactured by The Howard Company, 5726 N. Broadway, Chicago 40, Ill.

Matching Stereo Tuner and Amplifier

• Matching Stereo Tuner and Amplifier. The Model 2157 AM/FM stereo tuner and the matching Model 2460 "Dual 10" amplifier are highlights of a complete new line of hi-fi components recently introduced by "Eric Engineering Company", 1823 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. The 2157 features two separate sections - one for AM and one for FM - and may be used equally well for monophonic or stereo operation. A tuned r.f. stage on FM and oscillator a.f.c. assure drift-free performance. FM sensitivity is 1.5 microvolts for 20 db quieting, and frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps. AM sensitivity is better than 30 microvolts, and frequency range is 20 to 8000 cps. Flywheel tuning with slide-rule dial. The 2460 amplifier has two 8-watt output channels, each of which has total harmonic distortion of less than 1.0 per cent. They may be combined for 16-watt monophonic operation. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps + 1.0 per cent and noise is 65 db below rated output. All conventional stereo controls are incorporated, including separate db-calibrated tone controls for each channel. Level is controlled by a ganged loudness control which adjusts both channels simultaneously. Decorator styling with attractive gray hammertone cabinet and handsome anodized front panel blends with any decor.

Two-Hour Cartridge Tape Recorder

• Two-Hour Cartridge Tape Recorder. The new Telectro Model TR-555 is a uniquely small, one-hand loading cartridge tape recorder which will store two hours of information. It is especially suited for aircraft, trucks, cars, boats, and other mobile units where vibration is a factor. It utilizes a 4-track quarter-inch tape cartridge. Transistorized and miniaturized, the recorder is only ll%"wxl0"d x6y2"h. It may be fitted into an airplane instrument panel or into the glove compartment of a taxicab or other vehicle. For power the new Telectro unit utilizes a 12- or 24-volt d.c. supply. Developed chiefly for permanent recording of radio communications, as between airplane and control tower or between fleet vehicle and dispatcher, it will withstand vibration of 0.03 in. peak-to-peak amplitude over a frequency range of 10 to 55 cps. It meets specifications while operating in an ambient temperature of -20° F. to 120° F., continuously. Frequency response is 200 to 10,000 cps + 3.0 db. Power consumption is less than 60 watts at 24-29 volts d.c. Weight is 15 lbs. A remote-control unit, available as an accessory, permits pushbutton start, stop, selection, and payback of any one of the four tracks. Telectro Industries Corporation, Long Island City, N.Y.

"Staticmaster" Rcord Brush

• "Staticmaster" Rcord Brush. In just a few seconds, while the record is rotating on the turntable, the Staticmaster eliminates static and removes dust which clings to records because of static charges. Polonium is employed as a static neutral-izer. The brush of the Staticmaster is made of genuine jaguar hair which is luxuriously soft, free from breaking, and with the correct degree of resiliency for cleaning microgroove records. Nuclear Products Co., 10172 K. Rush St., El Monte, Calif.

NEW PRODUCTS - AUDIO • November, 1959


Norelco Stereo Recorder

• Norelco Stereo Recorder. Engineered and manufactured by Philips of the Netherlands, the Norelco "400" features 4-track stereo and monophonic record and playback for tape economy; three speeds, 7, 3 and 1 ips, for versatility; and simple piano-type keyboard controls for ease of operation. It will also play back conventional 2-track stereo tapes. Housed in a high-fashion carrying case, the "400" consists of tape-drive mechanism, two preamplifiers with controls, two 4-watt power amplifiers, and a Norelco wide-range speaker. Also furnished is a Norelco dynamic stereo (dual elements) microphone. All that is needed for stereo playback is a second speaker. The machine has inputs for recording from microphone (s), tuner and phonograph, with facilities for mixing microphone with either tuner or phono. An output jack for monitoring with stereo headphones is also incorporated in the unit. Because of the special Philips magnetic head with gap of only 0.0001", extended high-frequency response is possible even at the lower speeds. Frequency ranges are stated by the manufacturer to be: 50 to 18,000 cps at 7 1/2 ips; 50 to 14,000 cps at 3 ips, and 50 to 7 000 cps at 1 ips. Signal-to-noise ratio is better than 55 db. Wow and flutter conlent is under 0.2 per cent at iy2 ips. An automatic stop is actuated by metallized tape end after wind, rewind, record, and playback. This is a remarkably fine recorder for the discerning home recordist. For further information, write: North American Philips Company, Inc., High Fidelity Products Division, 230 Duffv Ave., Hicksville, N.Y.

Heathkit Acoustic-Suspension Speaker

• Heathkit Acoustic-Suspension Speaker. As a result of a recent licensing agreement, Heathkit becomes the sole kit licensee of Acoustic Research, Inc., and is now offering the AR acoustic suspension principle in kit-form speaker systems. The first Heathkit to use the system is the AS-2, a kit version of the AR-2. The 10-in. acoustic-suspension woofer and a two-speaker "cross-fired" tweeter assembly provide frequency range of 42 to 14,000 cps within ±5.0db. Harmonic distortion at 10 watts input is less than 2.0 per cent above 60 cps. The AS-2 is furnished with a completely assembled, pre-finished cabinet and a matching crossover network. Assembly consists only of mounting the speakers, constructing the crossover network, and lining the cabinet with fiber glass which is supplied with the kit. For full details write Heath Company, Benton Harbor, Mich.

Fisher Integrated Tuner/Audio Control Center

• Fisher Integrated Tuner/Audio Control Center. This unit is Fisher's answer to the discerning music lover's demand for maximum operating efficiency and flexibility, wtih minimum installation and maintenance consideration. The new model 100-T is an ultra-sensitive stereophonic FM-AM tuner and a flexible master audio control center mounted on a single integrated chassis. It is designed for every type of stereo and monophonic operation. All types of record players, tape recorders, and external tuners can be readily connected for the reproduction of any stereo or monophonic program material. It will also accommodate, directly on the chassis, the Fisher MPX-20 FM multiplex adapter. Fourteen front-panel controls and switches, plus five on the rear, afford an unlimited selection of program source and the highest possible degree of control. A center-channel output jack permits the connection of a third amplifier and speaker for a more uniform spread of the stereo sound pattern. The FM and AM sections of the 100-T are wholly independent in operation and can be used individually for monophonic reception or simultaneously for FM-AM stereo. The preamplifier is virtually without noise or distortion. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps within + 1.0 db. Distortion is less than 0.2 per cent at rated output of 5 volts. Hum and noise are held to a minimum by d.c.-powered filaments. The 100-T may be used with any high-quality dual-channel power amplifier, such as the Fisher Model SA-300. Engineered to provide top performance without compromise, this unit will satisfy the most discriminative user. Fisher Radio Corporation, 21-21 44th Drive, Long Island City 1, N.Y.

Tandberg Four-Track Recorder

• Tandberg Four-Track Recorder. Developed primarily for educational and industrial users, the new Tandberg four-track monophonic tape recorder affords maximum recording and playing time on quarter-inch tape. The Model 4 which is manually operated, and the Model 4 IT which is a remote-control machine, will record, play, or erase four separate tracks, each of which is entirely independent of the others. Both models have three operating speeds - 1%, 3% and 7% ips - with a frequency range at the latter speed of 30 to 16,000 cps within 2.0 db. Channel separation is better than 60 db at 1000 cps. Among features of the recorder is a selective erase switch which permits erasure of any one track without affecting the other three. Tandberg of America, Inc., 8 Third Ave., Pelham, N.Y.

Transistorized P.A. Amplifier

• Transistorized P.A. Amplifier. Engineered essentially for mobile operation, the Bogen Model BT2 5 can be operated from any 5- to 14-volt d.c. source, including 6- or 12-volt automotive electrical systems. It will supply a full 25 watts of output power from a 12-volt battery with a current drain of three amperes. Maximum over-all gain is 103 db. The unit has two separate inputs, one for a microphone and the other for tuner, phono, or tape recorder. Each input is individually controlled, permitting mixing of the two
channels. Despite its high power rating, the BT25 is remarkably small and light, measuring but 6x3x4" and weighing only 3 lbs. It will fit in the glove compartment (das Handschuhfach) of most cars. The output receptacle on the amplifier is internally wired to match an 8-ohm speaker, but taps are provided on the output transformer for handling impedances ranging from 2 to 16 ohms. This is an ideal unit for fire department or police use, or for any general application where a small high-powered p.a. amplifier is required. Bogen-Presto, P.O. Box 500, Paramus, N.J.

Transistorized Harmonic Generator

• Transistorized Harmonic Generator. Intended primarily to simplify and speed up the servicing of transistor radios and other types of transistor circuits, the HG-104 is ideal for trouble-shooting high fidelity components and other audio circuits. The instrument provides audio, i.f., and r.f. signals simultaneously, thus elimmating set-up time and frequency selection. Use of the HG-104 also eliminates the need for unsoldering transistors for test until the faulty one has been discovered. Sencore, Addison, 111.

A.V.C. Amplifier

• A.V.C. Amplifier. Developed for broadcast and public-address application, this amplifier will maintain a constant output within ± 1.0 db with input changes as great as 30db. Exceedingly rapid automatic gain reduction prevents syllable clipping, and slow automatic gain increase avoids automatic control at syllabic frequencies. For broadcast application, the gain control feature automatically keeps modulation at peak levels without exceeding modulation limits and eliminates the element of human error. For p.a. and paging system applications, automatic compensation is made within very wide limits (30db, or 1000 to 1 in signal voltage) to keep the output level constant within 2.0db. Frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps within 1.0 db. Overall gain is 35 to 38 db with a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 db. Rated power output is 6.0 milliwatts at 2.0 per cent total distortion. An adjustable gain-reduction and gain-increase speed control enables variation in attack and release timing. The unit has a self-contained power supply, and is housed in a ventilated and shielded cabinet designed for standard rack-panel mounting. Complete technical specifications may be obtained by writing to Amplifier Corp. of America, 398 Broadway, New York 13, N.Y.

Audio Delay Line

• Audio Delay Line. This device is now being produced by "The Daven Company", Livingston, N.J., for use in the compatible stereo broadcasting system developed by Floyd K. Becker of Bell Telephone Laboratories, and first revealed to the engineering fraternity in an article by Mr. Becker in the May, 1959, issue of AUDIO. At present the system is being used successfully by the National Broadcasting Company. The Daven delay line, Spec. 7251, - Requests for further information should be directed.

Aluminum Component Slides

• Aluminum Component Slides. These slides are intended for use with record changers, turntables, amplifiers, tuners, or similar cabinet-enclosed equipment which must be moved forward for accessibility. Designated CS-1311, the slides have a load capacity cf 30 lbs. and maximum extension is 14 ins. Equipment slides smoothly on precision ball bearings. A special silencer spring eliminates vibration and resultant distortion. Robins Industries Corp., 36-27 Prince St., Flushing 54, N.Y.

Illuminated VU Meter

• Illuminated VU Meter. Encased in clear plastic, this instrument utilizes a precision jeweled-bearing D'Arsonval movement and provides 2.0% accuracy for full-scale meter deflection. The 3900ohm "A" scale indicator is calibrated and damped in accordance with standard VU meter practice. The upper scale of the large 3" meter reads -20 to +3db, while the lower calibration reads 0-100% modulation, with 0db corresponding to 100 per cent. Useful frequency range is 20 to 20,000 cps. The meter will reach 99 per cent of steady state reading within 0.3 sec. when a sine wave is suddenly applied. Dimensions are 3"w x 3-l/16"h x 21/4"d. Argonne Electronics Mfg. Corp., 165-11 South Road, Jamaica 33, N.Y.

NEW PRODUCTS - AUDIO • December, 1959


Stereo "Compentrol"

• Stereo "Compentrol". This is a stereo version of the popular Centralab Compentrol. It is designed to boost or reduce bass and treble frequencies automatically at various loudness levels in keeping with human hearing characteristics as interpreted by Fletcher-Munson curves. At full output, the Compentrol operates with a flat response. The unit consists of two matched volume cnotrols, each with its own tone compensating circuit. Both controls are operated from the same shaft to assure equal compensation of the two stereo outputs. Two types are available for the replacement of 500k-ohm and 1-megohm volume controls. Centralab, 900 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee 1, Wis.

Tiny Microphone

• Tiny Microphone. Aptly described as "Mighty Midge", this new microphone measures but 3-25/32" in length. Formerly designated Model D-12, it combines light weight and miniaturized design with wide-range response and excellent sensitivity. A ruggedly-built dynamic element protects the unit against all normal hazards. Frequency response of the D-12 is 70 to 12,000 cps and impedance is 50 ohms (a similar high-impedance model is designated Model D-12T). Output level is -57 db. A plastic alloy diaphragm affords maximum protection against wind blast, temperature and pressure extremes and corrosive agents. A necktie clip and lavalier cord are standard equipment. For further information and literature write American Microphone Mfg. Co., 412 S. Wyman St., Rockford, 111.

Harmon-Kardon "Citation" Amplifier Kits

• Harmon-Kardon "Citation" Amplifier Kits. This new series of stereophonic instruments is of deluxe quality in every respect. Developed in line with the psycho-acoustical fact that the characteristics of an amplifier in the non-audible range strongly influence the duality of sound in the audible frequency range, the assembled Citation amplifier reproduces frequencies as low as 5.0 cps without phase shift, and is also able to deliver 100,000 cps without any type of instability.

In the Citation II 120-watt (dual 60) basic amplifier, a multiple loop approach is used to increase the degree of feedback as the most logical method for lowering distortion without sacrificing stability.

A unique silicon-rectifier voltage-doubler power supply assures stability necessary to support low-frequency response which cuts off below 2.0cps. The Citation I preamplifier control center incorporates engineering techniques previously available only in professional equipment. Step-type tone controls are used. To facilitate home assembly, resistors and capacitors are filed individually on a special component card where they can be easily identified, and are mounted on a military-type phenolic terminal board when the unit is assembled. They are, therefore, rigidly located in the ideal position. A special template furnished with the Citation Kit enables the assembler to construct a professional-type cable harness, thus assuring proper lead dress and length for important wiring. The Citation kits, which can be assembled by an amateur with no previous experience, provide unique performance at a level available only in manufactured amplifiers which are far higher in price. For complete description and full technical specifications, write Harman-Kardon, Inc., 520 Main St., Westbury, N.Y.

Stereo Analyzer

• Stereo Analyzer. This is a new multipurpose instrument developed to provide the audio service man with all of the basic equipment necessary for service and test of high-fidelity music systems. Included in the Model 800 is an audio signal generator with ranges from 20 to 30,000 cps; an a.c. vacuum-tube voltmeter with six scales from .01 to 300 volts rms full-scale deflection, and an audio wattmeter which measures .15 milliwatts to 150 watts full scale. Intermodulation and harmonic distortion measurements are made at 4, 8, 16 and 600 ohms with terminations rated at 32 watts. Db meter ranges are from -40 db to +52 db. Built-in switching provides complete flexibility. Winston Electronics, Division of Jetronic Industries, 4000 N.W. 28th St., Miami 42, Fla.

Eico FM/AM Tuner Kit

• Eico FM/AM Tuner Kit. Available in both kit and wired form, the new and economical EICO Model HFT92 combines on a single chassis the well-known HFT90 FM tuner with excellent AM tuning facilities. The unit provides monophonic FM and AM reception and facility for FM-multiplex stereo reception. It is not a stereo FM/AM tuner since both types of reception cannot be obtained at the same time. The FM section includes an entirely pre-wired, pre-aligned "front end," housed and shielded in a solid aluminum-zinc casting. It is characterized by remarkable sensitivity (1.5 microvolts for 20db quieting), complete stability, low-noise, and drift-free performance. No a.f.c. is used in the HFT92 because none is needed. All i.f. coils in both the FM and AM sections are supplied pre-aligned, eliminating any need for alignment instruments in building this tuner from the kit. Precision "Eye-Tronic" tuning is achieved for both the FM and AM sections with the pre-wired DM-70 traveling-eye indicator. The HFT92 also incorporates a stage of audio amplification and a cathode-follower output with low distortion and low impedance. A full-wave rectifier and heavy filtering provide a stable, dependable power supply. For full technical and price information, write Electronic Instrument Co., Inc., 33-00 Northern Blvd., Long Island City 1, N.Y.

Ampex Stereo Tuner

• Ampex Stereo Tuner. Incorporating on a single chassis two entirely independent tuners, the Ampex Model 503 affords either AM or FM monophonic reception, or simultaneous reception of both AM and FM for stereo. Offering excellent selectivity and sensitivity, the tuner is designed throughout as a precision unit which provides optimum balance between the two parallel channels at all levels of operation. FM operation is drift-free, and the FM section incorporates full automatic frequency control which may easily be switched in or out from the front panel. AM circuitry includes broad and sharp bandwidth positions. Engineering features include accurate visual tuning indicators, simple controls, and flywheel tuning mechanisms. The tuner also contains provisions for adaptation to FM/FM multiplex stereo reception. FM frequency response is 20 to 20,000 cps; AM response is 20 to 8500 cps. Total harmonic distortion is less than 0.5 per cent. Available uncased for built-ins, or with handsome hardwood cabinet for open or shelf mounting. Ampex Audio, Inc., 1020 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Pyramid-Point Stylus

• Pyramid-Point Stylus. Certain to create controversy among record and stylus manufacturers is the new "Pyramid-Point" diamond stylus recently introduced by "Fidelitone", Inc., Chicago, Ill. Said by company officials to reduce sound distortion from records by as much as 85 per cent, the stylus tip has a pyramid shape with four sides instead of the conventional cone shape with a round point.

  • Anmerkung : Sie lesen richtig, die Sound-Verzerrungen werden um "as much as" 85% reduziert, welche Verzerungen in welchen Frequenzbereich und wo auf der Platte vorne oder am Ende, bei Mono-Platten oder den neuen Stereoplatten, bleib nebulös geheim.

The new design was conceived around a shape like the cutting stylus used in making the sound impressions on all records. Other comments by Fidelitone engineers indicate that "phonograph needles shaped with hemispherical (runden) ball points cannot possibly fit into some of the wave shapes found on records." "A ball point stylus tends to ride up in the groove at the narrow points which are created by the triangular shape of the cutting stylus. This is what is known as the 'pinch effect'. The Pyramid Point greatly reduces pinch effect because it is designed to fit all gyrations and surfaces." The illustration, drawn and supplied by Fidelitone for this item, shows graphically the purported difference in the two types of styli as they rest in a record groove.

  • Anmerkung : Das sind alles nur noch Sprüche ohne handfeste Information.

Home Recordist Tape 141

• Home Recordist Tape 141. A new line of Scotch brand recording tape, attractively priced for home recordists, has recently been introduced by "Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company", St. Paul, Minn. Called the Tartan Series, the new tape is available at retail dealers. Developed especially for home use, tapes in the new 141 series meet demands ranging from the wide frequency range and excellent tone quality required by the serious music lover, to the maximum versatility and simplicity required by those who simply want a quality tape that gives best results under the widest variety of recording situations. As with all Scotch brand magnetic tapes, the Tartan Series tapes have built-in silicone lubrication for protection against recording head wear.

  • Anmerkung : Die neuen Scotch Bänder haben eine eingebaute Silikon-Schmierung, um vor dem Kopfverschleiß zu schützen.
  • Die 8track Kassetten hatten auch solch ein rückseitig geschmiertes 1/4" Band, das dazu führte, daß keine einzige 8track Kassette für Hifi geeignet war, wegen des unüberhörbaren Jaulens.


Concertone Stereo Recorder

• Concertone Stereo Recorder. Capable of virtually any tape recorder function, the Concertone 505 incorporates many features found only in machines costing as much as twice its modest price. Basically a stereo recorder-reproducer, the 505 can be used for monophonic half-track recording as well as for playback of both 2- and 4-track tapes. Also it is a sound-on-sound recorder due to use of a unique erase head and associated circuitry. Separate record and playback heads permit instant monitoring of the taped signal. Among outstanding features of the 505 are pushbutton relay operation; three motors, including hysteresis drive; automatic cutoff switch; automatic tape lifter, and tape location indicator. The two operating speeds are 3.75 and 7.5 ips. Frequency response is 40 to 12,000 cps, + 3.0db, at the latter speed, while flutter and wow content is less than 0.25 per cent. Start-stop time is 0.5 sec. Separate microphone and line inputs are provided for each channel. For additional information, write American Electronics, Inc., 1025 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles 17, Calif.

Damit sind die "Neuen" Produkte aus 1959 zuende

Ich werde das Gefühl nicht los, die sind mehrfach in den einzelnen Ausgaben aufgetaucht "worden". Aber in USA sind nicht nur die Radiostationen werbefinanziert, alles andere ist ebenfalls kommerziell.


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