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Hallo from Wiesbaden to our international guests (aug. 2017)

Unsere Server

Our Museum is a virtual museum in the internet only. We have no showrooms and no physical exibition. But we have a huge stock of sample hardware and tons of magazines and books and broshures in our editors office and our stockrooms. For example, we own about 80 upper class tape-recorders for exibitions and more then 16 professional tv-studio cameras on very havy tripods for historical movies and 2" and 1" video-taperecorders.

And we keep an address database with allmost all television- and magnetic-tape- and audio- experts in Germany, to answer or forward most of all questions to these people.

The "focus" . . . .

The main focus points to the German hifi-brands and their vintage products. However, we are listing a lot of international products from the worlds hifi history.

All the shown products are commented with a story around or with its real specs - from my view and experience of the last 40 years. I dont like picture galleries without any text or names and without comments. From my view, for everey product or type there must be more infomation than the name only.

Beside the hardware products, you will find a lot of generic history information - as above - written from my german view.

And last but not least, there are huge knowledge areas with lots of articles about quality and usage.

Friends of mine living in the US (around California) are preferring the google translator or any other realtime translator, to view the pages in their native language.

The page are expanded and type errors are corrected and pictures are added day by day, so it makes no sense, to store a translation on shadow pages.
The typo3 system could do this, but I have not the time to serve these pages.

The Museum is divided in 4 "Buildings"

So please dont be confused. There are a

  • fernsehmuseum (tv-museum)
  • magnetbandmuseum (magnetic-tape- museum)
  • tonbandmuseum (taperecorder-museum) and
  • hifimuseum (highfidelity-museum)

All these museums are crosslinked a lot and links are switching from one museum to the other one, topic dependent.

Have a look to the older international pages from our tv-museum.

To have an idea about the size - there are 22.000 pages

and there are about 18.000 pictures - about 70% of all pictures are taken from Gert, the editor in chief.

This was written in August 2017.


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