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Die in diesem amerikanischen (Freizeit-) Shopping-Magazin angepriesenen Hifi- und Video-Produkte waren auschließlich amerikanischen und kanadischen Militärangehörigen zugänglich - also zu kaufen - und vor allem zu ganz ungewöhnlich (verblüffend) niedrigen US $ Military-Preisen. Zu der einführenden "off duty" Seite geht es hier lang. -  Um 1970 begann der weltweite Hifi-Boom bis zum 1. Crash 1978 und dann wieder zum 2.Crash um 1990. Über die 20 Jahre nach 2001 lesen Sie mehr in den Kolumnen auf diesen japanischen Seiten.


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  • Auch die Amerikaner kaufen die Autos nach dem äußeren Eindruck oder Geschmack - genau wie die Deutschen - und dann sitzen sie doch immer nur drinnen - und das ist mit dem neuen Edel-Hifi so ähnlich. Der neue 6.000 Euro "Dreher" wird nach der Optik gekauft - und wenn er gut aussieht, dann muß er natürlich besonders gut klingen, selbst wenn er nicht klingt, weil evtl. Tonarm und Abtaster nicht harmonieren. Und bei hochwertigen Röhrenverstärkern werden die Röhren mit blauen LEDs angestrahlt - weil ............


They're Cut - Detroit's 1973 Cars

OFF DUTY's first annual survey of new American autos - By HAL SCHELL (Hal Schell, a former editor of World Car Guide and a prolific magazine writer, is Off Duty's Stateside auto editor.) Off Duty / Europe / September 1972

"The Year Of The Bumpers".

SURELY 1973 will go down in automotive annals as "The Year Of The Bumpers", Federal regulations require that '73 passenger vehicles be able to sustain a 5 mph front impact and a 21/2 mph rear impact into a fixed vertical barrier without damage to safety related systems such as fuel, lighting, exhaust, latching etc. Complying with these specs has given many a Detroit engineer ulcers. These burdensome bumpers have also created myriad spinoff problems, cosmetology not being the least of them.

The new cars are heavier.

In the Ford line for example, the front bumper system alone has added weight varying from around 100 lbs. on the Galaxie to 45 lbs. on the petite Pinto.

In some cases, these heavier weights in turn demand beefed-up suspension, huskier brakes, bigger tires, stronger wheels and more.

Most cars receive new front-end treatmend to blend with the bumpers. Too, because the bumpers protrude farther from the car to give travel space for the various impact-absorbing devices, most of the '73s are somewhat longer.

Und jetzt verringerte Emissionen

Another fly in the new-car ointments for the automakers as well as for the car owner is the tough position Uncle Sam has taken on emissions. Few manufacturers have announced horsepower boosts.

Along with cleaner air, you can expect cars that will require more attention if they are to be kept running in top form. Interiors now are of flame re-tardant material. Starting in '73 all side doors will incorporate steel beams for safety.

It appears that Detroit is learning to live with the bitter edicts thrust upon it by the "Federals." In spite of all they had to overcome, the manufacturers have assembled an interesting array of '73 automobiles.

Some new, some not so new. Oh yes. Price increases are in the mill, to meet inflation, to pay for the bumpers and other federally imposed changes and tests.

American Motors

The Buyer Protection Plan, with its no-cost repairs for defects during first 12 months or 12,000 miles, is retained.

Ambassador SST series is dropped to reduce AMs models from 15 to 13. Radials are optional for nearly all models, 31 mechanical improvements have been made. Six powerplants are offered, 232 cid and 258 cid sixes and V-8s from 304 cid to 401 cid. Exhaust valve seats for the sixes are induction hardened and all engines run on 91 octane gas.

CID oder cid = Cubig Inches Displacement = Hubraum


A sporty new Hatchback rounds out the line's four models. Its hatch is counterbalanced for easy opening-closing. Rear seat folds to give 23 cu. ft. of cargo space for long objects, features compartment for stowage of valuables. All Hornets get new front end with V-profile grille. Rear has wrap-around tail lights for good side visibility, front seat headrests slightly smaller. Options include rear window defogger on Sportabout and Hatchback, special trim packages. Six cylinder engines accompanied by new column shift 3-speed synchro transmission.

Man beachte : 3-Gang Automatik in 1973 - Mein 5er BMW 520D hat 7 Gang Automatik in 2014 und verbraucht nur 5 Liter Diesel.


Five in. longer. Gremlin is otherwise little changed. Rear seats are redesigned for better support and comfort, seat-back locking mechanism changed for better entrance-exit. Fifteen lively interior combos offered, including Levi's. All engines have new captive mounts. Column shift on 3-speed manuals has been moved to floor, back-up lights are bigger. Warning buzzers are quieter. Hooray!


AM's luxury car, it's offered in three models in the Brougham series and now incorporates seven popular equipment items as standard, including power disc brakes, power steering and tinted glass. All get a new grille and the sedan and hardtop have new tail lights and deck striping. Standard power is the 304 cid V-8, rear axle ratios are lower, steering wheel is smaller for more thigh room, tires are larger.


Choice of the Los Angeles Police Dept. in '72 after rigorous testing, the Matador offers three models, including a 2-seat or 3-seat station wagon. New chrome-on-black grille, new tail lights, insulated hood for noise absorption and higher rear axle ratios are among changes. Vinyl body molding is now bonded in place, eliminating rust starting holes previously required. Oval steering wheel adds thigh room, twin-dial instrument cluster is in new satin-black panel.


Two models offered, the AMX and Javelin. The latter gets new recessed plastic grille with rectangular park-turn lights and air screens located under outer ends of bumper. Both have new roof design fairing into rear spoiler lip. Twin-pod tail lights replace former horizontal type. Five choices of colors feature such goodies as Pewter Silver and Trans-Am Red. Blower-type rear window defogger replaces electric grid type.


Most lines restyled, some new models added. Hidden changes include larger gas tanks, captive engine mounts, multi-louvered fins on radiators (for V-8s), improved suspension. Delcotron generator now has built-in solid-state regulator. V-8s get new precise timing method. Wagons now named same as sedans.


This, the firm's standard line offers 12 models. Convertible dropped from Impala, added to Caprice. Seven new colors bring total to 16. New wider grille, new header panels and fender caps. Parking and tail lights built into bumpers. Ventilation system improved, shocks get visual wear-indicator.

Monte Carlo:

Four inches longer, with two inch wider track. Single unit headlights, new grille, redesigned full-coil suspension system. Double panel roof, more passenger head room, new rear-quarter coach windows. Instruments reclustered. Radials, inside hood release standard. Options include electric sunroof, 90 degree swivelling frontseats.


Convertible, Nomad wagon, all 4-door sedans discontinued. Added are top-of-line Laguna series and "SS" package for wagons. New grille, single headlights, new rear with circular tail lights. More glass raises visibility 23 to 36 per cent, new rear quarter windows on coupes. More passenger room, instruments reclustered, inside hood release, double panel roof. Wagons get new lift gate, rear quarter vent windows part of third seat package, "liftgate ajar" warning light standard. Front disc brakes. Options include electric sunroof and swivel front seats for coupes only, new steel-polycast wheels.


Expanded line includes new hatchback coupe (with counterbalanced hatch, fold-down rear seat, space-saver spare) and new Custom series. Nova gets new large-grid grille, new rear end with dual-unit rectangular tail lights. Cleaner glass lines offer more visibility. More front leg room, better sound insulation, 15 new colors. 4-speed manual transmission gets new transmission-mounted shifter with lift gate reverse lock-out. 190 hp 350 cid 4 barrel dual exhaust V-8 engine optional across the line. Other options include multi-position steering wheel, folding sunroof for coupes.


New LT Coupe luxury sports model with 165 hp 350 cid V-8 added to line. Z 28 gets 255 hpTurbo-Fire V-8 with hydraulic valve lifters and open element, selenoid-operated "power on demand" air cleaner. Auto-transmission gets new floor shift mechanism with positive-action on ratchet for precise shifting. 4-speed manuals share Nova's new shifter. 4-spoke, soft-rim steering wheel standard, 15 new colors. Options include space-saver spare, new floor console.


Unique 1-shot energy-absorbing front bumper looks like part of car's nose, adds little weight. New grille and hood with air induction. Radials and coolant recovery system standard. Six new colors, coupe gets built-in rear window. Quieter interior, new body mounts give better ride. Radials, coolant recovery system standard. Base engine is 190 hp (down 10 hp from last year) 350 cid V-8, with optional new hydraulic lifter 245 hp 350 cid and 275 hp 454 cid engines available. Heavy-duty 4-speed transmission discontinued. Other options include cast aluminum wheels, combination rear-mirror map-light.


Basic style retained. Eight new colors, optional new side molding with protective vinyl insert. New mini-console for auto-transmission. New chevy-built 3-speed and 4-speed transmissions with improved linkage replace Opel-built units. New shoulder-belt stowage, 2-position door check, easier hood opening. Optional 90 hp engine gets 2-stage 2-barrel Holley carburetor for better performance. Radials (with wider wheels) optional.


The firm brings you 41 models this year, down from 44 in '72 and 58 in '71. Accent is on noise suppression across the line.Electronic ignition now standard on all but Cricket's 4-banger. All engines get induction-hardened exhaust valve seats and run on unleaded gas.


Firm's mid-size car, available in 15 models, over seven inches longer. New front end with egg-crate grilles and other changes, new tail lights. Regent wagon in both 2- and 3-seat models, has lighter colored woodgrain paneling that lets basic body color show through. Woodgrain on tailgate of reflective material. Front and rear suspension isolated for quiet ride.


Coupe only, appearance changes little from '72. New tape stripe starts at front fender, swoops to rear and up over rear of roof. Standard power is 318 cid V-8. Rally wheels replace black wheels and hubcaps. Optional engines up through 440 cid with Thermo-Quad carburetor, which gives better low-speed driveability and more precise metering rod operation. Carburetor has a plastic main body with low thermal conductivity which reduces heat transfer to fuel.


Four models - Valiant 4-door sedan, Scamp 2-door hardtop, Duster coupe, hot Duster 340. Dusters now have fold-down rear seat with 6/2 ft. of cargo area and concealed storage area when seat is down. Valiants offer optional hand-crank metal sunroof. Entire line has new hood, grille and other exterior changes. Track nearly 2 in. wider, length up nearly 6 in.


Except for bumpers, both this and 'Cuda exteriors virtually unchanged. New exterior stripe treatment and optional vinyl body side molding about it. Deck lids get new lock in bolt-on steel housing. 318 cid V-8 replaces six as standard (340 cid on ' Cuda). Performance axle package optional on Cuda.


New hood, grille, tail lights. Available in eight series and features five wagons. All V-8 powered. Improved auto-transmission, power steering and brakes standard. External noises reduced to 84 db. at full throttle. Options include vent windows (on 4-doors) power door locks, radials, electronic security alarm (lights flash, horn blows).


Wagon introduced this spring only in selected eastern U.S. markets, now goes national. Back seat folds for some 80 in. of sleeping space, 60 cu. ft. of storage space. 1500 cc, 55 horse power engine has pepped-up version with 15 more horses. Line's exterior changes few, new side marker lights, name-plates replace decals.


Newports get new hood, grille and grille panel. Engines easier to service due to new front accessory drive. New steel-housed trunk lock. Cars with air get 7-blade fan wrth 1.5 in. larger diameter, more frontal area on radiator. New hi-speed starter for 33 per cent faster starts. Options include radials, security alarm, electric deck-lid release, electronic digital clock accurate to one minute per month. Inside noise level reduced.


Two models now 6 in. longer. New textured fine-mesh grille extends width of car. Inside noise level reduced. Standard are air-conditioning, temperature control, auto-transmission, 440 cid V-8 with 4 barrel Thermo-Quad carburetor. Options include all-leather interior, alarm, digital clock.


The Dodge boys bring you disc brakes as standard on all but the Dart 6 and electronic ignition on all but Colt. All get better deck lid security and a factory alarm system is available on some models. Three trailer-towing packages are available. Exhaust valve seats are induction hardened to permit use of non-leaded gas, 91 octane okay. To cut car weight, more plastic parts are used.


Suspension has been redesigned, insulation and deadeners added for a quieter ride. Charger gets a new large quarter window for better driver visibility, and new styling lines the company hopes will make it look more refined. Coronet gets a new cross-hatch, V-shaped grille and new tail lights. The auto-transmission has new front pump seals for better reliability. A manually operated metal sunroof is a Charger option. Its S.E. model has three vertical louvered openings in the fixed side rear quarter-windows giving something of the aircraft porthole appearance.


New full-foam bucket seats, improved windshield wiper blades, and a new high-speed starting motor enhance Challenger, now available in seven new colors. Its popular rallye package includes 150 mph speedo, side scoops behind front wheels, power bulge on hood, heavy duty suspension, sway bars and more. Standard power is the 318 cid V-8 with the 340 cid optional.


Dodge's foreigner costs more these days because of dollar devaluation. Available in 4 models including a wagon, it's not slated for change until early '73 when new models will be introduced.


Two new models, Sport 2-door coupe and Sport 340 replace Demons. Like hatchbacks, Sports have rear seats that fold to give 6.5 ft. of space for a surfboard or sleeping for two camping adults. Has optional manual metal sun roof. Other Darts have new grille and hood, new suspension and wider track. Standard power is the 198 cid six, the 340 cid V-8 available only on Sport 340. Dart hardtops get ventless glass.

Polara/ Monaco:

New tail lights and grilles adorn Polara, Monaco retains its 7 2 front with hidden headlamps. Power front disc brakes, power steering, auto-transmission standard on all. 318 cid V-8 standard on Polara, 360 cid on Monaco and all station wagons. New colors bring total choice to 17, wagons get textured steel cargo floors.


Radial tires (standard on T-Bird) now optional on all lines. Theft deterrent electric alarm system is optional on Ford line, a spare tire lock is available on all models and an inside hood latch release is standard on Ford, T-Bird and Torino. (A survey indicated Ford is the top choice of thieves stealing spare tires. Competitors say it's because Ford's locks are easy to jimmy; Ford says it's because its spares are more desirable than others.) All engines run on 91 octane gas.


Five models offered, including only convertible in Ford Division line. Grille restyled with integral parking lights, five new colors, front suspension revamped for better rebound control and road feel and less noise. Options include two-tone hood with Mach I twist-type locks, leather-wrapped steering wheel, forged aluminium 14-in. wheels. Powerplants vary from docile 250 cid six through four varieties of V-8s.


Only minor changes; wagon introduced in mid-'72. Higher load capacity A78X 13 tires standard, cooler and bigger brakes on sedan and Runabout, new glovebox with lock, and five new colors available. Options include handling suspension package, aluminium wheels and improved air-conditioning with 4-speed fan. 1600 cc and 2000 cc engines retained, the latter accompanied by lower rear axle ratio.


Inside, Maverick gets upgraded seats and better trim. The old 170 cid engine is replaced with a 200 cid six as standard, brakes are bigger both fore and aft. Front and rear suspension is refined and sound insulation improved. New options include manually operated sunroof, aluminum wheels, accent group. Sedans get new grille similar to Grabber's.

Other Fords:

This line's models are trimmed to 16 with the Custom sedan and Ranch Wagon and the LTD convertible deleted. All models get new dash panel, standard front disc brakes, windshield washer jets mounted in wiper arms, ventless-frameless door glass. The 351 cid V-8 is standard power, both 240 cid six and 302 eight dropped from lineup. Options include nifty recreation table with magnetic checkers for wagons, and a power mini-vent window on 4-door models that slides up and down. To prevent hernias, wagon has simple but effective spare-tire extractor.


Shares many of Ford's changes, radials standard on top lines optional on others, spare tire lock, inside hood latch release on some lines, new optional AM/FM/MPX stereo radio, small in size, 4 watt output per channel (available from Ford also). Total of 11 engines, all operate on 91 octane gas.


Radials standard, electronic alarm optional, glove box space doubled, front and rear suspension revised. Windshield washers in wiper arms, new tail lights and grilles, concealed headlights retained on top series, Marquis get upright hood ornament. More headroom in 4-doors, and power mini-vent windows optional. Auto-parking brake release and inside hood release standard. Wagons get spare tire extractor, optional recreation desk/table. Electric door locks optional, new trailer-towing packages, engine line-up unchanged.


New center grille, headlight grilles and fender extensions. Larger rear brakes, inside hood latch release, power-steering gear revised, radials optional. Electric rear window defroster optional on wagons. All get new low-back front seats. Six new colors available, engine line-up unchanged.


More power with 200 cid six replacing former 170 cid powerplant. Modified grille with brighter colors. New bright window frames, drip moldings, rocker panels etc. Eight new colors bring total to lb. Improved suspension, standard model gets more brakes and stronger wheels. Options include forged aluminum wheels.


Line now has but four models, GT deleted. Improved auto-transmission, revised front suspension. Power front disc/rear drum brakes standard. New grille and tail lights, six new colors. Engine line-up unchanged, options include 4-speed manual transmission w/Hurst shifter, radial tires.

Lincoln Continental:

Town Coupe added to line, few other changes. Inside hood latch release, spare tire lock, larger radials standard. Power mini-vent windows optional on 4-door sedan. New front disc brakes, improved sound insulation, side-terminal battery. Same 460 cid engine, slightly lower rear axle ration. (Owner's initial plaque for front doors!)

Continental Mark IV:

Traditional radiator-shell-type grille revised, opera windows and WSW radials now standard. More headroom inside, bigger brakes, improved suspension, 460 cid engine with auto-transmission standard, one optional axle ratio. Trailer-towing package optional.


Touted on Stateside TV asthe "Sexy European," this successful import gets only a few exterior changes. New blackout grille, new tail lights and simulated bodyside air scoops about it. Interior gets new dash with large lockable glove box. Sway bar added to rear for stability, radials standard. 2000 cc engine replaces 1600 cc as standard, 2600 cc V-6 remains optional. Options include rally instrumentation (standard on 2600) and AM radio.

(Continued next month)


1972 - Kommt Ihnen das nicht irgendwie bekannt vor ?

Also diese Vielfalt an Modellen und es sind nur riesen große Blechkisten mit ganz viel Hohlraum und natürlich Hubraum. Ich hatte mal einen riesigen langen 3,5 Liter Mercury Cabrio Leihwagen in SanFrancisco, der mit 35.000 Meilen nahezu schrottreif war. Diese Vielfalt haben wir inzwischen in Deutschland auch. Die Hifi- und Magnetband-Banche hatte es Ende der 1980er Jahre nicht überlebt. Mal sehen, wie lange die Autofirmen das bei uns durchhalten.


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