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"off duty" 1970 - 1997 - eine Freizeit-Zeitung für's US-Militär

Die in diesem amerikanischen (Freizeit-) Shopping-Magazin angepriesenen Hifi- und Video-Produkte waren auschließlich amerikanischen und kanadischen Militärangehörigen zugänglich - also zu kaufen - und vor allem zu ganz ungewöhnlich (verblüffend) niedrigen US $ Military-Preisen. Zu der einführenden "off duty" Seite geht es hier lang. -  Um 1970 begann der weltweite Hifi-Boom bis zum 1. Crash 1978 und dann wieder zum 2.Crash um 1990. Über die 20 Jahre nach 2001 lesen Sie mehr in den Kolumnen auf diesen japanischen Seiten.


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Check out the Elac Miracord 760 and Elac Miracord 50 H II turntables now available at your local audio club. Both models are available in the walnut finish luxury consolette Elac 701.

AAFES, Europe exchanges are now selling the Elmo extra light Super 110 movie camera and the Elmo SP-F slow motion Dual 8 projector in addition to Elmo's GPE-SZ, VP-A and SP Deluxe projectors.

Dual turntable models 1249 S,available in audio clubs, and the CS 1249, available in AAFES, Europe sound centers with Shure magnetic cartridge, both have an adjustable tone arm enabling you to use them as either a record changer or manual turntable.

AAFES, Europe Quality Assurance laboratory has recently installed a transistorized oscilloscope and five other pieces of advanced testing equipment for use in evaluating hi-fi equipment characteristics and performances. Tests run by the lab include frequency response, power bandwidth, total harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, input sensitivity, input overload and transient response.

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Calling all cars. Citizen's Band (CB) radio is still a hot item Stateside. In fact, it has become such a factor in the marketplace that there's even going to be a CB equipment dealers show in Las Vegas next month. For years CB radio was known only to a few people, but the "energy crisis" changed all that. The Arab oil embargo and subsequent price increase did two things that gave CB a lot of free publicity.

The truckers' strike in late 1974 drew attention to CB because it was used to help organize the tie-up. In turn, people learned that CB was a great way to exceed the nationwide 55 mph speed limit without getting caught - just monitor the patrol-wise truckers on CB radio.

As a result, demand for CB gear has mushroomed. Helping support the growth is a trend toward liberalization of CB use and licensing procedures by the Federal Communications Commission. Put them all together and CB is in high gear.

In our December issue's photo shopper we didn't mention that the METZ Mecablitz 40 CT-1 Quadrolight electronic flash unit includes a hot shoe and swivels at both the base and the reflector for bounce flash. The Mecablitz 402 NC Professional will also allow you to make bounce flash photos and has a guide number of 93 with ASA 25 film.

The folks at Kodak are now offering a pamphlet on how-to-do-it techniques for making close-ups with Kodak Instamatic and 35mm cameras. Pamphlet AB-20 has a list price of 30^. Kodak has also combined two of its popular "Here's How" booklets into one. "The Third and Fourth Here's How" goes for #3.50.

No more tick-tock?
Just about everybody has seen the new electronic watches that are now on the market. Ever wonder what is on the inside? Basically it is nothing more or less than a computer, albeit a tiny one. A crystal inside the watch vibrates thousands of times a second at a constant rate, transistorized circuits "count" these vibrations and convert the results into a time signal.

A few models use the signal to move hands, but most have a digital display much like a pocket calculator's. There are two basic display types, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) and the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). LEDs take more power than LCDs but generate their own light so are easy to see in the dark. (On most you must press a button to view the display in order to conserve battery power.)

LCDs can remain on constantly because they take little power. But, they do not generate their own light - rather, they selectively reflect and absorb light to produce an image. Regardless, electronic watches are extremely accurate, which is what a watch is all about in the first place.

Federal Trade Commission
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been taking a good look at warranty policies lately. The FTC, you may recall, created rather demanding rules governing hi-fi amplifier power output ratings only a year or so ago. While the FTC mill grinds slowly, it also grinds fine, so don't be surprised if changes in warranty rules for all sorts of equipment, hi-fi gear included, undergo some big changes soon.

The Agfamatic 2000 Pocket Sensor, which has been selling well at Belgian, British, Canadian, Dutch and French military outlets, is now a popular item in AAFES-Europe stores, too. This compact, lightweight camera can be bought in a gift set - with case, flash and film - for $36.

Americans in London: Shirley MacLaine is scheduled to appear here for two weeks this month. Rock Hudson is booked with Juliet Prowse in the musical "I Do! I Do!" at the Phoenix Theatre until March 13. Charlton Heston will be on the same stage later, May 12 through July 3, in the title role of "Macbeth", without apes or chariot.

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If you order goods from the AAFES-Europe or AAFES-Pacific mail order catalogs for shipment to the U.S. or its territories, donft forget that you have to pay customs.

While these are relatively low fees they can add up. So, to save hassles, make sure the recipient has enough money on hand to pay the duty when the goods arrive.

What is billed as the largest audio display in Southern Germany is scheduled at the Augsburg Audio/Photo Club later this month. The Sheridan Recreation Center at Sheridan Kaserne will be the site of the all-vendor show to be held on March 30, 31 and April 1. Show hours are noon till 7 p.m. Why not stop by and have a look around?

In the January issue's Here and Now section we mentioned that upcoming Leica School of Photography courses would be offered this year in English. We have since learned that this year's classes are only in German. However, Leica plans classes in English next year.

Hang-gliding hang ups. If you participate in this fast-growing sport in West Germany, don't forget to get permission from local German authorities. You can be punished under German law if you do not have such permission. And that might take the wind out of your sails.

Phase Linear equipment
We've frequently been asked by readers "Where can I buy Phase Linear equipment?" Well, now we can tell you - at your local audio club. The entire Phase Linear line has recently been introduced to the military market in Europe.

Models available include: the 700B stereo power amplifier with a 345 watts rms per channel output; the model 400 stereo power amplifier with a 201 watts rms per channel rating; the model 4000 stereo preamplifier/peak unlimiter/downward expander/autocorrelator; the model 2000 stereo preamp; and the model 1000 signal processor. A matching Phase Linear tuner will soon be available, too.

Ramsteinys Audio-Photo Club will take over the base recreation center on Saturday and Sunday, March 13 and 14, for a big audio and photo show. Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some 50 vendors are expected to take part. By the way, the Ramstein club now has a new lay-a-way program. Give them a call at Ramstein Military for details, or visit the club.

If you happened to catch "Earthquake" in a regular Stateside movie house, you probably remember how the whole place seemed to shake during some scenes. Well, the same BGW amplifiers that created that special effect are now available in Europe - along with several smaller models, too.

The BGW 202 stereo preamplifier has slide-type controls and goes for $540. The $474 BGW 250B stereo/mono power amplifier puts out 90 watts rms per channel in stereo or 200 in mono.

The 500D, at $798, produces 200 watts per channel, as does the 750A Laboratory Power Amplifier, which sells for $932.

If that isn't enough power for you, consider the $1332 model 1000. It will crank out 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 500 watts into a 4 ohm load. Operate in the mono mode and you get 1,000 watts. All are available in audio clubs.

More power to you. From Altec, that is. The new Altec 9440A stereo power amplifier delivers 200 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms from 20-20k Hz, both channels driven. Into 4 ohms and you can count on double that - 400 watts. The 9440A features two VU meters, plus full controls. It is available at audio clubs for $1243.

Kodak has a new book, "Adventures in Color-Slide Photography," that is designed to help slide fans explore new areas in indoor and outdoor color work. There are more than 700 color photos in the book, which sells for $10.95.

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"Wanna drag?" If you're interested in drag racing, either as a participant or spectator, you'll probably be interested to know that the Hanau Auto Racing Association has over two dozen races slated for 1976. All will be held at the Fliegerhorst Kaserne airstrip in Hanau, Germany. Races are scheduled on the second and fourth Sundays of April through October, with the exception of July when races will be held on the 3-5 and on the 18th.

Britain's Music Week magazine reports that Mike Oldfield's "Ommadawn" album may be issued in a dbx version, in addition to SQ and QS 4-channel versions, at least in Europe.

You're probably familiar with 4-channel, but you may not know about dbx discs. While only a few records have been issued using the dbx noise reduction process, reports are that it virtually eliminates noise. Proper playback of dbx discs requires the use of a dbx unit in the playback system. A major Japanese open-reel and cassette tape recorder maker is also planning to incorporate dbx noise reduction in some of its equipment.

The Canadian Forces Exchange at Baden-Soellingen recently opened a new 26,000 square foot "all-under-one-roof" store. There are 21 separate departments in the store, which is fully air-conditioned. Among those new departments are large areas devoted to photo and audio equipment, including an acoustically-engineered listening room.

Capitol THE MASTER TAPE 90 minute cassettes are being offered at a special price through May 31 at your local audio club. If you buy two cassettes you get a third one free. The C-90 cassettes are 01.70 each, so during the special offex^ 03.40 gets you 05.10 worth of tape.

There were several USAREUR personnel who garnered honors in the 16th Interservice Photography Contest held recently in Washington, D.C. Winners included: 1 Lt.Steve Rucker, who took third in the black and white print competition; SSG Martin Ebert received an honorable mention in the same category; E5 Charles Koelsch, an honorable mention award in the picture story competition; PFC Thomas Anderson, third place in the color slide area; CW3 Robert Cruz, an honorable mention award in the experimental category, and Major Hardy Bryan, third prize in cinematography.

JBL's Decade 26, a two-way bookshelf-type loudspeaker system that covers the entire audio spectrum, is available in PXs for $118.00. The Decade 26 is a high-efficiency design that utilizes a 10-in. woofer and a 1.4-in. cone tweeter housed in a bass reflex enclosure. The unit has a natural oak finish and comes with an orange, blue or brown grill.

Harman/Kardon's Rabco ST-7 turntable, which features a straight-line tracking tone arm, DC motor, belt drive, variable speed control and strobe display, is available at most audio outlets for less than $300.00 with base and dust cover.

Audio Dynamics Corporation has recently unveiled a brand-new, computerized turntable, called the Accutrac 4000. It is a direct-drive design, with a conventional pivoting tone arm, but that is the limit of its resemblance to other turntables. First, the cartridge contains a solid-state infrared light generator plus an infrared detector.

This is coupled to special electronic circuits and enables the unit to determine if the cartridge/stylus assembly is located over record grooves or the space between bands on a disc.

Special control provisions, including a wireless remote control unit, let you play any one band, combination of bands, or all the bands on a disc. Press the button for track three, for example, and the tone arm moves until the infrared sensor system tells it the needle is just above the beginning of the third band.

A special sale on golf clubs, golf accessories and golfing apparel will be held in the Rheinblick Golf Club Pro Shop beginning May 1. The sale marks the transfer of operation of the club from the Air Force to the Army's Wiesbaden military community.

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Kodak goes Instant. Kodak recently unveiled its new picture in a minute camera and film line. Two models, the EK4 and the EK6, are scheduled to make their U.S. appearance in late June with a stateside price of $53.50 and $69.50, respectively.

Off Duty will present a detailed review of these new cameras in a later issue, but here is a quick look at their main features. Development of the instant prints takes place outside the camera in daylight or room light.

An image appears after a minute or so and development is essentially complete in about 8 minutes. On the EK4 there is a hand crank which transports the exposed film through rollers which spread the sealed photo chemicals and eject the print for development. The EK6, on the other hand, ejects prints automatically with the aid of a motorized film advance. Both models have a 3-element 137mm f/11 plastic coated lens with continuous focus from 3 1/2 feet to infinity. Also, zooming circle distance finder and electronic shutter speeds 1/300 to 1/20 sec.

JVC has introduced a new cassette deck into the military market. The CD-1970 is a front-loading, front panel control deck that features microphone and line input mixing, switchable peak and normal-reading VU meters. Also included are timer recording (with external timer), air-damped cassette door, - memory counter and JVC's senalloy head and ANRS noise reduction system. Now available in the audio clubs for around $239.

Many readers who saw the Navy Exchanged NEX sale ad in the May Off Duty have inquired where they can get a copy of the catalog. To receive yours, just send a request to Mail Order Department, Navy Exchange 260-130, FPO Seattle 98760. Before you know it, you will have nearly 300 pages of merchandise at your fingertips, from bone china to bicycles. The NEX 1975-76 catalog also contains an extensive range of audio/photo gear as well.

Watch out, Dick Tracy! A Swiss firm claims to be well on the way to developing a multi-purpose wrist-watch which will incorporate a mini-television set, radio, electronic calculator and sensors for measuring the wearerfs pulse and body temperature.

The watch, according to a recent report in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, would also be equipped with a solar cell for charging an energy accumulator. Scheduled to appear on the market late next year, it will be manufactured by the Geneva Company of Diva S.A. Did they forget something? No, this super watch will also show the date and time digitally.

English cooking is more than just roast beef, steak and kidney pie or boiled cabbage. To prove it the English Tourist Board has put together a free guide, "Where to Enjoy a Taste of England."

Some 750 hotels and restaurants throughout England will be participating by featuring traditional English fare. So if you are looking for a gastronomic adventure that includes more than just fish and chips, how about singin' hinnies, Sally Lunns and Whitstable natives. Send your request to the English Tourist Board, 4, Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1.

Note for the uninitiated: Singin' hinnies are a kind of tea cake found in Northumbria; Sally Lunns are buns named aftej-a lady of the same name who used to sell the buns in the streets of Bath and Whitstable natives are oysters grown off the Kent coast since Roman times.

New products shown at the Canadian Forces Exchange Audio-Photo Show last month included a Philips open-reel tape deck, model N-4504, that we'd like to add to our open-reel Shopper in this issue (pages 83-98).

The N-4504 has jet-black styling, with sloped instrument panel, and three speeds, three heads and three motors with solenoid controls. Philips' DNL noise-reduction playback circuitry is a built-in feature. The new deck is in the $260 price class.

Also unveiled at the show, which celebrated the opening of the CFE's sparkling new store at Baden-Soellingen, was the Marantz 6300 turntable, first in a series of belt-drive record players introduced by Marantz at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago (Off Duty, March 1976) and now available in Europe.

Acoustic Research introduced the AR-12, a 3-way speaker system styled just like AR-11 ($420 a pair), but with 10-inch woofer and priced at about $320 a pair. The AR-11 requires a minimum of 15 watts (RMS) per channel and can be used with amplifiers rated up to lOO watts per channel.

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If this month's OFF DUTY article on Citizen's Band (CB) radio (see page 51) has whetted your appetite for more information, you can do no better than get in touch with one of the CB clubs springing up in military communities throughout Germany.

One of the most active is the West German and American CB Club based in Darmstadt. With over 100 active members, the club serves to support the Darmstadt community, to be available in emergencies and to keep CBers abreast of the latest developments. They meet at 1 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month in the Fireside room of the Darmstadt Service Club. Considering the special restrictions CB'rs must observe in Germany, all potential and active operators should think seriously about joining a club. For more information about the Darmstadt club, contact Sfc Larrie M. Clark at Darmstadt 06151-68643.

CES Chicago
Getting the jump on Chicago's mammoth Consumer Electronics Show (CES) June 13-16, the Eucom Audio-Photo Club at Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, sneak-previewed some new '77 models during its Memorial Day weekend merchandise fair.

We saw Kenwood's Model 650 jumbo amplifier (145 watts per channel at 0.08% THD), a new tuner and integrated amplifier combination from Technics, and a restyled line of Sony receivers, one with built-in Dolby.

Sharp introduced its 4-band radio-cassette recorder, "Searcher" that electronically scans tape in fast-forward or rewind modes and can be programmed to cue itself automatically. Nakamichi unveiled a preamplified control console matching its new model 650 cassette deck. More in OFF DUTY'S annual CES new product report next month,

The 1976-77 edition of the Navy Exchange's worldwide Mail Order Catalog will make its debut in mid-August. The new catalog will contain over 2,200 items including an expanded selection of American merchandise, and, for the first time, popular merchandise from Europe as well.

To get your copy send in the insert coupon located in this issue of OFF DUTY or write directly to the Navy Exchange Mail Order Department, FPO Seattle Washington 98762.

AAFES-Europe is now offering the Novas 4510 8 digit scientific calculator with +, -, t, x, functions plus memory, Pi, SIN, COS, TAN and reciprocal SIN, COS, TAN, square root, ex, yx, log, natural log, reciprocal, degree-radian conversion. Also featured are sign change, clear entry keys. Constant and chain calculations possible. Price is $18.50.

Advent Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts has announced the appointment of Neal Ltd., 5 Charlotte Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, to provide repair service to U.K. owners of their Model 201 tape deck. At present there is no authorized distribution for the sale of Advent audio products in Britain.

Cerwin-Vega, the people who brought you the 'Sensurround' shakes in the movie "Earthquake", have now introduced a range of loudspeakers and amplifiers into the audio clubs.

Their top-of-the-line high efficiency speakers include the 12T priced around $225.00 each and the 15T costing about $399.00 each. Both are capable of handling anything from 1 to 150 watts. Two new power amps, the 1800 and 1801, boasting 450 watts power are priced at $569.00 and $664.00 respectively.

Kodak has announced the availability of their 1976 Index to Kodak Information. Included are over 800 books, photoguides and pamphlets covering the field of photography. Publications listed in the index cover amateur, color, professional and scientific photography, graphic arts, motion picture and audiovisual technique, microfilming and much more. Single copies of the Index can be obtained without cost by writing to Dept. 412-L-510 Eastman Kodak Company, 343 State Street, Rochester, N.Y. 14650.

Just because summer is here doesn't mean those of you who snow ski have to hang it all up til next winter. Anyone for grass skiing? The Berchtesgaden Recreation Area has made it possible. It's only a matter of exchanging your boards for 'wheels'. Easily fastened onto your own ski boots, the wheels are really bearings around which roll tracks. For newcomers to this sport AFRC has set up a program which includes 3 days of instruction, lift fees and equipment for $35.00. For information or reservations for this program or any of AFRCs Berchtesgaden's activities write: Billeting Office, Berchtesgaden Recreation Area, APO 09029 or call 2538-623 or 823.

Asahi Pentax announces their Bicentennial Sale offering 15% reduction on the new K series cameras and approximately 10% reduction on the K series lenses. This sale is available in Audio-Photo Clubs.

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Chicago's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may be over but it certainly isn't done with. Off Duty's CES report (beginning this month) will open your eyes to the latest audio trends. Some of the items mentioned in the report are available now, or soon will be.

The Marantz 510M power amp with a 256 watt per channel output should already be in the audio clubs retailing for about $645. Also available in the clubs is the top-of-the-line Marantz HP-88 loudspeaker, price: about $239.

Sony's STR-6800SD 80 watt per channel receiver and the ST-5950SD tuner are in the clubs for about $398 and $275 respectively. Sony's EL-5 and EL-7 cassette decks are slated for the clubs later this year. Superscope's 3-way loudspeaker, the SA-312A, will be in the clubs in Sept. for around $90.

The Audio/Photo Clubs in cooperation with ESS are bringing back "Silver Convention" after a successful July 4th bash at Frankfurt's Topper Club. The soul-disco group will be performing Aug. 14 at the Ramstein NCO Club. Tickets are free but available only from audio/photo clubs.

Visitors to Holland should know that the country doesn't begin and end with Amsterdam. That's the idea behind a special weekend arrangement being offered by two hotels and four top tourist attractions in the province of Brabant.

For 99 guilders (about $40) you can spend two nights (in a double room with bath) in the Holiday Inn in Eindhoven or the Sheraton Inn in nearby Geldrop, with free admission to one of the four attractions:

(1) the Evoluon, the Philips company's science and technology exhibit in Eindhoven;
(2) De Efteling, a fairytale park in Kaatsheuvel;
(3) Beekse Bergen, safari park and recreation area near Hilvarenbeek; and
(4) the Lips Autotron vintage car museum in Drunen.

All the attractions are within a few minutes' drive of one another. For reservations, write to: Holiday Inn, Veldmaarshalk Montgomerylaan 1, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Or book through your base travel agency.

B.I.C., the belt-drive, multi-play turntable people, have recently added some new features to their 98o and 96o turntables. For those who prefer a straight manual machine B.I.C. will feature a removable record support post (which is used only for multiple play) . Conversion kits will be available for owners who wish to update their present units. The 98os and 96os will also be supplied with a new skeletal design, low mass head shell. It's directly interchangeable with the present head and will be available as an accessory to anyone now owning a 980 or 960. Prices for these new units remains unchanged in the audio clubs: the 980 for around $146 and the 960 about $116.

Cologne: The "World Fair of Photography" (Photokina) runs from Sept. 10 to 16, although the part of most interest to the public - the picture exhibits at the Kunsthalle - will remain open through Sept. 26.

An unusual feature: 1,001 different pictures made by blowing up parts of a single negative. Photokina also offers an expanse of blank wall where amateur photographers may hang whatever they want for the public to see.

There is no charge and no fuss though the fair organizers reserve the right to limit the time work may be exhibited. The photo exhibitions will be open to the general public daily from 1o a.m. to 8 p.m., admission: 3 DM ($1.2o).

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Photokina, Germany's giant photo equipment trade fair, runs from Sept, 10 to 16 in Cologne. If you plan on rotating within the next two years, you'd better see it now, Photokina won't be held until 1978.

At this year's show there are over 800 exhibitors signed up for space in the 12 halls on the Cologne fairgrounds. For DM 25.- you can buy a one-day ticket and wander (or wonder) to your heart's content. Before you hit the highway, though, there are a few things you should know.

Hotel rooms are scarce during any Photokina, but the situation will be worse this year as nearby Duesseldorf is holding a hi-fi show Sept. 24 to 29. Since exhibitors will be arriving early for that show, facilities in Cologne, Duesseldorf and nearby Bonn will be filled to capacity.

So, either plan on a one-day visit, with no overnight stay, or have confirmed reservations before you leave. Otherwise, you may end up sleeping on a park bench. To really see the show you are going to have to do a lot of walking. Comfortable shoes are the order of the day.

What can you expect in the way of equipment? For one thing, the trend to electronics and automation is bound to be reflected in the new gear, Sound super 8 movie cameras will no doubt be abundant, as will sophisticated automatic flash units.

The Canon AE-1 automatic, electronic camera system will be there, as will the Yashica FX-2 and FR SLRs. Large format equipment is staging something of a comeback, so expect to see plenty of it, much brand-new.

If you're in the market for a pocket calculator, check out National Semiconductor's Novus line, available at many exchanges and other outlets in Europe. The Novus 750 is a small, 6-digit model that will add, subtract, multiply and divide. The 831 and 835 calculators will perform the above functions and then some. The 831, with a red, 8-digit display, has square root, square and percentage keys, too. The Novus 835 also has an 8-digit display, square root and percentage keys plus a four-way accumulating memory. All three models have algebraic logic and will let you make chain calculations.

Not included in the July recording tape shopper was Revox's 601 Professional low-noise tape. It is available in 3,600-ft. lengths on 10 1/2-in. plastic or metal (silver or black finishes are offered) reels. Ask for it at your audio club.

The EUCOM Audio-Photo club, in conjunction with the German Formula Ford Drivers Assn., has announced a five race EUCOM Audio-Photo Club Formula Ford Championship series.

The races are open to drivers of all nationalities provided they hold ONS National or International licenses. This is the sixth consecutive year Formula Ford races have been held in Germany. These "scaled down Grand Prix cars", as they have been described, use 1.6 litre Ford Cortina motors. Top speeds of 150 mph are possible on the straights.

This month EPI is introducing its new model 350 loudspeaker at AAFES-Europe Sound Centers. The 350 has a woofer and a tweeter mounted on three of its sides - a total of six drivers. Frequency response is 36-20k Hz, recommended power range 38-125 watts. Price is $470 per pair.

New from Peacetime is the SJ-80 integrated amplifier, 35 watts per channel and £224; the matching FM-80 FM tuner, for $252; the VU 45 power monitor with a $98 price tag, and, four speakers. Largest, at 200 pounds and $885, is the L1101 with four woofers, five midranges and 16 tweeters. The Magnum 357 has two woofers, a midrange horn and 3 tweeters for, $770. The M16PA goes for $385 and has two woofers, midrange horn and 3 tweeters while the 30-06, at $350, has four woofers, one midrange and one tweeter. Peacetime equipment is sold through audio clubs.

The AR speaker photos on page 60 of the CES report in last month's issue were incorrectly captioned. The top photo shows the AR-16, the bottom photo the AR-12

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Your local Photo Club should already have in stock a new lineup of Honeywell Electronic Flash units. The Audio Strobonar 682S features two internal auto ranges, indicator for pre-test or exposure confirmation and five power source options. Power sources may be used in tandem to give.up to 8200 flashes. Guide number is 63 with ASA 25 film. Club price is about £114. The Auto Strobonar 280S boasts sliding aperture calculator, automatic exposure range from 2-17 feet and up to 325 flashes per set of batteries. Guide number is 35 for ASA 25 film. Club price is about $46.

The title of the July article on Julien's restaurant in Paris - "A Good Meal at a Low Price" - was only half right. The low price has gone the way of most low prices. After our author was at the bistro, a new owner took over and ended a nearly 100-year era of bargain menus.

Ben Lockerd of Pirmasens, W.Germany, wrote Off Duty to comment: "Julien's is still a beautiful restaurant with a great tradition, but one must now pay to partake."

While stocks last, American military personnel can take advantage of price reductions, Volvo has introduced on all 1976 US-models sold in Europe. This includes 10% off regular list price plus an additional price improvement (about 2%) due to a better dollar to kroner exchange rate. Also, free home shipment within one year after delivery date.

Long known for its professional sound equipment, Cerwin-Vega, a California-based firm, is entering the European military market with its line of home audio products. In addition, many Cerwin-Vega professional products are being offered on a special-order basis.

Eight loudspeakers, all included in this month's shopper, are available in the audio clubs. All Cerwin-Vega speakers are high efficiency types, requiring only a few watts to drive them to high levels, yet also capable of handling large power inputs.

Also for home use are the A-1800 and A-22001 stereo power amplifiers. Power output is 225 and 400 watts rms per channel, respectively. Two equalizers are offered, the GE-2 with 26 controls (13 for each channel) including half-octave controls below 250 Hz, and the DB-10 bass booster.

The DB-10, which is included with some Cerwin-Vega speakers, restores the bass lost in the recording process and eliminates sub-sonic noise. If you're a disco fan the DM-1 mixer will let you create your own disco at home. This unit has two VU meters, dual line and phono input level sliders and a host of other controls. Four disco speakers will also be available.

The American Military Retirees Association (AMRA) is in the process of forming a European chapter headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. The AMRA is a non-profit organization composed of military retirees or their widows, regardless of rank, grade or branch of service. Interested military retirees should contact John Dragon, Stars & Stripes, APO N.Y. 09175.

We reported, in our August CES coverage, that Kenwood's model 650 integrated amplifier had a built-in cooling fan. Not so. However, it does have large, built-in cooling fins. Also, the KT-7300 and 5300 tuners are offered only with metallic finished front panels.

There must be a New Army after all. Two mess sergeants are backing up the U.S. team this month in competition at the world's most prestigious culinary event.

S.Sgt. Ivan Beasley from Ft.Lee, Virginia, and S.Sgt. Douglas Hoffman, 2d Btry, 78th Field Arty in Bamberg, W.Germany, are joining 11 master chefs from the States at the International Culinary Exposition Oct. 21-28 in Frankfurt. (See Frankfurt listing in Here and Now for more details.)

The Torrejon Audio/Photo Club, Torrejon Air Base, Spain, is sponsoring an audio-photo fair to be held in the club (Bldg. 231) on Oct. 14 and 15, from 12 to 6 and on Oct. 16 from 10 to 4:30. Everyone ' s invited.

Come the new year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will authorize 17 more channels (bringing the total to 40) for use by the ever-growing Citizen Band population in the States. Although you will need a new rig to operate on the additional channels, those content with their current sets should find the original 23 a little less crowded.

HELP WANTED: OFF DUTY has an opening for an Assistant to the Publisher, based in Frankfurt, to handle advertising, sales promotion and special projects. Must have advertising or media sales experience. Send resume to: Personnel Mgr. OFF DUTY Publications GmbH, Eschersheimer Landstr. 69, '6 Frankfurt/Main.

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There's a bargain waiting for you this month in the audio clubs. The Elac 50H Mark II turntable, with deluxe base and dust cover, is now available, reduced from $159 to $99.

The Sanyo 91C76/N was listed in our September TV shopper as being designed for reception of European stations. The listing should have read: Portable 19-in. color (American system) TV. Thus, it will receive AFN-TV color broadcasts.

With Christmas just around the corner, a timely and beautiful new book is now available in your Stars & Stripes bookstore. Kodak's deluxe edition of Photographing America will be sure to please all amateur photographers as well as those who, in this Bicentennial year, wish to have a spendid pictorial record of the face of America and Americans.

Subtitled "Know the Land and the People... Through Photography" it contains 600 illustrations, most in color, of photos taken by advanced amateur and well-known professional photographers. In addition, the text and captions tell readers how to photograph similar subjects with easy-to-operate cameras and suggests how composition and lighting can be used to best advantage. The 256-page, hardcover book is priced at $15.95.

German Magnat Electronics has announced its new LOG 900 high-efficiency, acoustic suspension loudspeaker. This is the third speaker in the new Magnat LOG series which features dynamic power indicator and permallong magnets.

Bitburg Audio Club celebrates it's 15th year next month, as well as moving into a brand new store. They will mark the occasion with a grand opening celebration the weekend of December 10-12. Watch for Off Duty's special tribute to Bitburg and to all the audio/ photo clubs in our December issue. To top things off there will be a 15th anniversary sale on a wide range of audio and photo products in all the clubs.

"Direct recorded records", made by a special process that eliminates the intermediate tape recording step used in conventional record-making, offer several advantages to the serious hi-fi fan. Among these are increased dynamic range, lower background noise and decreased distortion.

Now you can purchase direct recorded discs through the Canadian PX. The Crystal Clear line sells for $12 per album while Sheffield discs start at $10 each. No special equipment is required to play these records.

Minolta is offering two special Christmas packages in the photo clubs.

Package A contains a Minolta SR-T 100b with 50mm F2.0 lens. Pocket Autopak with case, Pocket Flash 25, SR-T black gadget bag and Minolta SR-T book. Price is about $199.

Package B contains a Minolta SR-T chrome 101b body with MC Rokkor 50mm Fl.7 lens and a MC Rokkor 35mm F2.8 lens with case and lens shade. Also included are Soltron 177 Electroflash, SR-T gadget bag and Minolta SR-T book. Price: about $285. The special offer is valid as long as supply lasts.

Schweizer Design will be introducing soon into the military market a unique record cleaning device. This top-of-the-line model features hand molded grip, 360 degree rotating spray nozzle and replaceable fiber cleaning pad.

The new AAFES 1976-77 Mail Order Catalog is now in distribution. This catalog differs from previous editions in that it combines the former American Showcase, AAFES-Europe and AAFES-Pacific catalogs into one handy and convenient home shopping center. With over 900 pages of merchandise from America, Europe and the Far East the AAFES 76/77 Catalog offers the widest possible selection to the military community.

Acoustical Manufacturing (Quad) has a new high powered stereo current dumping power amplifier, the Quad 405, in the clubs. Aside from being extremely compact, the unit features 100 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms, 20-20k Hz, both channels driven at less than 0.01% T.H.D. Stability is unconditional with any type signal and with any loudspeaker load. The unit is compatible with any preamplifier. Price: about $271.

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Responding to popular demand the Cardboard Clowns are reopening their production of Becket at Heidelberg Castle. The pomp and splendor of medieval England are in this play which is scheduled for Dec. 12, 17, 18, and 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at USOs and Davis Agency offices.

Great American Sound (GAS) is a new U.S.-made audio component line now in audio clubs. The GAS Ampzilla is a stereo power amplifier with an output of 200 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms with 0.05 per cent harmonic and IM distortion from 20-20k Hz. Price, about $650.

Son of Ampzilla has a rated output of 80 watts rms per channel. About $395. The Thaedra stereo preamplifier has a frequency response from DC to lOOk Hz +1dB, distortion O.Ol per cent. Separate left and right channel bass and treble controls, slide-type balance control, volume control, push-button input selectors and many other features. Costs, about $645.

The GAS Thoebe is also a stereo preamp with many similar features. About $410.

The CANEX exchange expects to begin selling the new Sony Elcaset machines, models EL-5 and EL-7, sometime this month. The Canadians will be first to have these units on the military market in Europe. (For more on the Elcaset system, see OFF DUTY's report on the summer CES show in the August issue.)

Price of the EL-5 should be in the $335.00 range, for the more elaborate EL-7, about $515.00.

Inadvertently not included in our November Receiver shopper was Tanberg's TR-2075. Power output of the receiver is 100 watts rms per channel into 4 ohms with 0.2 per cent distortion, 20-20k Hz. Outstanding features include bass, midrange and treble controls, push-button input selectors with indicator lights, tuning and signal strength meters and a front-panel 25 microsecond FM de-emphasis switch for proper de-coding of Dolby FM signals. Also included are a low-frequency filter and two high-frequency filters, defeatable interstation muting and two tape monitor and dubbing circuits. It is available at clubs for about $675.00.

A number of Sonics loudspeakers not mentioned in OFF DUTY's October shopper are available as special order items through AAFES-Europe exchanges. The AS-150 is a medium-size 3-way, 3-speaker system with a maximum power input of 20 watts rms, frequency response 40-22K Hz. Price, about $76 per pair. The AS-151 is similar to the AS-150 but with removable cloth grill - about $100 per pair. The AS-251 is a medium-size 3-way, 3-speaker system. Maximum power input 30 watts rms, frequency response 35-22k Hz. About $100 per pair. The AS-351 is a medium-size 4-way, 5-speaker system. Frequency response 30-23k Hz, maximum power input 50 watts rms. About $140 per apir. The AS-451 is a medium-size 4-way, 6-speaker system. Frequency response 25-23k Hz and maximum power input 70 watts rms. Cost, about $180 per pair. All are 8 ohm units. Also in our October speaker shopper, the correct price for the Sonics AS-350 should have read $140 per pair in the price list.

Memorex has introduced its new Quantum reel-to-reel tape in the audio clubs. Memorex claims that it outperforms all other reel to reel tapes.

AAFES-Europe has announced that it has trimmed the time needed to deliver special-order car parts to 8 working days. In the past, customers in Germany and Britain could expect to wait at least 16 days for parts from the Big Three manufacturers' bonded warehouses in Antwerp.

AAFES-Europe is now selling CB equipment in many of its Sound Centers in Germany. On offer is 12-channel sets for use in Germany and 2 3-channel sets for use in the United States. In addition, a variety of antennas, both mobile and base station, will be available.

AAFES-Europe will not be authorized to grant the necessary CB licenses, however, application forms and other pertinent information will be given to the customer at the time of purchase and it will be up to the customer to see that all requirements are met.

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