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Nov. 1972 - Die Interaudio Boxen (by BOSE)

Eine etwas spätere BOSE Anzeige aus 1974

Eine der ersten Anzeigen erschien in der Off Duty / Europe / November 1972. Daß diese "Dinger" von BOSE in der großen Fabrik in Framingham, Massachusetts gebaut würden oder werden, steht zuerst mal nirgends. Sie kommen aber vermutlich auch aus der Wirtschafts-Enklave in Nord-Mexico hinter der amerikanischen Grenze zu Texas. Ein Parallel-Produkt waren etwas später die "STUDIOCRAFT speakers" ebenfalls von BOSE. Ab 1973 stand dan "By BOSE" unten drunter.

In der ganzseitigen Anzeige vom November 1972 lesen Sie folgenden Text :


acousticouple™ design + syncom™ computer testing
= Interaudio™ speakers

THE COMBINATION for new levels of performance in direct radiating speakers. It's easy to fasten speakers into enclosures and call the end result hi-fi. Thousands are turned out every day.

But, it's another matter to design and assemble speaker systems that recreate music to a high degree of realism. This requires a combination of technical know-how and specialized equipment. Until recently, this combination didn't exist.

It does today. And this combination is reflected in the entire family of Interaudio speakers: technical knowledge in the form of acousticouple design and sophisticated testing equipment by way of syncom* computers.

acousticouple design

by taking advantage of the acoustic coupling of the speaker to the wall behind it, unusually well-balanced sound radiation has been achieved, this provides the performance level thatdistinguishes the sound of Interaudio speakers from other conventional direct radiating speakers.

4 speaker systems

choose from four different models, contemporary in design, all Interaudio speaker cabinets are of rugged construction with walnut grained vinyl veneer and color coordinated grill cloths.

syncom computer testing

this unique computer, developed in 1971, measures acoustic parameters of the speaker system that are highly correlated to aural perception, in addition it checks for numerous mechanical tolerances such as glue thickness on hidden joints and the accuracy of voice coil placement and winding.

acoustically matched

all Interaudio models are acoustically balanced, an important point if and when you opt for a 4-channel multiple speaker system at some future date. The speaker, more than any other component in your stereo system, determines the sound quality you hear. Choose it carefully. Compare Interaudio against other direct-radiating speakers in the same price range. Comparing and hearing is buying... Interaudio.

The speaker with the right combination at the right price.


should you decide to convert your system to the Bose 901 direct/reflecting speaker system, 100% of your original purchase price will be credited against this conversion, this offer is valid for one year from the date of your return to the U. S.


all Interaudio speaker systems can be delivered, factory direct, to your U.S. address.


Interaudio speakers are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and material for five years from the date of purchase. during that period any defect that occurs in normal use will be repaired without charge for parts or labor.

Interaudio Systems

Interaudio Systems, Post Office Box 2351, Framingham, Massachusetts 01701.

The SYNCOM computer is used under license from the Bose Corporation.

Interaudio speakers available at U.S. Audio Clubs and Lahr and Baden Baden Canadian Exchanges

Im September 1974 stand es dann ganz groß drauf - By BOSE

So lange war es für den unbedarften Leser ein Geheimnis.

It's easy to fasten speakers into cabinets and call the results Hi-Fi...


Thousands of loosely-designed, quickly-assembled, scarcely-tested speakers are manufactured each day and sold as "high fidelity" loudspeakers. However, to be worthy of the term "hi-fi," a speaker must be carefully designed,assembled, and tested for consistent quality with the result being realistic music reproduction that dramatically increases your listening enjoyment.

What Distinguishes Interaudio Speakers...
Recent research* has shown that the traditional methods of measuring speaker performance do not determine adequately the quality of music reproduction. Traditionally, frequency response and distortion measurements were made directly in front of the speaker. However, additional parameters, not recognized previously, have been identified by researchers as having a significant relation to the improvement of speaker performance. One such parameter, for example, is the relationship of the room environment to the speaker's performance.

The results of this research are reflected in the ACOUSTICOUPLE™design and SYNCOM computer testing of the entire family of INTERAUDIO Speakers. By taking advantage of the acoustic coupling of the speaker to the wall behind it, INTERAUDIO Speakers achieve unusually well-balanced sound radiation. This provides the improved performance that distinguishes INTERAUDIO Speakers from that of conventional direct radiating speakers.

Every INTERAUDIO Speaker must pass rigorous testing by the SYNCOIVPII Computer. Designed by BOSE, this unique computer is the only instrument of its kind in the industry which measures the acoustic parameters of each speaker.'SYNCOM testing assures you of the best speaker quality control known today.

The proof is in the performance. So we invite you to audition INTERAUDIO Speakers at your audio clubhand judge for yourself whether or not these speakers truly represent a new level of achieve ment in performance over that of conventional : direct radiating speakers.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Acousticouple Design
  • High Power Capacity
  • Syncom Tested

*This research is presented in a paper "On the Design, Measurement and Evaluation of Loudspeakers," No. 622, Audio Engineering Society, October, 1968.

It's Not Easy... It Just Sounds That Way!

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