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Erläuterungen zu diesen 1958er US-AUDIO Seiten

Die hier stehenden amerikanischen Artikel aus 1958 (aus der US-AUDIO) sind teilweise sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, weil sie erstens aus einer längst vergangenen Zeit stammen und zweitens, weil dort in den USA ganz "anders" gedacht wurde als bei uns in Old Germany oder in Europa.
Vergleichbar mit unseren deutschen Hifi-Magazinen etwa ab 1962 ist jedoch, daß auch diese Zeitschrift ihre Anzeigen- Kunden und -Leser (be- oder ab- ?) werben mußte.

Die Ausgaben der US-AUDIO von 1947 bis 1958 liegen in teilweise ganz miserablen PDF-Dateien vor, in denen die Reihenfolge der Seiten teils völlig wirr ist. Der Aufwande, einen einzigen Artikel komlett zusammenzubauen, ist daher erheblich. Die Fotos sind so gräuselig schlecht, daß sie nur in Ausnahmefällen eingebaut werden.


Die monatliche Kolumne - Editors' REVIEW - das Editorial
"ERRATUM" - Uns ist ein Fehler passiert

Much as we hate to ADMIT it, we made a very misleading statement in the February 1958 issue that should be corrected immediately. So far no one has noticed it - or at least, no one has written in about it yet - but some undoubtedly will. We trust this will be an apology in advanee and may be accepted in lieu of an individual letter to each and every one who tells us of the error.

The error in question - that of proofreading - occurred in the third column of page 36. The end of the first paragraph states that the number of lines on a stroboscope disc for a 60-cps line frequency should be 01, Kid, and 216, respectively for speeds of 78.2C, 45, and 33.33 rpm. The number for the old 78.26 speed should have been 92, and we respectfully suggest that readers make the correction in the February issue. Fortunately this speed is now so little used, in the U. S. at least, that no trouble should result from the error, but we are still embarrassed about it.

The only consolation we can think of is in the old proverb, "To err is human." Perhaps it may prove something.


Almost on the eve of departing for Los Angeles and the IHFM High Fidelity Show, we received a notice of rather exciting plans for a Stereophonic "Concerama" to be held at the Philharmonic Auditorium on the evenings of March 3, 4, and 5 (1958).

This will be the first such event in Los Angeles, it is claimed, but we can't even think of any other such concert having been held anywhere, so it may be the first for the industry.

C.T. "Cap" Kierulff, as spokesman for the L.A. Hi-Fi Industry stated that one of the important "firsts" of the event will be a live Stereo AM/FM-TV broadcast of the arrival of and interviews with many recording stars and other celebrities who will be on band for the Monday night performance.

The entire event is open to the public without charge, and will feature program material that has not yet been released to the public. All the material will be especially supplied by four of the major recording companies. Another feature of the program will be the first public performance of stereophonic disc recordings - about which AUDIO readers have already heard considerable. Attendance at this event, particularly following so closely the High-Fidelity Show, should be high, and those who are new to hi-fi should gain a clearer insight into the various aspects of stereo in all forms.

We trust that the plans and program information will be made available to groups in other cities for further dissemination of the Word about this newest (in practice) of all high fidelity phenomena.

"PASS THE BUCK" DEPARTMENT - Die Anfragenweiterleitung

Every so often we receive a letter from one of our readers which says, substantially, that he encounters considerable laxity on our part in fulfilling requests for literature. One recently told us that he had circled several numbers on the reply card and had yet to receive a single reply. For this reason, he said, he was dropping his subscription.

This is one place where we can say, "Not us". Assuming that the reader actually does put his name and address on the card before sending it in - and we receive about twelve cards each month, on the average, with no name - we process them and send out our notices to the advertisers well within two weeks from the time we receive the card.

We do not maintain stocks of advertisers' literature - we don't have room for it and besides it would be an enormous job in itself. Nor do we send each advertiser the card the reader sends us. That too would be impossible, since the average number of items circled on each card is 10.7.

Instead, we prepare a number of individual 3 x 5 cards for each request - the number being equal to the items circled - and after identifying the issue and the page or code number, we forward these cards to the advertiser.

Jetzt ist der Hersteller in der Pflicht

After that, it is entirely out of our hands. Most advertisers want inquiries (Anmerkung : Auch diese Medungen mit den anzukreuzenden Cirlce Nummern müssen bezahlt werden ! Die sind nicht redaktionell kostenlos !) - by that means they are able to judge the effectiveness of their ads and of the magazine in which they appear. We have to assume that they want their additional material in the hands of those who have taken the trouble to fill out the card and send them in. But we can't do a thing about it except to mention it in this column or in our promotion material to advertisers. From then on, it is up to them.

Our concern, primarily, is in the interest of readers. We know that they are disappointed when they write in for something that was promised them and then they don't get it. Certainly, some advertisers are extremely prompt and send their material out at once. Those that don't give both us and themselves a bad name.

But remember one thing, our divining rod is on its sabbatical this year. If you don't put your name and address on the card before you drop it into the postbox, our hands are tied. The system - like our hi-fi systems - depends on the perfect functioning of every component. Tf your tuner fails to send out the proper signal, nothing comes out of the speaker; if you should fail to fill in your name and address, everything breaks down.

Now let's hope this jogs everybody up for a month or so.

- Werbung Dezent -
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