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Das Prospektblatt des SX-82


A brand new tuner-amplifier, the creation of PIONEER'S extensive experience and its up-to-date technology, has now been completed a unit guaranteed to satisfy the most critical ears.

In addition to the preamplifier-main-amplifier section equipped with the latest high power output tubes operating in pushpull circuits, this outstanding amplifier features a sensitive tuner that provides reception of all forms of radio broadcasts, including both AM and FM transmissions and also superb FM multiplex stereophonic broadcasts.

Equipped with every conceivable supplementary and auxiliary circuit, this new model provides true high fidelity reproduction of every source of sound, whether it is disc record playback or radio broadcast reception, for true "living presence".



  1. The front panel is comprised of heavy extruded aluminum, finished in attractive gold tones, that provides a handsome and rich appearance. The large opening for the dial scale is another feature that sets it apart from other amplifiers.
  2. The front panel and the chassis proper are permanently attached together. Simply remove the outer case, and the amplifier is ready for mounting in a custom cabinet.
  3. The "magic eye" tuning indicator is a horizontal type for easy viewing in selection of stations.
  4. The controls and switches on the front panel are positioned for ease in handling and operation. In particular, the MODE and SELECTOR switches use new pointer type knobs for ease in handling and easy recognition of their positions even at distances.
  5. The output circuits are comprised of two pairs of type 7189A output tubes, operating in fixed bias circuits. The use of these modern tubes, coupled with a renowned circuit design, provides a music power-output of 40 watts of program material.
  6. The tuner provides reception of FM (88-108 mc), AM broadcast band (535-1,605 kc) and FM multiplex stereo broadcasts. The circuit is designed for well-balanced reception of stereophonic broadcasts with ample stereo effect, that brings "living presence" into your living room.
  7. The FM tuner uses a tuned-RF circuit that uses the latest nuvistor (type 6CW4). It features exceptionally high sensitivity and stable reception of FM transmissions. The tuner of course is equipped with an effective AFC circuit. A handy sensitivity switch is provided, for optimum reception of all stations, regardless of their signal strength.
  8. The input circuit is capable of handling any and all forms of inputs, including direct feeding from tape heads, all types of magnetic phonograph pickups, or tape recorder line outputs.
  9. Every measure is provided for the elimination of unnecessary noise, including high and low cut filters, for enjoyable noise-free reproduction at all times. Independent tone controls are provided for each channel. Tonal quality can be adjusted to suit the room in which the system is placed.
  10. Control of the tape monitor circuit and the loudness control circuit can be handled from controls mounted on the front panel.



FM SECTION -------------------------------------------------
Circuitry : Cascode RF tuning circuit
Frequency Range : 88~108 mc
Usable Sensitivity (IHFM) : 1.5uV
Selectivity : ±100 kc (-3db)
Discriminator Bandwidth (peak to peak) :600 kc
Signal to Noise Ratio : 53db
Antenna Input : 300 ohms (unbalanced)
MULTIPLEX SECTION -------------------------------------------------
Circuitry : Switching type with stereo indicator light
Channel Separation : Better than 35c!b
AM SECTION -------------------------------------------------
Frequency Range : 535—1,605 kc
Usable Sensitivity flHFM) : 6.3 uv
Selectivity : Sharp; ±3kc (-3db)
  Broad; ±9 kc (-3db)
Antenna Input : Built-in ferrite loopstick with terminal for external antenna
AUDIO SECTION -------------------------------------------------
Circuitry : Power tube 7189A AB-pp fixed bias output circuit
Music Power Output : 40 watts per channel
????????????????? Die Angabe von RMS fehlt ??
Frequency Response : ±1 db from 15 cps to 100 kc
Harmonic Distortion (at rated output) :Less than 1 %
Damping Factor : 9.0
Hum and Noise (at rated output) :
  Magnetic-better than 55 db
  Auxiliary-better than 65 db
input and Audio Sensitivity Mag : 2.3 mv
  Tape head :1.5 mv
  Crystal (Ceramic)-23 mv
  Auxiliary-165 mv
Bass Control : Tape Play-165 mv Boost 11db, Cut 11db at 50 cps
Treble Control : Boost 11b, Cut 11db at 10,000 cps
Filters : High cut -12.5db (10,000 cps)
  Low cut —9 db (50 cps)
Equalization : Phono RIAA - Tape NARTB
Power Supply : Silicon Diode
Power Requirements : 117 volts, 2.1 amp. 208 watts (max.)
Anmerkung : 21 Röhren
Tubes (21) & Diodes (10) 50—60 cycles 6BE6X1, 6BA6X4, 6AQ8/ECC85X3, 12AX7/ECC83X3, 6AV6X 1, 6CG7X1, EM-84X1, 6CW4, (Nuvistor) X 1,
Dimensions : 5"(H) X 17"(D) X 17"(W)
Weight : 37 lbs. 9 oz. / 18 Kilo
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