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Das Prospektblatt des SX-40


The SX-40 is a compact stereophonic amplifier complete in every respect, designed and created by PIONEER, world leader in high fidelity sound reproduction, the fruit of its extensive technological research and experience.

All functions are put together into a compact package tucked behind the handsome front panel featuring a large easy-to-read tuning dial and orderly positioned controls, to provide full play of the outstanding performance of the various sections.

With its music power output of "20 full watts" per channel, the SX-40 is guaranteed to provide full satisfaction to the most critical ears.


The output circuit is comprised of two pairs of the popular 6BQ5/EL84 type tubes operating in efficient pushpull circuits.

Each channel provides a music power output of 20 watts, for a total of 40 watts of power. The tuner is comprised of an AM broadcast band tuner, an FM band tuner, and a multiplex circuit for reception of FM stereo broadcasts. The use of the latest circuitry ensures outstanding channel separation in stereo reception.

An effective tuning indicator is provided, for easy pinpoint tuning of broadcasts.

Handling is simplicity itself. Moreover, to ensure optimum reproduction under all conditions, independent volume and channel balance controls are provided. The loudness contour circuit is provided with an ON-OFF switch, so that true high fidelity reproduction is possible regardless of the volume setting. The preamplifier-power amplifier circuitry is designed for maximum versatility. It can handle all types of phonograph pickups, while auxiliary inputs are provided also to make the SX-40 a truly universal unit. High and low cut filters are provided, for effective elimination of undesirable noises.

The external finish features a rugged aluminum sash panel with an extra-large tuning dial for ease in handling. Tuning ranges of the tuner circuits are :
AM (broadcast band)—535~1,605 kilocycles
FM—88—108 megacycles


Circuitry : Ratio Detector with AFC
Frequency Range : 88-—'1 08 mc
Usable Sensitivity (IHFM) : 3 [JLV
Selectivity : ±1,000 kc ( —3db)
Discriminator Bandwidth (peak to peak) :  
  600 kc
Signal to Noise Ratio : 50 db
Antenna Input : 300 ohms (unbalanced)
Circuitry : Switching type ; equipped with stereo
  indicator light
Channel Separation : Better than 35 db at 1 kc
Frequency Range : 535~1,605 kc
Usable Sensitivity (IHFM) : 50 j«v
Selectivity : Sharp ±3kc
  Broad ±9kc
Antenna Input : Built in ferrite loopstick with terminal
  for external antenna
Music Power Output : 20 watts per channel
RMS Rated Power Output: 15 watts per channel
Frequency Response : ±1 db from 1 5 cps to 100,000 cps
Harmonic Distortion (at rated output) :  
  Less than 1%
Damping Factor : 7.0
Hum and Noise (at rated output) :  
  Magnetic Better than 60 db
  Auxiliary Better than 70 db
Input and Audio Sensitivity : Magnetic 3 mv
  Crystal or Ceramic 47 mv
  Auxiliary 300 mv
  Tape Playback 300 mv
Bass Control : Boost 14 db. Cut 13 db at 50 cps
Treble Control : Boost 11 db, Cut 13db at 10,000 cps
Filters : High Cut Filters — 15db at 10,000 cps
  Low Cut Filters — lOdb at 50 cps
Equalization : Phono RIAA
Power Supply : Silicon diodes
Power Requirements : 115/230 volts. 1.5/075 amp. 145 watts
  (max) 50—60 cps
Tubes (19) : 6BE6X1, 6BA6X3, 6AQ8/ECC85X3
  6CG7X1, 12AX7/ECC83X5, 6BQ5/
  EL-84X4, 6AV6X1, EM-84X1
Diodes (8) : Germanium-OA-70/IN60X2, OA-81/
Dimensions : 1 829/32r/(W) X 61/32,,(H) X 1 33/32"(D)
Weight : 35 lbs. 3oz.
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