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In 1959 ging es richtig los mit der neuen Stereo-LP (ab 1958)

Die Amerikaner taten sich schwer mit den neuen Stereo LPs. Es schien fast, als hätten sie den Markt den Europäern überlassen. Das stimmt natürlich nicht. An dieser Stelle möchte ich nochmals den SONY Chef Akio Morita zitieren, der bereits 1956 (für sein damals noch kleines Unternehmen) festgestellt hatte, wer auserhalb seines Landes in der Welt erfolgreich sein will, der muß den amerikanischen Markt, den damals größten Markt der Welt, "erobern" - oder besser formuliert - "gewinnen". Und DUAL hatte mit dem US-Vertrieb "united audio" 20 Jahre lang den richtigen Partner.

Wir "müssen" (sollten) einfach vertstehen (lernen), daß die eingeborenen Amerikaner aufgrund der gewaltigen Dimensionen dieses riesigen Landes ganz anders denken und handeln und auch ganz anders zu beeinflussen sind. In den USA wurden schon immer (dort erlaubte) grenzwertige (Werbe-) Sprüche gemacht, mal mehr, mal weniger intelligent bzw. unter der Gürtellinie, und alles wurde auf sogenannten Shows vorgeführt - und vor allem, irgend etwas, und war es noch so belanglos oder trivial - war "FREE", also (vermeintlich) kostenlos, doch allermeist nur der Prospekt oder die Broschüre.

Darum hier die ersten 3 amerikanischen DUAL-1006 Anzeigen aus der US-AUDIO von 1959.


Anzeige 1 (Juni 1959) - STOP WISHING!

US-AUDIO 1959 Heft 04 Seite 33

The only combination professional turntable and deluxe changer created for uncom- promised stereo and mono reproduction.


The United Audio DUAL-1006 is so new, so advanced, so unlike anything else, that it represents the finest in enlightened design and maximum flexibility . . . hence greatest value.

Dual pioneered the record changer concept with actual production models as far back as fifty years ago, and is today the leading authority and largest supplier of changers on the continent of Europe. No "warmed-over" mono version, the 1006 is a dream engineered into a reality.

Embodying the many exclusive and time-proven accomplishments resulting from the skill and experience of the past, this new Dual also introduces numerous new features essential to the true fulfillment of stereo.

Nonetheless, you'll find no superfluity ... no needless "gimmicks" in the United Audio DUAL-1006. It is a professional instrument - for the serious high fidelity enthusiast and discerning music lover.

It is a practical machine, simple to operate, intended to yield greatest usefulness, convenience and accurate, lifelong dependability. It is, indeed, a wish come true!


Is both a professional turntable and a deluxe record changer.
Actually tracks, and operates automatically, with only 2 grams pressure.

Built-in direct reading stylus pressure/tracking force gauge, to insure optimum cartridge operation and long record life.

Obsolescence-proof intermix works with any size records, present or future, and in any sequence.

Exclusive elevator action changer spindle design positively safeguards record grooves and centers.

Uses new rigid equipoise motor suspension principle to eliminate vertical rumble on stereo.

Stereo-Mono Switch has phase-cancelling feedback circuit. Removes vertical noise signal from mono records, when played with stereo cartridge.

Multiple transmission motor drive uses set of individual gears for each speed; complete automatic disengagement makes "flat spot thumping" impossible.

Totally new design one-piece tonearm ... provides perfect lateral and vertical tracking, always-vital for stereo. Also eliminates multiple arm resonance and overcomes cartridge vertical amplitude distortion.

Anzeige 1 Teil 2 - To know the difference ... is to select the Dual-1006 AUTOMATIC CHANGER

US-AUDIO 1959 Heft 04 Seite 34

 - Whether for stereo or mono reproduction, the outstanding qualities of the 1006 as a professional turntable are remarkably preserved as a record changer too! Look ...


 - Quality and reliability unheard of in the changer field and seldom found even in professional turntables. Unusually high horsepower insures constant RPM under any load condition; enables turntable to reach full speed within V2 second, from dead start!

Motor rotor is oscilloscope balanced (elektronisch ausgewuchtet), and set in extra-large, costly self-aligning ball bearings.

  • Anmerkung : Der neue Motor hatte demnach zwei selbstzentierende Kugellager, das war wirklich neu.

New, exclusive "rigid equipoise" motor suspension eliminates vertical rumble. Field coils are vacuum impregnated and tropicalized (vakuumgetränkte Wicklungen, die nicht vbrieren) ; motor core laminations are staked, to avoid "chatter" and magnetic "thump." Thorough shielding rnd full-jacket, high permeability motor core prevent hum. These and other important features combine to provide exceptional lifelong, trouble-free operation.

Always perfect vertical and lateral stereo tracking because arm pivot axis remains 90° to cartridge axis.


 - Rigid, locking key snap-in accommodation for all mono or stereo cartridges. Super lightweight one-piece construction eliminates multiple tonearm resonance, minimizes cartridge horizontal and vertical amplitude distortion developed in cartridges when mounted in two-piece or plug-in head type arms.

This maintains original cartridge compliance specifications. Double set of direct-acting ball bearings (in both axes) insures complete freedom of vertical and lateral motion ...

  • Anmerkung : Neu waren auch die doppelten Kugellager - in beiden Achsen - des Tonarms. Das hatte man von außen nicht erkannt.

... and prevents tracking force variations possible with "damped" or otherwise poorly suspended arms due to changes in weather or environment. Fingertip stylus pressure adjustment is directly on tonearm assembly. Tonearm is automatically secured in place, when at rest.


Three choices with the 1006! Start manually, with either a rotating or motionless turntable, setting the tonearm anywhere on the record to play all or just a desired portion. Or push a button and the 1006 starts, and finds the record lead-in groove. In all cases, the tonearm returns to rest after play, motor shuts off, and drive disengages... all automatically! Stop, repeat, or reject (manually or automatically) any time you please.


 - Does more than instantaneously adapt cartridge for either mono or stereo output! Also introduces special phase-cancelling feedback circuit for stereo cartridges when used on conventional single-track mono records. This removes random noises resulting from cartridge high vertical sensitivity to the rough, unused groove trough of mono records.

Even mono records sound better. Two color coded 48" long output cables are individually shielded to avoid ground loop hum.

  • Anmerkung : Das oben Gesagte ist natürlich ganz großer Unsinn, einfach nur die beiden Kanäle direkt am Abtaster kurzzuschließen. Doch darüber haben sich die damaligen Entwickler weniger Sorgen gemacht. Daß es besser klingen würde, ist nämlich der Schmarren. Die Auslöschungen der "Doppelinformation" des Stereoabtasters bei Mono Platten und dan auch noch bei konischen Abtastspitzen sind erheblich. Anscheinend wußte man das damals nicht oder wollte es nicht wissen. Das Thema mit den Stereoabtastern auf alten Mono-LPs ist nicht trivial. Mehr steht bei Wissen und Technik.



 - A precision stylus pressure gauge is a vital necessity for the preservation of valuable records and for optimum cartridge operation. A professional, direct reading gauge is conveniently located for instant check and adjustment of the entire tonearm, as different cartridges are used. No need for guesswork or to rely on arbitrary, printed calibrations on a tonearm. Tamperproof and factory-sealed for lifelong accuracy.


 - Large diameter (Anmerkung : 27cm), heavyweight turntable uses unique, laminated and concentrically girded construction for positive retention of dynamic balance and piano surface ... vital to stereo cartridges. This, and the use of reliable Oilite type, permanently self-lubricating ball bearing assembly provide virtually frictionless, non-resonant rotation, avoiding need to rely on "fly-wheel action" of conventional castings, machine turnings, or "weighted" turntables to maintain constant speed. Properly designed table mat prevents record slip without surface strain to the delicate record grooves.


 - Self-locking and trouble-free, a multiple transmission system is used. With a set of individual drive gears for each speed, possible future changes in recording speeds are thus accommodated. All drive and idler wheels automatically disengage after each playback and also when machine is turned off ... nothing to adjust or remember, never any "flat spot thump." Speeds provided: 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45, 78rpm.


 - Self-muting and squelch filter circuits keep the electrical operation of the 1006 as wonderfully quiet as the mechanical action of the skillfully crafted assembly. No "pops" or buzzes.


 - Simple to operate in spite of its many special features - only three buttons start, stop, reject, or repeat action. Repeat button is self-cancelling after replay, or can repeat same record any number of times without disturbing the stack. Spindle need not be removed from turntable to remove records or rearrange record sequence...even while record is playing.


1. Record stack separates from bottom record. - 2. Bottom record descends. - 3. Stack gently lowers for next play.

 - The bottom-most record of the stack is separated by the action of the changer spindle into an interim position, ready for travel to the turntable, and divorced from the weight and pressure of the stack. The stack is gently lowered-never dropped-into position for the next record. This unique principle preserves and protects the record center-hole from wear and tear; and since no pusher arm or stabilizing guides are needed, warped records and chipped edges do not affect changer action. Furthermore, the "no load" condition of the stack eliminates damaging friction to grooves of adjacent records. Here is truly gentle handling of your precious recordings.

hier fehlt was



 - Not just a statement, but a fact. New, advanced-design clutch completely frees the tonearm during play. Since the record lead-in groove-finding device is a part of the tonearm assembly, the arm is engaged by the cycling cam only during the start and stop actions.


 - Incredibly low tracking force operates changer action ... only 2 grams! With the skill that comes with fifty years of specialized experience, the 1006 is a classic achievement in the production of custom fitted parts that operate so effortlessly as to make this feat possible. No warmed-over mono version, the 1006 was made to meet the exacting requirements of stereo records. Naturally, mono-phonic records benefit too.

Anzeige 2 (einseitig) - "THE MOMENTOF TRUTH"

US-AUDIO 1959 Heft 06 Seite 37 - Juan Montero, matador. From BULLFIGHT, by permission of Simon and Schuster, Publishers. Copyright ©1958 by Peter Buckley.

... for the matador - it comes when he can no longer play at the game of bravery, but must at last face up to the supreme test of his courage and greatness - when he must conquer or be conquered.

... for the turntable or changer - it comes when the stylus descends to the groove of a stereo record, to track as never before required

... vertically as well as laterally, with lighter pressure, greater accuracy, less distortion and far more sensitivity-when the operation must be silent, smooth and flawless to permit the music to emerge with clarity, purity and distinction.

Shorn of pretension and mere paper claims, every brand, every product of old must now face up to the new challenge wrought by stereophonic sound. Regardless of past laurels, it is today's performance that counts.

The United Audio DUAL-1006 ... totally new, significantly different ... is the only combination professional turntable and deluxe changer created for uncompromised stereo and monophonic reproduction.

We invite you to visit your authorized United Audio dealer ... to submit the DUAL-1006 to the most demanding of tests ... to see and hear it in its "moment of truth."

The DUAL-1006


  • ...... combination professional turntable / deluxe changer for uncompromised stereo and mono reproduction.
  • Actually tracks and operates automatically or manually with only 2 grams stylus pressure.
  • Choice of heavy, large diameter turntables* - new laminated concentrically-girded design retains dynamic balance and piano surface.
  • Rigid equipoise motor suspension principle eliminates vertical rumble.
  • Built-in direct reading stylus pressure/tracking force gauge.
  • Totally new design one-piece tone-arm - provides perfect vertical and lateral tracking - no multiple arm resonance or cartridge vertical amplitude distortion.
  • Truly freefloating tonearm - unique clutch disengagement for complete freedom.
  • Multiple transmission motor drive uses individual gears for each speed - automatic disengagement makes "flat spot thumping" impossible.
  • Stereo-mono switch has phase-cancelling feedback circuit to remove vertical noise signal from mono records played with stereo cartridge.
  • Obsolescence-proof intermix for present or future record sizes.
  • Elevator action changer spindle safeguards record grooves and centers.
  • True manual (or automatic) single play - permits setting tonearm on
  • rotating or motionless turntable.



Anzeige 3 (einseitig) - The verdict is in !

US-AUDIO 1959 Heft 10 Seite 59

DUAL-1006 combination stereo turntable / changer (AUDIO • OCTOBER, 1959)


Hi-Fi Systems

"... best unit in its class, regardless of price ... must be seen to be believed ... one of the gentlest record drops we have ever seen ... electrical tests indicate rumble characteristics as good or better than those specified for broadcast-type turntables."

Modern Hi-Fi

"... the DUAL is an outstanding machine ... it shows a uniformly high level of performance in every respect ... standards were exceptionally high in each critical testing area, especially in such vital aspects as wow, rumble, flutter and hum."

Kommentare von :
(1) Fairchild

"... we put your machine through an extensive laboratory check ... we congratulate you on (its) excellence ... tracking was perfect... automatic operation consistent and reliable ... truly does justice to and amply meets the requirements of top quality stereo cartridges."

(2) Pickering

"... tests included all customary measurements ... including 'torture tests' designed to show up any malfunctioning ... it came through with flying colors ... tracking is all we could ask for ... trip mechanism functioned smoothly ... our unqualified approval ... you have a beautifully simple and efficient product."

Kommentare in :
(1) Edward Tatnall Canby in Audio

"... the first time I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes ... the DUAL is absolutely silent in use; the motor is so quiet you must put your ear to the table to hear it ... rumble and pitch steadiness are absent and excellent respectively ... real manual automation ... it will do more things that please me ... than any changer so far."

(2) Electronics World

"... one of the best stereo record changers we have seen to date ... the wow and flutter is as low as in some professional-type turntables ... we suggest that anyone who is interested in a changer for stereo hi-fi operation make sure that the dealer demonstrates this one for you."

Kommentare in :
(1) Downbeat

"... brand new sleeper ... very high quality ... excellent facilities for manual operation ... arm adjustment easier than on any other machine ... well worked-out arrangement for off-on manual playing ... they seem to have thought of everything."

(2) Billboard

"... I have been giving the player a real workout ... and I must say that it passes every test. It's as good as I thought it was and as good as you claim. In short, it is tops."

und natürlich gibt es auch hier etwas "FREE"

Full reprints of current and forthcoming evaluation reports will be sent upon request. - You will find the DUAL-1006 only at selected authorized United Audio dealers.
united Audio
202-4 East 19 th St. ,N.Y.3,N.Y.

Das waren die ersten großen DUAL 1006 Anzeigen in USA ab dem Frühjahr 1959.

DUAL war 1959 mit dem 1006 zwar bei weitem noch nicht so erfolgreich wie 4 Jahre später mit dem DUAL 1009 von 1963, aber der Grundstein war gelegt.


- Werbung Dezent -
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