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1961 - "Fisher Stereo, Hi-Fi Equipment" im AIREX Katalog

Das ist das Programm des Herstellers "The Fisher" im AIREX Katalog von Mitte /Ende 1961. Man nannte das auch die "Modelle 1962". Im eigenen "The Fisher" Hauptkatalog waren einige Geräte bereits nicht mehr enthalten.

und vor allem - hier stehen die US Dollar Preise !!!

Viele "The Fischer" Kataloge in Deutsch und in Englisch

finden Sie auf den "The Fisher" Seiten bei den internationalen Herstellern.



Offers remarkably high sensitivity, selectivity and rejection of image and spurious response. Tuneable front-end incorporates four tuned circuits. All critical circuits temperature-compensated. Two nuvistor tubes as mixer and oscillator hold drift, even without AFC, to negligible levels. Seven IF stages provide full 230 kc, flat-topped bandwidth; eliminate phase shift distortion, specially important for multiplex operation. Five limiters assure maximum rejection of AM noise; provide 1.5 db capture ratio. Features: "Stereo Beacon" multiplex circuit automatically indicates if a station is broadcasting in stereo. Response extends to 100 kc to receive the highest of subcarrier frequencies.

Two outputs for 600 Ohm, plug-in balanced transformers are provided for operation in standard broadcast lines. "MicroTune" tuning for accuracy; interstation noise suppressor switch for both FM and multiplex. Independent 72-ohm and 300-ohm antenna jacks are switch controlled. Illuminated D'Arsonval type signal strength and professional VU meter.

Cathode follower outputs for multiplex, field-strength recorder and diversity unit. May be mounted in standard 19" rack panel if desired. Sensitivity: 1.5 uV, IHFM standard with 300-ohm antenna; 0.9 uV for 20db quieting. Signal-to-Noise and Hum Ratio: Better than 75 db. Distortion: Less than 0.3%, harmonic at 400cps, 100% mod. Drift: 0.004% with AFC; 0.02% without AFC. Frequency Response: ±1db, 20-100,000 cps before de-emphasis.

Audio Hum: Better than -80db at rated output. Rejection: Better than 84db, Image: 110db, IF: 105db, spurious frequency. Controls: FM Tuning; Audio Level; Selector (Off, FM, MPX, Aux.); Meter Level; Muting; AFC (Off, MicroTune, AFC1, AFC2); Front End (Crystal or Tuning); Antenna Selector (Local or Distant 72-ohm or 300-ohm). Power Required: 105-120 or 210-240V AC 50/60 cps. Size: 16" w. x 12" x 4" h. Weight: 30 lbs.

Fisher Model FM-1000 - FM Multiplex Tuner Chassis only.* Net Each  $ 419,50

Fisher Model FMR-1 FM Multiplex Tuner

- Identical to FM-1000 but with 19" rack panel and other small variations that make it adaptable for use in broadcast applications. Available, on special order, with plug-in crystal-controlled front end to hold fixed frequency ±0.0015% for unattended operation.
Net Each  $ 419,50


Couples the finest wide-band FM tuner design with advanced multiplex circuitry for complete stereo broadcast reception. Five IF stages with high gain "Golden Cascode" front end, and four limiters assure the clearest, most reliable reception of even the weakest stations. Features "Stereo-Beacon" facility that automatically signals if a station is broadcasting FM Multiplex or not. Tuning meter and Local-Distant switch enables tuning accuracy. Exclusive muting network eliminates noise and hiss between stations. Sub-channel noise filter stops unwanted hiss on multiplex broadcasts without affecting fidelity. Sensitivity: 0.6uV for 20db quieting with 72-ohm antenna. Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70db. Frequency Response: 30-15,000 cps with standard de-emphasis. Channel Selectivity: 60db. Capture Ratio: 2.2db. Power Required: 105-120 v. AC, 60 cps. Size: 17" w. x 13" d. x 5" h.

Fisher Model FM-100-B FM Multiplex Tuner
Chassis only* Net Each $ 229,50



Designed and engineered for maximum versatility and flexibility for reception of all stereo and monophonic programming. Newly approved system of stereo FM Multiplex broadcasting may be received by built-in components. A single, compact chassis incorporates highly sensitive FM-AM tuner, complete audio control center and a 65-watt stereo power amplifier-everything required, other than speakers, for all monophonic or stereo functions. Special "Stereo Beam" tuning eye indicates when a station is broadcasting stereo FM, or monophonic FM; a separate tuning eye is provided for AM reception. Tuning section of three IF stages achieves high dynamic range, broad selectivity and improved AM suppression. Special phase-linear, wide-band circuitry assures minimum distortion and maximum stereo separation. Special switchable noise filter gives optimum stereo multiplex reception, reducing hum and background noise without affecting frequency response.

Sensitivity: 0.9uV for 20db quieting, FM; 5uV for 2 watts AM. Power Output: 65 watts music power, both channels. Frequency Response: 30-15,000 cps, FM with standard de-emphasis; ±1.5db, 25-25,000 cps, whole system. Distortion: 0.5% harmonic, 75kc mod. at 400cps FM; 0.5%, amplifier at rated power. Hum and Noise: -85db, full power minimum volume: -80db, high level input: -66db, phono input 6mv reference. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms; tape head. Inputs: Phono, Tape, Aux. Controls: Selector (Tape Head, Phono, MPX Filter, MPX Stereo, FM, FM-AM Stereo, AM, Aux., Tape);

FM Tuning; AM Tuning; Volume; Balance; Treble; Bass; Low Filter; High Filter; Tape Monitor; Mono-Stereo Switch; Channel Reverse Switch; AM Bandwidth Switch; Loudness Switch; Phase Reverse. Tubes: 19 plus tubes in MPX section; 2 diodes; 2 silicon rectifiers. Power Required: 105-120V AC at 60 cps. with 175 watts, Size: 17" w. x 13" d. x 5" h. Weight, 33 lbs.

Fisher Model 800-B FM-AM Stereo Multiplex Receiver
Chassis only.* Net $ 429,50



Similar to Model 800-B receiver, except without AM reception facilities. Includes sensitive FM tuner with facility for reception of recently approved FM Multiplex broadcasts, 65-watt stereo amplifier, and complete audio control center - everything except speakers, for stereo reception. Specifications: Same as for Model 800-B, except excluding AM section, and: Sensitivity: 0.7uV for 20db quieting, 72-ohm antenna; 2.2uv for 20db quieting IHFM standard with 300-ohm antenna. Frequency Response: ±1db, 20-20,000 cps, standard de-emphasis. Controls: Same as for Model 800-B, but without AM, FM-AM Stereo positions on selector, and AM Bandwidth and AM Tuning control. Tubes: 19 tubes; 14 diodes. Power Required: 175 watts, 105-120 v. AC, 50/60 cps. Size: 17" w. x 13" d. x 5" h. Weight, 33 lbs.

Fisher Model 500-B FM Stereo Multiplex Receiver
Chassis only.* Net Each $ 359,50



Amazing instrument offers the ultimate in automatic record playing. Plays one or both sides of intermixed 7", 10" and 12" records, repeating one or both sides of a record, if desired. Holds up to 10 records (20 sides)- more than eight hours of playing material.

Studio quality, heavy turntable is driven by two precision motors. Only the record being played is in motion, thus permitting ideal stylus angle and pressure at all times. Stylus pressure only 3 grams. An electric trip mechanism leaves the tone arm completely free during play. Unusual design uses revolving center spindle to eliminate center-hole wear on records. Size: 26" w. x 14" d. x 19" h., overall.

Fisher Model 60 Automatic Turntable - Net Each $ 249,50



Fisher Model 10-UM (Mahogany) or 10-UW (Walnut) Cabinet-For FM-50-B, FM-100-B, FM-200-B, 202-R, 800-B, X-100, X-101-B and X-202-B. Net Each $24.95
Fisher Model MC-2 Metal Cabinet-Simulated leather finish. For same models listed above for 10-UM and 10-UW. Net Each $15.95
Fisher Model 20-U W Cabinet-Oil walnut cabinet for FM-1000 or X-1000. Net 24-95 Fisher Model TA-10 Metal Cabinet-Simulated leather for FM-1000 or X-1000. $17.95
Fisher Model 30-UW Cabinet-Oil walnut for 500-B. Net Each $24.95
Fisher Model 40-U W (Walnut) or 40-U M (Mahogany) Cabinet-For MPX-100. $14.95

MODEL X-1000

Offers high power two-channel amplification with complete stereo control versatility. Internal switching tape monitor system permits employing all controls during playback and still monitor tapes while recording; no change of connections needed. Outputs for center-channel speakers require no additional amplification; front-panel selectable center-channel volume does not affect other two channels. Center-channel tape recorder output is unaffected by controls; can drive a monophonic hi-fi remote system. Stereo dimension control blends output channels to eliminate "hole-in-the-middle" speaker performance.

High feedback, 3-stage amplification assures distortion-free, low noise performance; high damping factor for optimum speaker performance. Front-panel phone jack provides for plug-in earphone for personal listening. Input provided for RK-1 remote control. Five jewelled lights indicate operation mode. Power Output: 110 watts, music power both channels. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 20-20,000cps, overall. Distortion: 0.5% harmonic, 0.8% IM at full power. Hum and Noise: More than -90db at 50 watts per channel, volume at minimum.

Channel Separation: Better than 55db. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms, three channels; tape head; three AC outlets. Inputs: Mike, 2 RIAA phono, LP phono, Tuner, 3 1/4"/sec. Tape; 7 7 1/2"/sec. Tape, 2 Aux. Controls: Input Selector (Mike, 3 1/4 Tape, 7 1/2 Tape, COL, RIAA-1, RIAA-2, Tuner, Aux.1, Aux.2); Mono-Stereo Selector (BAL-R, BAL-L, Reverse, Stereo, Mono Phono, A, B); Loudness/Volume; Stereo Dimension; Bass; Treble; Center Volume/Off; Level. Power Required: 340 VA, 105-120V AC, 50/60 cps. Size: 16" w. x 13" d. x 4" h. Weight, 50 lbs.

Fisher Model X-1000 Stereo Control Amplifier
Chassis only.* Net Each $ 339,50



Versatile audio control center combined on a single chassis with powerful stereo amplifier that will drive even the lowest-efficiency speakers. Center-channel speaker output requires no further amplification. Stereo dimension control blends the two stereo channels to eliminate the "hole-in-the-middle" effects. Special tape monitoring circuit has internal switching system which eliminates changing controls and switches during subsequent playback without changing cable connections. Connections for Spacexpander® permit reverberation of program material before tape recording. Connection provided for use with RK-1 remote control. Power Output: 80 watts, music rating both channels. Frequency Response: ±1db, 20-20,000cps, overall. Distortion: 1.0% IM at 70 watts RMS; 0,5% harmonic. Hum and Noise: Better than -90db, amplifier at full output and minimum volume. Channel Separation: Better than 50db. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms, three channels; three switched AC receptacles; tape head. Inputs: Mike; two RIAA phono; LP phono; 3 1/4"/sec. tape; 7 1/2"/sec. tape; two Aux.; Tuner. Controls: Input Selector (Mike, Tape, RIAA-1, RIAA-2, Tuner, Aux-1, Aux-2); Mono-Stereo Selector (BAL-R, BAL-L, Reverse, Stereo, Mono, A, B); Level; Bass; Treble; Balance; Center Volume; Master Volume; Speaker On-Off; Phase Reverse On-Off; Tape Monitor On-Off; Low Filter On-Off; High Filter On-Off; Loudness On-Off; Five Jewel Indicator Lamps. Power Required: 220 watts, 105-120V AC, 50/60 cps. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 4" h. Weight, 26 lbs.

Fisher Model X-202-B Stereo Control Amplifier
Chassis only* Net Each. $ 249,50



Stereo 56-watt amplifier with complete control facilities for all stereo functions. Center-channel speaker output for direct connection to a third speaker without additional amplifier. Unique internally-switched tape monitoring circuit permits monitoring tapes while making full use of all audio controls and switches during playback without changing cable connections. Inputs and outputs for Spacexpander® are located before the tape recorder output, permitting reverterated recordings and programming. High-quality output transformers plus two pairs, matched "7591 tubes" assure inaudible distortion levels; high damping factor for optimum performance with any speaker. Power Output: 56 watts, IHFM music standard both channels. Frequency Response: ±1db, 20-20,000cps, overall. Distortion: 0.8% IM per channel at rated output; 0.5% harmonic at rated output. Hum and Noise: Better than -90db at full output, amplifier. Channel Separation: Better than 50db. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms on three channels; tape head; two AC outlets. Inputs: RIAA phono; Hi-level phono; NAB tape; Tuner; Aux.; Monitor. Controls: Input Selector (Mag-1, Mag-2, Tuner, Aux., Tape); Mono-Stereo Selector (BAL-L, BAL-R, Reverse, Stereo, Mono Phono, A, B); Bass; Treble; Balance; Volume; Input Level A; Input Level B; Monitor On-Off; Phase Reverse On-Off; Loudness On-Off; Equalization (Tape or Phono); Low Filter On-Off; High Filter On-Off. Power Required: 160 watts, 105-120V AC, 50/60 cps. Size: 15" w. x 10" d. x 4" h. Weight, 21 lbs.

Fisher Model X-101-B Stereo Control Amplifier
Chassis only.* Net Each $ 189,50



Designed to meet the demand for high-fidelity and quality at a moderate price. Center-channel output, controlled by a switch on the panel, compensates for the hole-in-the-middle effect when driving a third amplifier and speaker. Separate bass and treble controls for each channel, plus balance control, permits compensation for unmatched speaker systems. Power Output: 20 watts per channel, music power rating. Distortion: 0.8% harmonic at full rated output, (5% low-noise resistors and 10% mylar capacitors used for all critical circuitry). Controls: Selector (Mag-1, Mag-2, Tuner, Aux-1, Aux-2); Function (Monophonic Phono, Stereo Reverse, Stereophonic, Channel A, Channel B); Dual Bass; Dual Treble; Balance; Master Volume; Magnetic Input Level (1 each channel); Tape/ Phono Switch; High Filter (On/Off), Low Filter (On/Off); Tape Monitor (On/Off); Center Channel (On-Off); Loudness Switch. Size: 15" w. x 11" d. x 4" h. Weight. 21 lbs.

Fisher Model X-100 Stereo Control Amplifier
Chassis only.* Net Each $ 159,50



Versatility of controls and inputs (28 controls and 18 inputs) permits balancing equipment with laboratory precision. Sonic null balancing eliminates need to achieve perfect stereo balance by ear alone. One signal is mixed out of phase with the other and when zero or minimum volume is reached the system is perfectly balanced. Stereo dimension control permits varying the degree of stereo separation, creating the illusion of a center channel. Center channel speaker systems are provided for by means of separate output and volume control which may be used for center channel or remote speaker system.

Controls: 28; 22 on front panel - Equalization (Mike, Tape Head, 78-1, Col-1, RIAA-1, RIAA-2, Col-2, 78-2); Stereo Balance; Bass (Boost 14db at 50cps, cut, 14db at 50cps); Treble (Boost, 15db at 10,000cps, cut 17db at 10,000cps); Mode (Balance Right, Balance Left, Stereo Reverse, Stereo, Mono Phono, Channel A, Channel B); Master Volume/Loudness (Off, Loudness-1, Loudness-2), All ganged; Center channel Volume; Stereo Dimension; Low Filter; High Filter; Tape-Phono-Mike Switch; Tuner; Aux-1; Aux-2; Tape Monitor; Phase Reverse. Channel Indicators Lights for phase of operation. Six level set controls at rear-Two Mag.-l, Two Mag.-2, Two Aux-2. Frequency Response: ±1/2db, 20-20,000cps. Harmonic Distortion: Less than .04% at 400cps at 2 volt rated output; less than 0.15% from 20-20,000 cps. Hum and Noise: Better than -80db below rated output for high level inputs. Tubes: 3-ECC81/12AT7, 6-7025/ECC84/12AX7, 1-EZ80/6V4. One bridge, type selenium rectifier. Power Required: 105-120V AC, 50 watts, 50-60 cps. Size: 15" w. x 11" d. x 4" h. Weight, 18 lbs.

Fisher Model 400-CX Stereo Master Control Amplifier
Chassis only.* Net Each $ 199,50



Completely self-contained and self-powered. Designed, engineered and perfected for the FCC-approved multiplex system. For use with all Fisher tuners, and receivers and other makes of tuners having wide-band ratio detector design and MPX output. By means of plug-in connections, this adapter can be installed and ready for use in a matter of seconds. A special feature is the "Stereo Beacon", which automatically indicates whether or not the station you are tuned to is broadcasting in stereo. Front panel Stereo Balance control. FIVI Stereo Separation: 35db. Frequency Response: Uniform, 20-15.000 cps. Sensitivity: 15mV for 19kc signal. Gain: 16db. input: Low level, 2v.; high level, 8v. Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% at 1kc. Hum and Noise: Better than -70db. Output: 15V max. Power: 25 w., 105-120V 50/60 cps. Size: 4" w. x 12" d. x 4" h. Weight, 7 lbs

Fisher Model MPX-100 Universal Stereo Multiplex Adapter
Chassis only* Net Each $109,50



Stereophonic FM-AM tuner with provision for FM-Multiplex reception with adapter. Exclusive "MicroTune" automatic, precision AFC. Six IF stages for finest sensitivity and selectivity. Five extra-wide-band limiters for 1.5db capture ratio. Variable electronic switch-muting of interstation noise for quiet tuning. FM locals-distant switch. Effective AVC on AM and 4-position super-wide bandwidth switch; low noise RF stage; ferrite antenna. Sensitivity: 0.5uv for 20db quieting with 72-ohm antenna; IHFM standard at 1.6uv with 300-ohm antenna. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 20-20,000cps. Outputs: Five, with multiplex. Size; 15" w. x 13" d. x 4" h. Weight, 20 lbs.

Fisher Model 202-R Stereo FM-AM Tuner Chassis only.*
Net Each $ 329,50



The leader in professional quality, laboratory type, FM tuners with built-in FM multiplex circuitry. Features "Golden Cascode" RF amplifier, six IF stages with 12 tuned IF circuits, three short time-constant grid limiters, gated beam limiter and wideband ratio detector. Free from interference and noise. Temperature compensated oscillator, ratio detector and AF circuits. Capture ratio only 1.5db. Features "Stereo Beacon" indicator to show automatically when multiplex broadcasts are in progress. "MicroTune" tuning for automatic AFC. Multiplex noise filter cancels high frequency noise on subcarrier without affecting frequency response. Sensitivity: 1.0uV, IHFM standard with 300-ohm antenna. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 20-20,000cps. Distortion: 0.35% at 100% modulation at 400cps. Controls: Audio Level; Selector (AC-Off, Mono, Stereo, Stereo Filter); Muting; AFC (Off, MicroTune, AFC-1, AFC-2); Local-Distant Switch; Tuning. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 4" h.

Fisher Model FM-200-B FM Multiplex Tuner Chassis only*
Fisher Model FM-200-R-Same, but with pull handles on panel for
rack mounting.
both Net Each $ 299,50



Moderate cost, laboratory standard quality tuner for FM and FM multiplex reception. Features four IF stages to insure maximum gain, high selectivity and broad bandwidth required for optimum multiplex reception; last two IF stages serve as limiters to cut-off random and impulse noise. Wideband ratio detector with two germanium diodes provides high AM suppression with minimum distortion. Unique tuning eye serves as signal strength indicator; may also be switched to "StereoBeam" operation to automatically indicate when a stereo multiplex program is being broadcasted. Local-distant switch selects fringe or local area reception. Automatic gain control assures constant output signal for all inputs of 10uv or more. Unique noise filter does not affect music frequency response. Low impedance output stage permits use of up to 50 ft. of connecting cable to the amplifier. Sensitivity: 1.5uV for 20db quieting. Outputs: Two amplifier; two tape recorder.

Fisher Model FM-50-B FM Tuner Chassis only.*
Net Each $ 189,50



Added to a stereo system, the Dynamic Spacexpander® creates a perfect illusion of concert hall sound by supplying the one missing element-reverberation. Adds realism to monophonic reproduction and tape recordings made in the home, too. Can be used with virtually any Fisher component or console now made, as well as all hi-fi systems using separate preamps or having tape monitoring facilities.

Fisher Model K-10 Dynamic Spacexpander®
Net Each $ 69,50



Used with 400-CX, X-202-B, X-202, X-101-B and 202-T, permits adjusting volume and balance at the listening location. May be held in one hand while rotating control knobs with thumb or finger; controls left speaker with left knob, right speaker with right knob. Each control has a range of zero level to full volume. Compact plastic design includes control, adapter plug and 30 ft. of connecting cable. Ivory plastic case has gold trim. Size: 4" h. x 2" w. 1" d. Weight, 14oz.

Fisher Model RK-1 Stereo Remote Control
Net Each $ 17,95



Basic dual-channel power amplifier equipped with Center Channel output for adding third speaker system and amplifier. Power Output: 25 watts each channel. Frequency Response: +0db, -1/2db, 20-20,000 cps. Distortion: IM, 0.3% at full power; harmonic, 0.8% at 25 watts music power. Hum and Noise: More than 90db below rated outout. Sensitivity: 1.0v for full rated output. Inputs: One for each channel; 250K ohms impedance. Outputs: 4. 8 and 16 ohms, each channel; low impedance Center Channel. Damping Factor: Inherent, 10, each section. Controls: (One each for each channel) Bias, Phase Inverter Balance, DC Balance, Input Level; plus single Mono-Stereo switch. Tubes: 7. Power Required: 160 watts, 105-120V AC, 60 cps; 3.2 amp fuse. Size: 12" w. x 7" d. x 6" h. Shipping Weight, 26 lbs.

Fisher Model SA-100 50-Watt Stereo Amplifier
Net Each $ 119,50



Guaranteed less than .001% hum and noise at full rated output; distortion-free power guaranteed at all listening levels. Optimum fidelity with any speaker whether high or low efficiency. Center channel output. Facility for matching speaker damping factor. Two inputs per channel: Standard response input and controlled response input for electrostatic speakers. Power Output: 35 watts rms per channel: 90 watts music, total. Distortion: Less than 0.5% harmonic, rated output; 0.1% IM, European CCIR standards. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Size: 16" w. x 7" d. 6" h. Weight, 32 lbs.

Fisher Model SA-300-B Stereo Power Amplifier
Net Each $ 199.50


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