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Cartridges & Record Players

Eine Anmerkung habe ich noch gefunden:

"Turntables listed here include CD-4 cartridges. Also, see Section 3 for turntables with low-capacitance tonearm leads for four-channel use."

Manchmal sind ganze Plattenspieler, manchmal nur die Systeme angeführt.

Diesen 1975er Haupt-Katalog finden Sie hier.


ADC - Super-XLM Cartridge

For both 4-channel & stereo use; specially shaped stylus for discrete 4-channel discs; output 2.5 mV at 5.5 cm/sec; tracking force range 0.5-1.25 g; frequency response 10-20,000 Hz ±2 dB, 20,000-50,000 Hz ±10 dB; channel separation 25 dB; compliance 50 cm/dyne x 10-6

AUDIO-TECHNICA - AT12S Dual-Magnet Cartridge

Designed specifically for use with discrete four-channel discs (CD-4), matrixed four-channel as well as mono and stereo records. Frequency response 15-45,000 Hz; channel separation (at 1 kHz) 25 dB; channel balance 2 dB. Tracking force 1-2 g (recommended tonearm adjustment for Shibata stylus); dual-magnetic low-mass magnetic system. Vertical tracking angle 20°. Has tapered cantiliver for lower mass. Comes with Shibata stylus, stylus guard .......... $64.95


Similar to AT12S except channel balance 1.5 dB ... $75.00


Similar to AT12S except 1 kHz channel separation is 25 dB minimum; channel balance 1.5 dB. Supplied with individual frequency-response curve ....... $100.00


Limited Edition/Reference Standard, selected for its performance parameters; response 5-50,000 Hz; channel balance 1.0 dB; 1 kHz channel separation 25 dB minimum; supplied with individual frequency-response curve ....... $175.00

Models AT14, AT15 & AT20SL

have grain-oriented nude Shibata diamond stylus for longer stylus life and reduced record wear.

BANG & OLUFSEN - Beogram 4002 4-Ch. Turntable

Two-speed (33 & 45 rpm, electronic selection), belt-driven turntable; slow-speed, 16-pole synchronous motor controlled by electronic circuit; wow & flutter ±0.025%; rumble 65 dB; anti-skating control is parallel tracking, error-angle compensated; patented electro-pneumatic damping system lowers tonearm at precise, controlled speed. Turntable comes with the MMC6000 cartridge which will reproduce stereo, 4-channel matrix, and CD-4 records. Fine-speed adjustment greater than 6%. Pendulum and leaf-spring suspension has resonance of 4.5 Hz. 4" x 19V/ x 15"
................ $650.00


Stylus with Pramanik stylus (multi-radial diamond) .... $86.00

bsr Mcdonald - 4620W 4-Ch. Automatic Turntable

Two-speed (33 & 45 rpm) for 7", 10" & 12" records; features variable pitch control & strobe disc; synchronous motor; heavy die-cast platter; viscous damped cue & pause control; dual-range anti-skate control; slide-in cartridge head; comes with Audio-Technica AT12S 4-channel cartridge, low-capacitance cables, walnut base, and dust cover ....................$173.80

bsr Mcdonald - 431 OX 4-Ch. Automatic Turntable

Has 4-pole induction motor; anti-skate; cue & pause controls; accessory panel; comes with Audio-Technica AT12S 4-channel cartridge, low-capacitance cables, wood-grained base, and hinged dust cover .............. $135.80

DUAL Quadro Plattenspieler

Die sind erstaunlicherweise bei den normalen Plattenspielern zu finden.

EMPIRE - 4000D/III Wide-Response Cartridge

Will play any 4-ehannel or stereo system; frequency response 5-50,000 Hz; output 3.0 mV/ch; channel separation 35 dB (left to right), 25 dB (front to back); tracking force 1/4 to 1 1/4 g; miniature nude diamond with 0.1-mil tracing radius ......$149.95


Same except frequency response 5-45,000 Hz; tracking force 3/4 to 1 1/2g ......$124.95

EMPIRE - 4000D/I

Same except frequency response 10-40,000 Hz; tracking force 3/4 to 2 g ....... $84.95

GLENBURN - 2155A/Quad Automatic Turntable

Heavy-duty 4-pole motor; 11" turntable platter with protective mat; bi-directional viscous damped cue and pause control; adjustable anti-skate control calibrated for conical and elliptical styli; calibrated stylus pressure control; interchangeable automatic and manual spindles; ball-race pivoted tonearm; record stabilizer arm with fingerlift. Comes with Audio-Technica's AT12S wide-response CD-4 cartridge; designed to perform in the CD-4 mode when used with high-performance CD-4 equipment. Has hinged dust cover and base and low-capacitance audio cords .... $149.95

GRADO - F+ Series CD-4 Pickups

Available in three groups for varied applications. All series feature low electrical inductance and thus tonearm cable length is not critical for any length up to 15 feet; low mechanical tip mass permitting use of standard stylus shapes.

GRADO - Professional. Designed for high output and stability under severe use; suitable for broadcast purposes. Frequency response 40 kHz and tracking capability 2-3 grams; for use with record changers and tonearms which will not track 1 gram.

GRADO - FTR+ Spherical diamond stylus ... $9.95
GRADO - FTE+ Elliptical diamond stylus ..... $19.95
GRADO - FCR+ Specially selected unit with spherical diamond stylus ..$25.00
GRADO - FCE+ Specially selected unit with elliptical diamond stylus ....$35.00

Flux-Bridger. Uses entirely different generator system from Professional Series. Tip-mass reduction results in frequency response beyond 50 kHz and tracking force from 1-2 grams. For use in tonearms and changers with 2gr tracking capability.

GRADO - FTR+ Spherical diamond stylus ..... $11.95
GRADO - FCR+1 Specially selected unit with spherical diamond stylus ..... $39.95

GRADO - Super Flux-Bridger. Designed for use with highest quality equipment. Tracking force 3/4-2 gr.

GRADO - F3E+ Elliptical diamond stylus ..... $49.50
GRADO - F2+ Elliptical diamond stylus ....... $60.00
GRADO - F1+ Twin-tip elliptical diamond stylus ... $75.00

JVC - 4VC-5244 4-Channel Record Changer

CD-4 design with built-in 4-channel demodulator. Has 4-pole outer rotor motor. Response 20-16,000 Hz. Output 300 mV at 5000 ohms. Semi-adjustable separation control .. $279.95

GRADO - 4MD-20X 4-Channel Cartridge

CD-4 design to be used with the RCA/JVC 4-channel disc and Shibata stylus. Response 20-60,000 Hz. Output 2 mV. Crosstalk 30 dB. Tracking force 1.5-2g

MICRO/ACOUSTICS - QDC-1q CD4 Phono Cartridge

Features a self-energized IC transducer which puts out a linear signal from 5-50,000 Hz; stylus bar directly attached to transduction IC to eliminate losses inherent in flux-field coupling. Response 5-20,000 Hz ±2 dB; 20,000-50,000 Hz ±2 dB. Tracking force range 0.9-1 V2g; channel separation 30 dB at 1 kHz, 20 dB at 10 kHz. Output voltage: 3 mV each channel at 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity. 47,000 ohms recommended load. Comes with "Quadra-Point" stylus
............................. $120.00

PANASONIC - EPC-450C-II CD-4 Cartridge

Wide-range, linear strain-gauge semiconductor cartridge,- response 0-50,000 Hz; requires complementary demodulator with built-in bias supply; non-capacitive, non-inductive character matches preamp input circuit; rated output voltage 5 mV (50 mm/sec, 1 kHz, lateral, 4 mA); separation 20 dB at 1000 Hz; 15 dB at 30,000 Hz; imp. 1000 ohms pure resistance; compliance 10 x 10-6; tracking force 1.5-2.5 g. Weight 3.2 g

PANASONIC - SL-750 2/4-Ch Changer

Full-size 2-/4-channel record changer with built-in CD-4 demodulator, semiconductor cartridge with diamond stylus; features CD-4 IC chip, cueing and pause control; anti-skate adjustment; umbrella spindle; can be used with the company's "Series 44" products. Walnut finish


Similar to SL-750 but with pivoted tonearm with adjustable counterweight and detachable cartridge shell; viscous cueing and pause control

PICKERING - UV-15/2400-Q Cartridge

For discrete 4-channel playback; tracking force with Dustamatic brush 3g ± 1/2 g (resulting tracking force 2g ±1/2g); frequency response 10-50,000 Hz (when terminated by 100k ohm load and 100 pF); output 3.3 mV ±2dB; channel separation 35dB; inductance each channel 350 mH; resistance each channel 750 ohms; comes with "Quadrahedral" diamond stylus assembly


Similar to 2400-Q except response 20-45,000 Hz,- channel separation 30dB

STANTON - 780/4DQ Four-Channel Cartridge

Designed to play the new discrete 4-channel records as well a standard stereo disc or 4-ch matrix-derived compatible records. Response 10-50,000 Hz (when terminated in recommended load of 100 kohms and 100 pF). Tracking force 1-3 g; channel separation 35 dB. Output: 0.7 mV/cm/sec ±2 dB. Inductance & resistance (each channel): 350 mH; 750 ohms. Features new "Quadrahedral" stylus

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