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Die CROWN Werbung im Nachhinein

AUDIO (US) Febr. 1972

In jedem CROWN Benutzerhandbuch, einem in massivem schwarzen Kunststoff gebundenen Ordner oder Ringbuch, hing am Ende dann nochmal ein ansehnlicher Prospekt über das gekaufte Gerät und natürlich den Rest der Familie mit drin. Der Prospekt war natürlich genauso imposant wie die Fotos der Geräte in der Werbung der US-Hifi-Magazine.

Das martialische Äußere war typisch

Schaun Sie sich die Werbung der ganzen Amerikaner jener Zeit an und Sie stellen Erstaunliches fest. Die Dinger sehen ohne das massive dicke Waltnut Gehäuse recht schmächtig aus, ob es CROWN oder SAE oder PhaseLinear war. Mit den dicken wülstigen und massiven Gehäusen sahen sie fast doppelt so groß aus und gewaltig aus. Die Amerikaner liebten das und lieben es heute noch, mehr scheinen als sein. Und die Deutschen zogen nach - und natürlich auch die Japaner, die lernten (viel zu) schnell.

Wir beginnen auf Seite 1 mit den "eigenen" Lobeshymnen ...

Die CROWN Produkte sind, wie das der Name schon signalisieren will, die Krone der Hifi-Technik.


CROWN ... where quality is a creed, not a mere claim. With us, there's no such thing as Good-Better-Best. Variations in product scope and function, yes, but deviation from the highest degree of perfection attainable - no!

Innovative design, the most highly advanced technology, the highest standards of quality, and the absolute ultimate in product performance are the bulwark of our enviable and unexcelled reputation. Over the past twenty years, the name CROWN has become synonymous with superiority measured in quality, reliability, performance, and integrity. Our quest for the absolute epitome in sound reproduction has been continuous and unending.

In 1961, ours was the first 1/4-inch, 4-channel Tape Recorder; in 1965, the first solid-state Tape Recorder; in 1966, Crown introduced the DC-300, the world's first high-powered, solid-state Amplifier. These but typify Crown's unwavering and uncompromising dedication to excellence.

Here's the committment we've made to ourselves and to our customers: "While the plastic generations of audio equipment come and go, the steadfast performance, the unflinching quality, and the unparalleled construction of all Crown equipment will remain!"


All Crown components are unconditionally guaranteed for a period of three years. This comprehensive warranty includes not only parts and labor, it also covers round trip shipping to and from the factory should there not be an authorized Crown service center in your area! No gimmicks! Your Crown equipment must function as advertised or we fix it fast and free for three years!

  • Anmerkung : Das war in Deutschland absolut unormal, 3 volle Jahre, jetzt bekamen wir (die deutschen Hersteller mit den 6 Monaten) es mit dem Stöhnen, nicht mehr nur über die Japaner, jetzt machten die Amis auch noch "Ärger". Am Ende hatten die einfach mehr Vertrauen in deren Geräte als Grundig und Telefunken und all die anderen Deutschen.



Changing the Standard isn't something you do on a whim. But, when you've set the standard then you should know when and how to change it.

We are proud to announce that changing needs and advancing technology have at last provided the demand and the means for replacing the DC-300 amplifier with the "New Lab Standard" - DC-300A!

New electrostatic speakers and the proliferation of large multi-speaker PA systems have built the need for a new kind of amplifier protection and capability. The new DC-300A is not limited by a conventional VI protection circuit and does not need to be "babied" with special load configurations.

The DC-300A contains CROWN's newly developed "Signal Programmed Automatic Current Executer" protection circuit which exhibits no flyback pulses, thumps or shutdowns. Highly reactive and/or low impedance speaker loads demand a power amplifier capable of driving these loads.

Any load - resistive or reactive - can be safely driven with no fear of harming the DC-300A - any load!!

Over the past five years, PA and hi-fi specifications emphasis has expanded to include not only high power but also lower distortion. New technology has provided the low-distortion, low-noise dual integrated circuit which now handles the amplifier input circuitry in a much more effective but simpler configuration.

  • CROWN DC-300A Stereo Amplifier ................... $695.00
    Optional 7C walnut enclosure $37.00


As the following will show, the DC-300A is designed to offer maximum value for your long-term investment :

  • 1) Continuous power of 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms, 300 watts/ channel into 4 ohms - for natural, clean reproduction of any transients.
  • 2) Unique direct-coupled circuitry to give superior stability with reactive loads and unequalled tight, solid bass response.
  • 3) Massive power supply, capable of delivering 1000 watts to the amplifier circuitry. This assures you that all advertised watts will be met whether under demanding use or full bench-testing.
  • 4) Integral heatsinking - utilizing the entire chassis and the oversized cooling fins to provide more than adequate dissipation of heat.
  • 5) Every part, every circuit module, every amplifier is subject to stringent testing, proving and inspecting - to achieve TOTAL PERFORMANCE.
  • 6) Three year, no cost warranty, covering PARTS, LABOR AND ROUND TRIP SHIPPING.

This amplifier will prove itself in any application, hi-fi, commercial sound, or industrial. No other amplifier will surpass its capabilities for years to come.




  • Frequency Response : ±0.1 db DC-20KHz at 1 watt into 8 ohms, ±1db Zero-1OOKHz
  • Power Response : +1db,-Odb DC-20KHz at 150 watts RMS into 8 ohms
  • Power at Clip Point : Typically 190 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 340 watts RMs into 4 ohms per channel
  • Total Output (IHF) : Typically 420 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 800 watts RMS into 4 ohms
  • IM. Distortion : Less than 0.05% from 0.01 watt to 150 watts RMS into 8 ohms, typically below 0.02%.
  • Less than 0.01% at l 50 watts
  • Damping Factor : Greater than 200 Zero to 1KHz into 8 ohms
  • Heat Sinking : Massive black-anodized heat sinks are thermally joined with chassis, thereby utilizing the entire amplifier as a heat sink.
  • Dimensions : 19" standard rack mount
  • Weight : 45 pounds net weight.



New design concepts and technology have made the Crown IC-150 the "standard of reference" for both the professional user and the dedicated audiophile.

When the IC-150 is combined with a Crown power amplifier, the sonic result is breathtaking realism.

In conceiving the IC-150, Crown Engineers set out to design a preamplifier measurably and audibly superior to anything heretofore developed - regardless of cost.

  • IC-150 - Price : $299.00 - Optional 5D cabinet $33.00

That this fundamental objective has been fulfilled is evident in these achievements:

  • 1) Distortion characteristics so low that only the finest test equipment could measure any traces of either IM or THD distortion.
  • 2) A new unique phono preamp that could be unconditionally guaranteed to have a signal-to-noise ratio of 80 dB or better.
  • 3) Functional Control permitting continuous mixing to two channels from Normal Stereo, thru Mono, to Reverse Stereo.
  • 4) Guaranteed low phase shift response, an extremely important factor in preserving the exact tonal quality of complex musical passages, particularly in quad sound.
  • 5) Distinctive, elegant appearance setting the IC-150 apart from commonplace component styling.


  • Anmerkung : Na so ganz stimmte das nicht, jedenfalls meiner machte Mucken ohne Ende. Mehr steht auf der deutschen IC 150 Seite. Und für das, das da drinnen werkelte, waren 300.- US Dollar ein wirklich stolzer Preis. Die Potis kratzten schon recht früh mitsamt Aussetzern.




  • • SEVEN POSITION SELECTOR SWITCH - Includes two phono and two tape selector positions!
  • • PRECISION CALIBRATED VOLUME CONTROL - Crown IC-150 controls are unusually accurate throughout the entire rotational arc, not just up to twelve or one o'clock. You can make full use of your IC-150 while operating the power amplifier at less than full gain. The result? Less amplification of noise by the power amplifier and noticeably cleaner sound!
  • • NEW LOUDNESS COMPENSATION - Seven different levels of compensation are automatically activated when the loudness compensation button is pushed. Utilizing the well known Fletcher-Munson curves, both low and high frequencies are emphasized. Loudness compensation automatically tracks with the volume control, giving better range of control.
  • • AUTOMATIC MUTING - Protects your system from turn-on transients. Additionally, the automatic muting feature can be used right from your easy chair.
  • • NEW CASCODE PHONO PREAMPLIFIER - You get extremely low levels of noise and distortion. Crown absolutely guarantees phono hum and noise of at least 80 dB down!
  • • FOUR SWITCHED AND ONE UNSWITCHED AC OUTLETS - Most preamplifiers have convenience AC outlets but how many can handle up to 1200 watts? The IC-150 can with complete safety!
  • • NEW PANORAMA CONTROL - This offers the convenience of a blend control combined with the features of a mode switch. You can continually mix the two channels from normal stereo through mono to reverse stereo. Great flexibility and great for headphone listening!




  • "We were able to measure hum and noise levels of approximately -93 below 2.5 volts output and equivalent phono noise (phono input shorted) at about .50 microvolts and to confirm RIAA equalization as being as close to perfect as our interpolation of fractions of a dB on our expanded scale a.c. VTVM would permit."
  • "If you want the very best control chassis and power amplifier we've ever tested in this power class and can afford the price, our endorsement of the Crown IC-150 and D-150 is completely given without any reservations (unless, of course, you feel you need more power, in which case there's always the Crown 300A). AUDIO MAGAZINE/January, 1972
  • "With its new unit, the companion preamp, Crown has done it again. The unit is simply superb: absolutely top quality in its performance characteristics and a joy to work with."
  • "There are mighty few pieces of equipment available for home use today that fall into this class. Using the IC-150 has reconfirmed our belief that if you can afford it, the best is really worth the price." HIGH FIDELITY/November, 1971
  • "The center settings of the knobs produced a perfectly flat response (±0.25dB from 20 to 20,000Hz) even when the tone-control bypass switch was not used. Crown's factory procedure calls for individual alignment of the tone-control knobs for flat response at their center positions, and the test results bear this out. Beyond the audio limits, we found the frequency response to be down only 0.3dB at our test instruments's lower limit of 5Hz and -1dB at 225,000 Hz. The -3dB point was just a little short of half a megahertz! The RIAA phono equalization was so accurate (±0.25 dB) that we may have been checking the residual errors of our test setup."
  • "There is little that can be said about the audible subjective performance of the Crown IC-150. It did absolutely nothing except amplify, equalize, and control audio signals without any annoying idiosyncrasies (no clicks, thumps, or buzzes with this unit!)" STEREO REVIEW/November, 1971




    ±0.6dB 3Hz-100KHz with hi-impedance load,
    ±0.1 dB 10Hz-20KHz with IHF load;
    Phono ±0.5dB of RIAA, calibrated.
  2. PHASE RESPONSE Hi-level :
    typically +1° to -12° 20Hz-20KHz with IHF load;
    Phono: typically ±5° 20Hz-20KHz additional phase shift.
  3. HUM AND NOISE : 20Hz-20KHz inputs shorted; Hi-level: 90dB below rated output (typically 100dB with IHF "A" weighted measurement; Phono: 80dB below lOmV input) typically 0.5uV input noise.
  4. DISTORTION THD : essentially unmeasureable; IM: less than 0.01% at rated output with IHF measurement (typically under 0.002%).
  5. INPUT : five hi-level input (1 tuner, 2 auxiliary, 2 tape), two equalized phonos.
    20.8dB ±0.2dB, 100K ohms; Phono: 50-70dB (adjustable) 47K ohms. Sensitivity: 1mV @ 1KHz for rated output.
  7. PHONO INPUT OVERLOAD : 33-330mV at 1KHz, depending on gain (100mV when set to 60dB total preamp gain).
  8. OUTPUT 10V maximum before overload, 2.5V rated, 600 ohms output impedance.
  9. PHONO OUTPUT & IMPEDANCE : (at tape out) 600 ohms with typical maximum output of 9V RMS at 1KHz into hi-impedance load.
  10. VOLUME CONTROL : over 60dB dynamic range with calibrated tracking.
  11. LOUDNESS COMPENSATION : new wide-range design for excellent simulation of Fletcher-Munson curves down to 60 phons; with exclusive dual R/C bassboost coordinated with volume control.
  12. PANORAMA CONTROL : unique, continuously-variable control for infinite adjustment from stereo to mono to stereo-reverse, replaces confusing conventional stereo mode switches and blend controls with the first intuitive control of stereo spatial dimension.
  13. TONE CONTROLS : continuously variable ±15dB at 30Hz and 15KHz, cancel switch bypasses independent bass and treble control settings to give instant true-flat response in both channels.
  14. FILTERS Rumble : -3dB at 50Hz with 6dB per-octave cut-off; Scratch: 3dB at 5KHz with 12dB per-octave cut-off.
  15. AC OUTLETS four switched with 25A switch, one unswitched.
  16. POWER REQUIREMENTS : about 2 watts at 120V or 240V 50-400Hz AC SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT : 2 integrated circuits (equivalent to 22 transistors and 14 diodes), 12 bipolar transistors, 1 FET, 2 zeners and 7 diodes.
  17. DIMENSIONS : 5 1/4" H x 17" W x 8 1/8" behind panel.
  18. WEIGHT : 10 lbs, with walnut cabinet 16 lbs.



The D-150 is engineered to provide maximum total performance in universal adaptation. Two massive specially designed heat sinks and the entire chassis are utilized to prevent thermal fatigue, the predator of most high power amplifiers.

All components of the circuitry must meet the highest criteria for long term performance. All resistors in critical areas are 1% tolerance. All integrated circuits and transistors are put through 100% electrical stress testing to avoid failure before assembly. After assembly, each unit is tested and approved to meet or exceed our guaranteed specifications.

  • CROWN D-150 Solid State Stereo Amplifier......$399.00

    Accessories FP Kit - for panel, cabinet and rack mounting -
    price $30.00. 5D Cabinet - custom oiled, walnut enclosure (requires FP Kit) - price $33.00




  • At a typical full output of 75 watts (8 ohms), IM has been measured by CROWN as 0.002%. By implication, THD might be expected to be approximately 0.0005% which neither Crown nor we could legitimately measure.
    AUDIO/January, 1972
  • There are not many speaker systems capable of absorbing the full output of the D-150, but since its distortion at any level, no matter how low, can be measured only with the most advance test equipment, one would expect it to sound first rate, and indeed it did.
    STEREO REVIEW/February, 1972




  1. Freq. Resp. : ±0.1 dB 20-20,000Hz at 1 watt into 8 ohms; ±1dB 4-100,000Hz.
  2. Power Output : At least 75 watts R.M.S. per channel into 8 ohms(both channels operating) 20-20,000Hz at rated distortion. Typically 100 watts R.M.S. per channel into 8 ohms, 140 watts R.M.S. per channel into 4 ohms.
  3. Power Response : ±1dB, 5-20KHz at 75 watts, R.M.S. per channel into 8 ohms.
  4. IM Distortion : IM - less than 0.05%, 0.01 watt to 75 watts, 60Hz and 7,000Hz mixed 4:1; HARMONIC - less than 0.05%, 0.01 watt to 75 watts, 20-20,000Hz.
  5. Damping Factor : Greater than 200 from zero to 1000Hz into 8 ohms.
  6. Dimensions 17" width, 5 1/4" high, 9" deep (from mounting surface). All-aluminum construction with massive chassis. Amplifier panel-mounts in a 16 3/4" x 5" opening, or standard 19" rack mount, (with optional FP Kit).



Who else would redesign an already superb product, improve it's specifications by as much as 600% and sell it for the same price. CROWN did just that!!

The new CROWN D-60 is the same price as its predecessor, the D-40 and that price has not changed since 1969 - our way of combatting inflation!!

The D-60 amplifier is ideally designed for a beginning system and is most compatible with electrostatic headphones ... just the right amount of power recommended by most Electrostatic headphone manufacturers.

Since quad sound is becoming a major consideration for many audio buyers, the D-60 should play an important part in your plans. Add a D-60, plus speakers, to your stereo system for economical high quality quad sound with true "concert hall" ambience.

  • The CROWN D-60 amplifier is clearly the best 60 watt amplifier available and still only ............ $249.00

    2D cabinet - custom oiled walnut enclosure .... $29.00




  1. Frequency Response : ±0.1dB 20-20KHz at 1 watt into 8 ohms, ±1.2dB 3.2Hz-100KHz.
  2. Power Response : ±1dB 5Hz-30KHz at 30 watts, both channels RMS into 8 ohms.
  3. Power at Clip Point : Typically 41 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 64 watts RMS into 4 ohms per channel.
  4. Total Output (IHF) : Typically 104 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 160 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
  5. I.M. Distortion : Less than 0.05% from 0.01 watt to 30 watts (60-7KHz 4:1) RMS into 8 ohms, less than 0.01% at 30 watts (typically below 0.02% and .003% respectively).
  6. Total H.D. : Below .05% at 30 watts 8 ohms.
  7. Damping Factor : Greater than 200 (Zero to 1KHz into 8 ohms).
  8. Heat Sinking : The entire amplifier is used as a heat sink.
  9. Front panel : extrusion acts as a heat sink along with the chassis covers.
  10. Controls : Two input level controls on front panel with power switch and pilot light.
  11. Dimensions 17 " long, 8 3/4 " deep and 1 3/4 " high


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