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Ein amerikanischer Altec Lansing Prospekt (vermutlich) etwa 1972

Dieser Prospekt ist eine Leihgabe von Herrmann Hoffmann, der diese Goldgräber-Zeit hautnah und ganz dicht am Markt miterlebt hatte.
Er hatte nämlich SAE, Klipsch und Crown (und andere US- Produkte) importiert und damit war er direkt am Ball - insbesondere bei den damaligen qualitativ oberen und Spitzen-Hifi-Marken in den USA.


CONTENTS / Inhaltsangabe aus dem Altec Prospekt

Introduction to Altec . 1
Our Finest Hi-Fi System 2
New Altec Acousta-Voicette™ 3
New Electronic Crossover & Bi-Amplifier in One Package 4
Exclusive Signal Sentry™Switching 5
New AM/FM Stereo Receivers 6
Exclusive Varitronik™ Tuner 7
New Quality Music Centers 8
Altec Fail-Safe™ Electronic Protection System 9
Altec Speakers & Speaker Systems 10
Cabinetry by Hill-Craft 11
Ensembles & Full-Size Speaker Systems 12
"The Voice of the Theatre"" Speaker Systems 14
Exclusive Symbiotik™ Driver 15
New Dynamic Force Speaker Systems 16
Exclusive Dynamic Force Concept 17
Floor Standing Speakers 18
New Idea in Speaker Cabinets 19
Altec Bookshelf Speaker Systems 20
Altec Patio Speaker 21
Full Range & Duplex Speakers 22
A7-8 "The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker Components 23
Dynamic Force Woofer 24
Exclusive High Frequency Sectoral Horns 23
A7-500-8 Speaker Components 24
Two-Way Speaker Components for Small Enclosures 24
Comments by Customers 25


Altec products are built a little better.


  • Anmerkung : Die typische absolut wertfreie amerikanische (wischi-wasche) Aussage, - aber was soll das ? Besser als wer oder was ? - weißer als weiß geht es doch nicht.


Introducing Altec quality speaker systems and new stereo components. They're built a little better.

This catalog is more than a presentation of our full line of speaker systems and all-new stereo components. In addition to technical specifications and individual features, it includes examples and short descriptions of the finer points that go into making Altec products. It includes the following:

Examples of the advanced engineering concepts which have produced such improved designs as the Altec Dynamic Force Woofer and Symbiotik Driver. Descriptions of the modern manufacturing techniques which still include important hand-assembly processes. Details on such exclusive features as the Altec Varitronik Tuner and Fail-Safe Electronic Protection System.


  • Anmerkung : Schaun Sie mal genau auf dieses Bild. Mir diesen vier hängenden Power-Boxen konnte man jedes Mikrofon in die Übersteuerung powern. Im Original ist dieses Bild auch noch im Format A4 riesengroß dargestellt und es sagt so gut wie nichts aus.

We have devoted special attention to these finer points because they are the differences that set Altec products aside from the ordinary. And because they are the reasons why Altec products have been selected for more than 40 years to perform wherever and whenever the most critical performance is needed.

Bei den renomiertesten Theatern der Welt

They are performing at the Greek Theatre, Cinerama Theatres, Loew's and Fox Theatres, Lincoln Center's Philharmonic Hall, the Aquarius Theatre, Hilton Hotels, the International and Desert Inn and Tropicana in Las Vegas, plus hundreds of other theatres, concert halls and auditoriums across the country. Altec products have also been selected by the broadcast and recording industries.

The list includes Walt Disney Productions, Universal/Decca Recording Studios, Columbia Records, Capitol, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Century Recording, United Recording Studios and Nashboro Records.

A brief explanation of power ratings.
(Wie wird die Verstärkerleistung gemessen bzw. bezeichnet)

There are three basic power ratings used by high fidelity component manufacturers. Altec uses only the first two because we feel the third is too indefiniteand often unrealistic. (To avoid confusion when comparing the power ratings of different amplifiers, be sure the same rating method has been used.)

  • 1. RMS continuous-power - both channels driven 8 ohms
    The RMS continuous power rating is used exclusively in the professional audio field, testing laboratories and high fidelity magazines for test reports. For this reason we have chosen to rate our components using this method.
  • 2. Total IHF music-power - 4 ohms
    This method was developed by the Institute of High Fidelity and assumes that for an instantaneous moment an amplifier can deliver more power than its RMS rating. For comparison purposes, some of our components are also rated under this method.
  • 3. Total music-power ±1dB - 4 ohms
    We have chosen not to rate our components using the ±1dB method as this can add as much as 26% more power to the IHF specification.



Our new 714A AM/FM Stereo Receiver showing the different power ratings:

  1. • 44/44 watts RMS continuous power. This is how it's rated in this catalog.
  2. • 180 watts IHF music power. For comparison purposes, it is also rated by this method.
  3. • 225 watts Music Power ±1 dB. We have chosen not to use this unrealistic method.


Seite 2 - Our Finest Hi-Fi System

On this page, we've put together the finest home stereo sound system on the market. Our all-new 724A Stereo Tuner Pre-amp is specifically designed for use with our new Barcelona Bi-amp Speaker Systems which feature their own built-in electronic crossover bi-amp. Now, two separate amplifiers are designed right into the speaker system unit to provide individual power sources for both bass and high frequency speakers.The sounds reproduced are unmatched in quality and indefinable from the original.

1. The New Altec 724A All-transistorized AM/FM Stereo Tuner Pre-Amplifier

This new and versatile tuner pre-amp offers the flexibility to separately drive either a basic amplifier or bi-amp speaker systems. Designed for superior performance with Altec's new electronic crossover bi-amp systems, the new 724Aoffers the features and performance of a very fine pre-amp and control center combined on the same chassis with an exciting new AM/FM Stereo Tuner.

Features include:
• Exclusive Varitronik tuner with 4 FET's for maximum sensitivity and stability.
• Precision IVi inch linear FM scale.
• Advanced muting circuit-full muting as low as 2.5 ^V -for noise free tuning without loss of stations.
• Combination of Butterworth and crystal filters for greater stereo separation, capture ratio and selectivity.
• Volume range switch for improved low level listening.

• All direct-plug-in modular circuitry.
• Altec's Fail-Safe Electronic Protection System.
• Black-out dial with indicator lights on all functions.
• Separate illuminated signal strength and center tune meters on front panel.
• Stereo dubbing inputs and outputs on front panel.
• Accessory jacks for the Altec Acousta-Voicette Stereo Equalizer.
• Positive-contact, push-button controls including muting, mono L & R, high filter, low filter, stereo reverse, loudness, volume-range, speaker 1, speaker 2 and power.
• Slide controls for volume, balance, bass and treble.
• Indicator lights on all push-button functions, FM, AM, phono 1, phono 2, tape, auxiliary, tape monitor and FM stereo.

Specifications Model 724A

FM Tuner Section
IHF sensitivity.............................1.8mV
Frequency response.......±1 dB 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz

Pre-amp Section
Phono #1 Sensitivity.................2.0 mV
Phono #2 Sensitivity... 2.0 mv or 5.0 mV
Output..................................5 V. RMS
Frequency response......±Vi dB 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Hum and Noise
Aux & Tape...................90 dB below Rated output
Phono..........................60 dB below Rated output
High Filter........................12 dB/octave above 6K Hz
Low Filter........................12 dB/octave below 50 Hz
Tone Control Range......±16 dB at 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz
Harmonic Distortion ....less than .05% at 1 V. RMS
IM Distortion...............less than .05% at 2.5 V. RMS
Accessory Walnut Cabinet..Model 42161

2. The New Altec Barcelona 2873A Bi-Amp Speaker System

This all-new speaker system combines Altec's quality "The Voice of the Theatre" components with the new 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-amplifier.

This exclusive Electronic Crossover Bi-amp is built-in and provides a 60 watt RMS amplifier for the low frequency speaker and a separate 30 watt RMS amplifier for the high frequency driver. Design provides absolute minimum distortion, maximum transient response and extremely wide dynamic range. Infinite baffle cabinet made of hand-rubbed walnut offers new angular design to allow the horn its wide angle distribution of all frequencies throughout your listening room.

Features include:

• Built-in electronic crossover Bi-amp.
• Separate gain controls on high frequency and low frequency amplifiers.
• Full advantage of amplifier damping by direct coupling of speaker to amplifier.
• Increased dynamic range -effective undistorted power of bi-amp may be compared to a single amplifier of 175 watts RMS.
• All direct-plug-in circuitry.
• Altec's Fail-Safe Protection System.
• New Symbiotik driver for handling 2 times more power.
• 500 Hz 25 inch cast aluminum sectoral horn for controlled wide angle distribution of mids and highs
• New Dynamic Force 15 inch woofer with 18 lb. mag. structure for lowest distortion and the ultimate in bass response.
• Signal Sentry™ automatic ON/OFF switching circuit.
• Elegant oiled walnut cabinet with snap-on fretwork grilles.
• Excellent for use with new Altec Acousta-Voicette Stereo Equalizer.

Specifications Model 2873A

Freq. response......20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Power Total..........90 watts RMS
Bass Amp..........60 watts RMS
Treble Amp........30 watts RMS
Input sensitivity.....0.5 V RMS
Electronic Crossover..........500 Hz Dual Section 12 dB/octave
Hum & Noise.........80 dB below rated output
Gain Control Range....................26 dB
Components.........770A Bi-amp,
411-8A Woofer, 808-8A Driver & 511B Sectoral Horn
Dimensions...........29WH x 381/2"Wx 24"D
Weight.................160 lbs.

Altec Acousta-Voicette. - For the perfect balance of sound.

The development of the Altec Acousta-Voicette Stereo Equalizer marks a major breakthrough in reproducing quality sound in your home. It allows a trained Altec dealer to "tune" the frequency responses of your entire component system, even your listening room, to a flat acoustical response at your ears. By utilizing 24 fully-adjustable, critical bandwidth rejection filters per channel, it allows all frequencies to be in perfect balance with each other. Now you can hear the original acoustic environment of the recording hall rather than the acoustics of your listening room.

(4) New Electronic Crossover & Bi-Amplifier in One Package

By combining two power amplifiers and an electronic crossover into one compact package that can be mounted directly in the speaker enclosure, some distinct and dramatic benefits are produced.

• Additional power is provided and dynamic range is greatly increased. During loud passages of a recording, the dynamic range of the bass signal often puts such a demand on an amplifier that there is no power left to handle high frequencies. This causes distortion due to clipping. But with separate power sources for each speaker (as provided by a bi-amplification system), the low frequency demands will not effect the high frequency amplifier or driver.

• DC crossover distortion is eliminated and overall sound quality is improved. DC crossover distortion is part of the harmonic distortion in typical high quality class B amplifiers. It is normally heard in the high frequency driver during low level bass passages. By using an electronic crossover the DC distortion never reaches the high frequency driver. In addition, IM distortion is inherently un-measurable under the normal IHF method.

• The full damping effect of each amplifier is utilized for improved transient response. In the 770A Bi-amp System, the electronic crossover is placed before the amplifier section. This enables the loudspeaker components to be directly connected to the highly damped output of each amplifier. The result is much better transient response and lower distortion.

The all-new 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-Amplifier is a built-in part of our new Barcelona and Granada Bi-amp Speaker Systems. (In the Barcelona, the crossover is at 500 Hz. And in the Granada, the crossover is at 800 Hz.) Another feature is separate gain controls for individually setting levels of the bass speaker and the high frequency driver.

4.1. The New Altec 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-Amp

Designed to be mounted in a speaker enclosure, the highly sophisticated 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-amp combines a very fine bass amplifier rated at 60 watts RMS electronically crossed over at 800 Hz or 500 Hz to an equally fine high frequency amplifier rated at 30 watts RMS. Both are extremely low in harmonic distortion-less than 0.3% at all frequencies, 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Features include:

• High power 90 watts RMS Total: 60 watts RMS low frequency amplifier, 30 watts RMS high frequency amplifier.
• Electronic crossover 12 dB/octave switchable to 800 Hz or 500 Hz.
• Increased dynamic range -effective undistorted power of bi-amp may be compared to a single amplifier of 175 watts RMS.
• Full advantage of amplifier damping by direct coupling of speaker to amplifier.
• IM distortion is inherently decreased to its lowest point.
• Separate gain controls on Bass and Treble amplifiers.
• Exclusive Signal Sentry automatic ON/OFF switching circuit.
• All direct plug-in circuitry.
• Altec's Fail-Safe Protection System.

4.2. The New Altec Granada 2875A Bi-Amp Speaker System

The new Granada Bi-amp Speaker System is similar to the top-of-the-line Barcelona model except that it is smaller in size and uses the 800 Hz "The Voice of the Theatre" components. It incorporates Altec's exclusive 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-amp. Performance of this system exhibits a wide dynamic range, absolute minimum distortion, a tight but full bass and excellent transient response. The 18 inch Sectoral horn and compression driver offer smooth response from 800 Hz to beyond audibility and excellent wide angle distribution of sound. The Granada's marked angular design and decorator styling is the perfect final touch that makes this system a handsome addition to your home stereo listening room.

Features include:

• Built-in model 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-amplifier.
• High power, 60 watts RMS to woofer, 30 watts RMS to driver.
• Separate gain controls to low frequency and high frequency amplifiers.
• 800 Hz electronic crossover.
• Increased dynamic range -effective undistorted power of bi-amp may be compared to a single amplifier of 175 watts RMS.
• New 15 inch Dynamic Force woofer in sealed infinite baffle enclosure.
• Signal Sentry automatic ON/OFF switching circuitry.
• All direct plug-in circuitry.
• Altec's Fail-Safe Protection System.
• Elegant oiled walnut cabinet with snap-on fretwork grilles.

Exclusive Signal Sentry Switching (Einschaltautomatik)

This exclusive feature is an integral part of the new Altec 770A Electronic Crossover Bi-Amplifier. It utilizes a unique Signal Sentry circuit (separate detection and detect-hold circuits) which is essentially made-up of a small, low-level signal amplifier. It electronically detects the presence of any signal above the preset electrical threshold level of 10 millivolts. (Note this is at a level far below audibility.) It then automatically switches on the main power amplifiers by using a solid-state, instant-on switching device.

On the other hand, when the signal level drops below 10 millivolts, the detect-hold circuit is activated which holds power for 2 minutes before automatically switching off the amplifiers.

This new convenience feature allows bi-amp speakers to be plugged in at all times and to be individually turned on and off without having to go to each speaker and do it manually.

6. New AM/FM Stereo Receivers

Diese beiden Altec Geräte sind bei uns hier in Eurpa sehr selten aufgetaucht
und der "exclusive" Varitronik Tunerteil mit 4 Fet's war auch nicht bekannt

In designing and building these all-new stereo receivers, we've kept one goal in mind: to build them a little better. Specs are higher-like the 725A's low capture ratio of 1.3 dB. Controls offer more flexibility-you can select a separate volume full-range for convenient low-level listening with our new volume range switch. And features are a little different -like both Butterworth and crystal filters in our top-of-the-line model.
Other features are the black-out dial, separate signal strength and center tune meters for FM and positive spring-loaded speaker terminals for easier connection. Contemporary push buttons and slide controls.

6.1. New High Performance Altec 725A AM/FM Stereo Receiver 60/60 RMS

This new Altec model is the latest design in a "State-of-the-Art" receiver, specifically designed to give you the highest quality and flexibility available today.

Features include:
• Exclusive Varitronik FM tuner with 4 FET's and balanced Varicap tuning for maximum sensitivity and stability.
• Precision W2" linear FM scale.
• Advanced muting circuit-full muting at 2.5 /xV -for quiet tuning without loss of stations.
• Combination of Butterworth and crystal filters for greater stereo separation capture ratio and selectivity.
• Ceramic filters in AM section.
• Power output 60/60 watts RMS both channels driven 8 ohms.
• Less than 0.3% harmonic distortion at all frequencies, 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, at full rated output.
• Volume range switch for improved low level listening.
• All direct plug-in circuitry.
• Altec's Fail-Safe Electronic Protection System.
• Black-out dial with indicator lights on all functions.
• Separate illuminated tuning meters for signal strength and center tune.
• Stereo tape recorder inputs and outputs on front panel.
• Spring loaded terminals for main and remote speakers.
• Accessory jacks for the Altec Acousta-Voicette Stereo Equalizer.
• Positive-contact, push-button controls for muting, mono L & R, high filter, low filter, stereo reverse, loudness, volume-range, speaker 1, speaker 2 and power.
• Slide controls for volume, balance, bass and treble.
• Indicator lights and push-button controls on all functions, AM, FM, phono 1, phono 2, tape, auxiliary, tape monitor, and FM stereo.

6.2. The New Altec 714A AM/FM Stereo Receiver 44/44 RMS

This solid state stereo receiver is similar in design to the 725A. With 180 watts IHF music power, the 714A provides more than enough power to drive the lowest efficiency speaker systems.

Features include:
• Power output 44/44 watts RMS both channels driven 8 ohms (180 watts IHF).
• Harmonic and IM distortion less than 0.5% all frequencies 20 to 20K Hz.
• FM tuner features 3 FET's and 4 gang tuning condenserforoptimum sensitivity.
• 2 crystal filters and IC's for best stereo separation, capture ratio and selectivity.
• Separate illuminated signal strength and center tuning meters on front panel.
• Black-out dial with 7 inch tuning scale.
• Slide controls for volume, balance, bass and treble.
• Volume range switch for improved low level listening.
• Direct plug-in modular circuitry.

Jetzt wird es "value" = billig
New Quality Music Centers

Ein Tribut an das amerikanische "Value"-Denken

There's no reason why quality hi-fi components with sophisticated electronics and high-performance characteristics can't be built into music centers. In our opinion none of the compacts currently available are equal in performance to a quality component system. At Altec, we're proud to say that our all-new 911A and 912A music centers are equal in every way to a quality component system and they will save you space and money. For example, both new Altec music centers are built around our new high-performance 714A AM/FM Stereo Receiver.

They feature an amplifier section rated at44/44 watts RMS continuous power (180 watts IHF music power). This is more power than is offered by any other music center on the market -and more than enough power to drive even the lowest efficiency speaker systems. They feature a tuner section with 3 FET's (field effect transistors) and a 4-gang tuning condenser for finer sensitivity and stability. Plus, the IF strip uses 2 crystal filters and IC's for better stereo separation, capture ratio and selectivity.

These new music centers also include the best Garrard automatic turntable, Shure "High Track" cartridge and cassette tape recorder. In fact, these new music centers are built a little better in every way. We've left the choice of speakers up to your personal taste. But of course, we hope you'll choose Altec Speakers which are described in the back section of this catalog.

8.1. The New Altec 912A
Stereo AM/FM Cassette Music Center

Den lassen wir weg.

8.2. The New Altec 911A Stereo AM/FM Music Center

und den auch.

Seite 10 - Altec Speakers and Speaker Systems

in USA war alles "handmade"

At Altec, we build a wide variety of speakers. Full-size speakers. New bi-amp speakers. Utility models. Furniture models. Bookshelf speakers. Patio speakers. But they're all built with one goal in mind - to offer you quality sound reproduction at all frequencies.

You will notice that we take great care in designing and building speaker enclosures not only for appearance sake but to perform as a vital component of each acoustical system. In fact, we have written a separate ten page brochure titled "Altec Speaker Enclosures; Their Design and Use" which details our thoughts, concepts and designs on this subject. This
brochure is available from your local Altec hi-fi dealer or by writing to Altec Lansing, Anaheim, California, directly. We invite you to read it.

We hope the following pages of this catalog will give you a little better understanding of what we mean when we say Altec Speakers and Speaker Systems are built a little better.

(Of course, you can hear all our speakers and speaker systems -both new and old - at your local Altec dealer's. And in addition to the famous places listed on page one, you can hear quality Altec sound at Caesars Palace, Statler Hotels, A&M Records, Empire Photosound, Acuff-Rose Studios, Disney on Parade, Bell Sound Studios, LP Productions, Glen Glenn Sound, Notre Dame's Athletic Fieldhouse, UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, the Houston Astrodome, San Diego Sports Arena, Long Beach Sports Arena, Boston Gardens, Chicago International Amphitheatre, Cincinnati Gardens and many other places.)

Cabinetry by Hill-Craft - die Gehäuse von Hill-Craft

Alle Altec Gehäuse wurden extern beim Gehäusespezialisten bestellt - bei "Hill-Craft"

"You can't rush good furniture making. Selecting woods, matching grains, milling pieces, bonding, bracing, sanding, finishing, re-sanding, inspecting, and more sanding and hand-rubbing all take patience and time." This is the attitude of the more than 40 skilled craftsmen at Hill-Craft Mfg. Co. - of the cabinetmakers who make all of the speaker cabinets and ensembles for Altec.

The process begins with the careful selection of both the solid and veneer-faced hardwoods that are to be used in each cabinet. Pieces of the finest grade are individually hand-selected by the cabinetmakers for color and matching wood grain. Next, materials for a specific cabinet are precision milled to exact size and shape. Joints arethen glued together, usually with the aid of an electronic wood welder which violently agitates the molecules of the glue to help insure a more permanentand lasting bond. Atthis point, the rough cabinet receives its first sanding. A detailed inspection followsand any defective cabinet is set aside for salvage.

Finishing procedures vary considerably according to the finish desired for the final Altec cabinet-hand-rubbed oiled walnut, antique oak or pecan finished hickory. But in all cases, the furniture finishes are multicoat applications with meticulous hand sanding between each coat.

As a point of interest, Hill-Craft probably does more hand sanding than any other cabinet-maker in the country. And this is one reason why we can say that Altec speaker cabinets and ensembles are built a little better.

Seite 12 - Altec Full-Size Speaker Systems and Ensembles

Altec has brought into the home the sound of the famous A7 "The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker System. It's available in three distinct and striking handcrafted cabinets that are just half the size of the A7 system. The interior cubic volume of these three systems is the same, though the Flamenco is slightly lower in height. Yet all the systems have the unbounded dynamic range normally associated only with theatre systems.

Smoothness, flatness of response, high efficiency and body without coloration are some of the distinctions that make these three full-size speaker systems the nation's most popular.

Altec also offers three individually styled equipment cabinets to match these three speaker systems. They are beautifully hand-crafted and designed to hold stereo components such as our new 714A or 725A AM/FM Stereo Receivers, record player, and tape recorder, plus they provide amplestoragespace for both records and tapes.

12.1. Flamenco Speaker System (848A)

The Flamenco is hand-finished oak with a unique grillework of simulated wrought iron. It offers discerning decorators true Spanish-Mediterranean styling while offering the superb sound that used to be found only in recording studios and concert halls. It features the A7 speaker components which include a massive sectoral horn of heavy cast-aluminum for wide angle distribution of all frequencies from 800 Hz to beyond audibility.

12.2. Valencia Speaker System (846A)

The Valencia features a beautiful hand-finished walnut cabinet with a curved fretwork grille. With an extremely large power-handling capacity, it faithfully reproduces every frequency from the highest highs to the lowest lows. It features the same speaker components as "The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker System and lets you enjoy concert hall quality sound in your home.

12.3. Milano Speaker System (871A)

The Milano's pecan-finished hickory is highlighted by handsome, high-relief doors which fold to the side for listening. Model 871AR opens to the right and Model 871AL opens to the left. This superb quality two-way system with an 800 Hz crossover also features our 15 inch theater woofer for more realistic reproduction of even the lowest orchestral frequencies.

12.4. Flamenco II Stereo Ensemble (882-848)

The Flamenco 2-section equipment cabinet Model 882B (measuring 441/2 inches overall and shown center) is handcrafted of heavy oak. It provides space for stereo components including receiver or separate tuner pre-amplifier, record player and tape recorder. Order Model 882-848 for the complete matching Flamenco Ensemble.

A matching three-section equipment cabinet is also available -Model 884A. Internal compartment dimensions are the same as the 882B which are shown in the adjacent chart except there are three sections instead of two. Overall width is 64 inches. As a complete matched ensemble order Model 884-848.

12.5. Valencia III Stereo Ensemble (883-846)

The equipment cabinet (883A) is handcrafted in acontemporary walnut to match the 846A Valencia Speaker Systems. It provides space fortuner-amplifier, record player, tape recorder and record storage. Order Valencia Model 883-846 for complete matching Valencia Ensemble.

12.6. Milano Stereo Ensemble (885-871)

The cabinetmaker's art is reflected in the 885A equipment cabinet made of pecan-finished hickory handcrafted in dramatic, deeply sculptured design to match the 871A Milano Speaker Systems. It provides ample space for tuner, amplifier, tape deck, record player, and storage of records and tapes. Order Milano Model 885-871 for the complete matching Milano Ensemble.

"The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker System

Since its introduction in 1946, Altec's "The Voice of the Theatre" has been the standard speaker system used by the recording and entertainment industries.

These systems offer horn coverage of the entire audio spectrum with a cast-aluminum sectoral horn for mids and highs and a wooden horn for low frequencies. This provides controlled wide angle distribution of sound at all frequencies and the natural uncolored sound required by professionals.

Periodic changes have been made to "The Voice of the Theatre" system throughout the years. Most recently, we added our Symbiotik Driver which will handle twice the power of previous designs.

Another new feature of "The Voice of the Theatre" systems is a new crossover network that features an attractive cast-aluminum escutcheon and is rated at 100 watts. Also, all components are now 8 ohms for more efficient matching to transistorized amplifiers.

14.1. Famous "The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker System (A7-8)

This full-size Altec speaker system is a great value for audiophiles who wish to build it in or enjoy its superb sound in a utility cabinet. It features an extremely wide frequency range and large power-handling capacity. Utilizing Altec's 807-8A high-frequency driver with a large, cast-aluminum 811B sectoral horn, it smoothly distributes frequencies above 800 Hz over a wide angle. An Altec 416-8A 15 inch low frequency speaker is mounted in a front-loaded wooden exponential horn cabinet to faithfully reproduce the lowest orchestral frequencies.

14.2. "The Voice of the Theatre" Speaker System (A7-500-8)

This system is identical to the A7 except that it has a lower crossover of 500 Hz to provide horn coverage of the lower mid-range. The higher efficiency 808-8A HF driver is coupled to the larger cast-aluminum 511B sectoral horn and provides the cleanest, most realistic sound of any speaker ever made.

14.3. Magnificent Speaker System (A7-500W-II)

The Magnificentfeaturesahand-finished, sculptured walnut cabinet patterned in natural wood grain with a delicate curved wood-fretwork grille. Inside, it is identical to the A7-500. Now you can enjoy the sound quality of recording studios and theatres from a speaker enclosure that has been especially styled for your home. (Note: speakersare mounted and individually tuned forthe ultimate in performance.)

Specifications include:

Modell : A7-8 A7-500-8 A7-500W-II
Frequency Response 30-20,000 Hz 30-20,000 Hz 30-20,000 Hz
Power Rating. 50 watts* 50 watts* 50 watts*
Impedance. 8 ohms 8 ohms 8/16 ohms
Crossover Frequency 800 Hz 500 Hz 500 Hz
Dimensions. 42"H x 30"W x 42"H x 30"W x 24"D 44"H x 32"W x
  24"D   25"D
  (HF horn within (HF horn within  
  enclosure) enclosure)  
Speaker Components 416-8A, 807-8A, 416-8A, 808-8A 416 type, 808 type
  811B, N-801-8A 511B, N-501-8A 511B, N501 type

*May be used in home entertainment use with amplifiers having up to equal continuous power rating.

Exclusive Symbiotik Driver

The new voice coil diaphragm assembly of current Altec drivers combine the use of aluminum with a new polyimide material. The result is a better and more efficient driver - called Symbiotik.

It maintains a smooth frequency response over an extremely wide range from 500 Hz to 20,000 Hz while handling twice the power of previous designs. Also, it virtually eliminates driver failure caused by work stress, and fatigue, and it withstands temperatures as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The voice coil wire is made of flat aluminum ribbon that has been edge-wound for greater efficiency. (Note the individual voice-coil diaphragm assembly is a field replaceable part of the basic driver. Order part number 21545.)

Seite 16 - New Dynamic Force Speaker Systems

These two new speaker systems are the first in Altec's new Dynamic Force Series. They feature a new type of low frequency speaker recently developed by Altec, providing a lower system resonance, lower distortion and better control of the speaker's cone movement. This improves low frequency transient response and extends low frequencies almost an octave.

16.1. New Barcelona Speaker System (873A) - (links)

Mit diesem Modell wollte uns der Importeur beglücken, mit sehr geringem Erfolg

This all-new Altec speaker system incorporates the new Dynamic Force 15 inch woofer with 4 inch edge wound voice coil and 18 lb. magnetic structure forthe lowest possibledistortion and the ultimate in low end frequency response. The high frequency horn is our 511 model with a crossover at 500 Hz. This 25 inch massive sectoral horn of cast-aluminum extends the sound distribution angles to 90° horizontal and 40° vertical for a uniform distribution of mids and highs. It is driven by the new 808-8A Symbiotik driver for twice the power handling capacity and a very smooth high frequency response. The elegant hand-rubbed walnut cabinet features an infinite baffle design inside and new styling with snap-on fretwork grilles outside. The new Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the finest speaker systems available.

16.2. New Granada Speaker System (875A) - (rechts)

Smaller in size than the new Barcelona, this newspeakersystemalso incorporates many new design features. They include the exclusive Dynamic Force 15 inch woofer with a 17 lb. magnetic structure and 3 inch edge wound ribbon voice coil. This woofer has a cast-aluminum frame and is set in a new infinite baffle enclosure for excellent reproduction of low frequencies. The high frequency horn utilizes an 800 Hz crossover and is compression driven for a smooth response to beyond audibility. The combination of an 18 inch wide angle horn and the Granada's marked angular design allows all frequencies to be clearly distributed throughout your listening room.


Specifications include: Barcelona (873A) Granada (875A)
Frequency Response. 20-20,000 Hz 20-20,000 Hz
Power Rating. 60 watts* 60 watts*
Impedance. 8 ohms 8 ohms
Crossover Frequency. 500 Hz 800 Hz
Dynamic Force. 16 psi 12 psi
Dimensions. 293/4"H x 381/2"W x 24"D 293A"H x 271/2"W x 24"D
Speaker Components. 411-8A, 808-8A, 511-B, 411 type, 807 type,
  N501-8A 811B, N801-8A

Exclusive Dynamic Force Concept

Altec has developed a new type of low frequency speaker. It features a long voice coil with edge wound, preflattened copper wire and a magnetic structure of extremely high flux field. (Note this unusually strong magnetic field controls the motion of the cone to an extent not normally found in infinite baffle systems.) Operating in a properly designed and sealed infinite baffle enclosure, this uniquely designed speaker unit is capable of producing a Dynamic Force of up to 16 psi. With this unusually large force capability, as much as twice the compression can be produced than is normal in acoustic suspension speakers. The result is greatly improved low frequency transient performance. Other benefits include better linearity, extended low frequency response and reduced distortion while maintaining medium efficiency.

Floor-standing Speaker Systems

In addition to "The Voice of the Theatre" series of speaker systems and our high-styled systems that fit into our ensembles, we make two additional floor-standing speaker systems. One of these is the all-new Santana. As you read about it, you'll see it is designed to deliver the same quality sound that is identified with Altec's other full-size systems, plus introduces a new and exciting idea in speaker enclosure styling. It is hand-finished in oiled walnut on all four sides. It is the first of its kind and can be used as a handsome room divider or as the focal piece of fine furniture in contemporary room designs.

18.1. New Santana Speaker System (879A)

This all-new, two-way speaker system features Altec's patented 15 inch BiflexR speaker with a 101/2 lb. magnetic structure together with a high frequency tweeter. The uniquely styled cabinet is of contemporary oiled walnut with a composition slate top and is hand-finished on all four sides so it can be placed anywhere in the room. The system's impedance is 8 ohms and it can be used with amplifiers having continuous power ratings up to 45 watts. The system has high efficiency, wide dynamic range and excellent transient response.

18.2. Seville Speaker System (847A)

The speaker system occupies only 2 sq. ft. of floor space, yet its sound range and quality identify it with Altec's full-size systems. The Altec 12 inch 414-8B low frequency speaker, 3000H high frequency driver and cast-zinc multicellular horn, and N-3000E two-section crossover network are the speaker components that give the Seville its rich sound. The cabinet is elegantly finished in hand-rubbed walnut and highlights a striking fretwork grille.

A New Idea in Speaker Cabinets (vermutlich alles 1972)

For the first time, you can set a speaker system anywhere in your listening room and have beautifully hand-finished furniture in view. This is what the cabinet designers at Hill-Craft set out to achieve when they started designing the all-new Santana Speaker System for Altec. The basic design includes all-mitered corners, both sides and the back finished in elegant oiled walnut, a full-length-snap-on front grille, and a contemporary inset black composition slate top. The speaker connections are carefully tucked out of sight under the lip formed by the slightly recessed pedestal type base.
With the speaker back completely finished, the Santana handsomely fits into the basic design of your room no matter where or how you place it. As an area divider away from the wall. As part of afree standing sound system complex. As a side piece alongside your favorite chair.
The perfect blend of quality sound and beautiful furniture will make the new Santana the most functional and enjoyable speaker system on the market.

Altec Bookshelf Speaker Systems

Some of the most popular Altec speaker systems are covered in this section. They feature the finest quality components, precision matched to their infinite baffle enclosures for smooth wide range frequency response (both on and off axis), high power handling and low distortion. The small size of these bookshelf systems allow us to offer an outstanding value in sound reproduction and versatility in speaker placement.

20.1. Bolero Speaker System (890C)
20.2. Madera Speaker System (892A)
20.3. Corona Speaker System (893A)

Die drei Boxen lassen wir auch weg.

Full-range Biflex Speakers

The patented multiple compliance of the Biflex achieves an unusually wide frequency range by allowing a smaller centerconeand newaluminum Diacone" to operate independently for more efficient reproduction of high frequencies. The entire cone area functions to reproduce the lower frequencies. Crossover is effected mechanically at 1000 Hz through the patented mid-cone compliance.

Super Duplex 604E Speaker

Altec's 604 speakers are the most widely used by professional recording studios of all speakers made! The original 604 has been improved to provide superlative purity of mid-range, exceptional attack time, and distortion-free frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz (when used in optimum enclosure). The massive 604E uses a true multicell high frequency horn combined with a high-compliance 15 inch cone for perfectly controlled distribution and the point-source relationship obtainable only from a coaxially mounted speaker.

605B Duplex Speaker

Essentially the same system as the 604E, efficiency of this speaker is just 3 dB less. It has a 15 inch high-compliance cone and a true multicell HF horn. Like the 604E, the 605B provides pure mid-range, exceptional attack time, and distortion-free frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz (when used in an optimum enclosure).

601-8D Duplex Speaker

The best 12 inch speaker made, the 601-8D is excellentfor reproducing beautiful sound from enclosures as small as 3 cubic feet. This true two-way system uses Altec's N-3000E crossover network for optimum frequency division. High-compliance low frequency cone and center-mounted multicell cast-zinc horn combine for smooth, realistic sound and perfect point-source relationship.

755E Wide Range Speaker

This extended-range 8 inch speaker makes an excellent patioorwall-mounted speaker because of its flat, pancake shape. It projects a large volume of smooth sound with minimum distortion from enclosures as small as one cubic foot. (It is also an excellent choice for a bookshelf enclosure.) A ceramic-type magnet permits speaker depth of only 21/4 inches, and a flat cone design provides an unusually wide angle (90 degrees) of sound distribution. Cone resonance is 52 Hz; and baffle cut-out is 7 inches.

405A Full Range Mini-Speaker

Though only 4 inches in diameter, the 405A is a high quality, full-range speaker that is ideal for high fidelity applications in miniature bookshelves, in auto stereo tape systems, or in any other use requiring extremely small size.

(A) 416-8A Low Frequency Speaker.

Famous 15 inch theater woofer. Voice coil of edge-wound copper ribbon, 3 inches in diameter. Rigid cast-aluminum frame.
Power Rating........50 watts*

(B) 811B High Frequency Horn.

A massive sectoral horn of heavy cast-aluminum. Operates from 800 Hz to beyond audibility.

(C) 807-8A High Frequency Driver.

Provides the ultimate in smooth sound from 800 to 20,000 Hz by allowing the mid-range to be reproduced in asectoral horn with no additional crossover in the critical high frequency range. NewSymbiotik voice coil diaphragm assembly for twice the power handling of previous models.

(D)N801-8A Dividing Network.

 A precision two-section crossover network designed to work with the 807-8A Driver. Input Impedance...8 ohms

New Dynamic Force Woofer (411-8A low frequency Loudspeaker)

This 15 inch speaker with a heavy cast aluminum frame is a high performance, high compliance unit designed specifically to befrontor rearmounted in infinite baffle enclosures. The new Dynamic Force Woofer possesses a robust 4 inch voice coil assembly with edge wound copper ribbon utilizing an aluminum coil support and a heavy wide angle cone. It is capable of high power handling, and when used in a suitable infinite baffle enclosure, it has exceptionally low distortion. An 18 lb. magnet structure allows this speaker to develop a dynamic force of 16 lbs. for extremely good transient response.

Sectoral horns

Altec's "Voice of the Theater" Systems all feature an exclusive cast-aluminum sectoral horn for controlled angular distribution of mid and high frequencies. This allows us to keep our off axis response almost identical to the on axis response even in the critical mid range (above 500 Hz) where most low frequency speakers have a narrow angle of distribution.This horn also helps to extend the direct field (the area of listening where the sound from the speaker system is predominant as compared with the reverberant field where the predominant sound is bounced off the walls and ceiling). If you are in the direct field you can begin to hear the original acoustics of the recording rather than the acoustics of your playback room.

A7-500-8 Speaker Components
(A) 416-8A Low Frequency Speaker.

Famous 15 inch theater woofer. Voice coil of edge-wound copper ribbon, 3 inches in diameter. Rigid cast-aluminum frame.
Power Rating........50 watts*
Frequency Response..........20-1,600 Hz
Impedance............8 ohms
Cone Resonance...25 Hz
Magnetic Structure...........10 lbs. 8 oz. AlnicoV
Weight.................17V2 lbs.

(E) 511B High Frequency Horn.

A massive sectoral horn of heavy cast-aluminum. Operates from 500 Hz to beyond audibility.
Frequency Cut-off .500 Hz
Recommended Driver................808-8A
Sound Distribution.......90° horizontal - 40° vertical
Dimensions..........105/8"H x255/i6"W x18V2"D
Weight.................173A lbs.

(F) 808-8A High Frequency Driver

The ultimate in smooth sound from 500-20,000 Hz. When coupled to the Altec 511B sectoral horn, the 808-8A reproduces from below the mid range to beyond audibility without a crossover in the critical high frequency range. New Symbiotik voice coil diaphragm assembly for twice the power handling of previous models.
Range...............500-20,000 Hz
Horn....................511B with N501-8A network
Power Rating........50 watts*
Impedance...........8 ohms

Comments by Customers

To ensure Altec customers the highest possible quality and complete compata-bility of all components within the Altec line, most of oursubcomponentsare built in ourown modern manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California. Both large and small parts are handcrafted by skilled machinists in ultra-modern shops. Voice coils and transformers are hand-wound by highly trained technicians. Quality is carefully checked and re-checked at every step of the way.

From their original design to their precision manufacture, Altec home stereo systems are built a little better. And they'll continue to be built a little better -to reflect the quality of the name that is synonymous with quality sound.

Now, here's what some Altec customers have to say about our products.


  • • Professional Musician, " speakers I've heard in a home."
  • • Chemist, "...very pleased with quality workmanship and clean sound."
  • • Student, "...excellent sound for my wide variety in taste."
  • • Nurse, "...we listened to several speakers. Altec was best for us in sound and price."
  • • Retired Theatre Owner, "...sold on Altec since installed The Voice of the Theatre' in about 1940."
  • • Hi-Fi Salesman, "...I found Altec to be far superior to other speakers that I sell."
  • • Navy Pilot, "...liked the sound. Best overall I heard."
  • • Design Student, "...they just sounded better than the others."
  • • Public Accountant, "...I think I have the finest in equipment money could buy anywhere. I receive very favorable comments on them."
  • • Electrician, "...this equipment has superior reproduction without adding or taking away from the original recording."
  • • Student, " reproduction for price I've heard."
  • • Acoustic Engineer, "...we use Altec products at my place of business."


And of course, all Altec products are backed by the Altec Nationwide Warranty.

In case of defects in materials or workmanship, Altec Lansing will replace defective parts and repair malfunctioning products at no charge for a full two years on stereo components and one year on speakers, record changer and tape cassette. Warranty coverage starts from date of purchase.

Full details and conditions are available on the warranty document issued with each Altec product purchased.

Carry-in service is provided at all Altec Lansing authorized service centers across the country.

Because our products are subject to continuous improvement, Altec Lansing reserves the right to modify any design or specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations.


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