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Der einseitige Harman Flyer vom Februar 1964

Hier wird nur die Endstufe beschrieben. Diese erste Transistorendstufe sogar mit den neuen Silizium Transistoren liefert eine für damalige Zeiten ganz enorme Kraft von 2 x 40 Watt RMS (Sinus-) Leistung. Hier steht etwas über den wirklich ziemlich ersten Transistorverstärker von 1958 - aus den RCA Laboratorien.



Zuerst mal ein paar Lobeshymnen:

  • "... by combining this unit, Citation A, with a solid state basic amplifier of comparable quality, a sound path could be set up that approaches the classic goal of amplifier design - a straight wire with gain." - high fidelity magazine
  • The classic goal of amplifier design is now reality. The big "B" - Citation B - is here. A power-packed "brute" loaded with 80 watts of flawless performance - the "B" is a true product of the computer age.


Jetzt zu den Highlights:

The "B", like Citation A, is totally new in design, construction and performance.

  • • It has the widest frequency response of any basic amplifier on the market - 1 to 100.000cps!
  • • It is the only basic amplifier capable of delivering 15 to 50.000 cps at full power with both channels operating simultaneously.
  • • It has the best square wave response - a phenomenal rise time of less than one microsecond!
  • • It has the highest damping factor - 50 to 1 even below 10 cycles. (No other power amplifier is close.) High damping factor guarantees optimum speaker performance.
  • • It is the only basic amplifier completely free of hangover or clipping at full power output.

The Citation B utilizes the highest grade of components to insure long life, it uses computer-grade silicon transistors - more rugged than conventional silicon or germanium types - which will take 100% more power than their use in the Citation B will demand.

The "B" is divided into five sub-assemblies to assure easy accessibility and minimum operating temperatures through efficient heat dissipation. A laced military wiring harness couples each stage.

Unlike other fine vacuum tube and solid state power amplifiers, the Citation B uses Class AB instead of conventional, easier-to-design Class B operation. This eliminates the major defect common to Class B operated basics - annoying switching transients, a form of distortion manifested as shrillness at high frequencies.

Citation B reflects Harman-Kardon's solid state leadership in every way. Its sound is totally transparent and spacious. "A straight wire with gain" when matched with Citation A - the "B" will enhance the performance of any other quality preamplifier.



  • • Widest frequency response of any basic amplifier available today to reduce phase shift and transient distortion to negligible levels.
  • • Unsurpassed transient response. For the first time percussion and brass are reproduced with clean, sharply defined, open sound.
  • • Removal of all output and driver transformers eliminates phase shift and ringing. • Computer engineering - utilizing sub-assembly chassis construction techniques and laced military wiring harness for precision, easy accessibility, fast and simple kit-building.
  • • Unsurpassed damping factor of 50-1 at 10 cps to provide maximum speaker "braking" over the entire audible range.
  • • Computer-grade silicon transistors are practically impervious to abuse. Rated 100% over their normal requirements in the circuit - they are capable of handling power surges far beyond the limits of conventional transistors. This assures ultra-sonic response and 80-watt output with virtually unmeasurable distortion.
  • • Massive electrolytic capacitors engineered to computer-grade specifications for unlimited shelf-life and consistent, long-term performance uniformity.
  • • No loss of performance standards due to aging.
  • • Automatically stabilized against extreme heat variations from 0° to 160° F.
  • • Operated Class AB to eliminate switching transients (distortion manifested as shrillness at high frequencies.)
  • • Transistors and associated circuitry mounted on unbreakable, military-grade epoxy glass boards for maximum rigidity and circuit stability. For easy accessibility, each board pivots from chassis.
  • • Heavy duty finned aluminum "heat sinks" assure cool operating temperatures by rapidly drawing heat away from output transistors.
  • • Fail-safe even under direct shorting conditions - assured by two special B+ fuses for each channel, plus the use of silicon transistors capable of taking 100% overload without damage.
  • • Handsomely designed front panel facilitates custom installation. Includes a current-adjustment meter, on/off switch with pilot light, ano low-cut filter. Removable bottom front panel conceals idling adjustment controls.



Output Circuit: Heavy duty single diffused silicon transistors operated
Class AB in totem-pole circuit configuration.

Continuous Power Output:
40 watts per channel (RMS) , both channels operating simultaneously.

Peak Power Output: 120 watts per channel with 8 ohm load. Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% 20-20,000 cycles per second at rated output.(8 ohm load.) Intermodulation Distortion: 0.5% at rated power output. Below 0.1% at normal listening level. (8 ohm load.) Frequency

Response: 15-60,000 cycles per-second at rated power output, both channels operating simultaneously. ±ldb 1-100,000cps at nominal 1 watt level. Square Wave Response: Less than 1 microsecond rise time. Input Sensitivity: 1.6 volts for rated output. Hum and Noise: Better than 90db.

Damping Factor:
50-1 at all frequencies down to 10 cycles per second. Power Supply: Excellent B+ regulation through use of computer-grade electrolytics and hermetically sealed industrial grade silicon diodes.

Inputs: One for each channel. Output Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms.
Convenience Outlet: One on rear panel, switched. Fuses: One A.C. primary. One in each channel B+ line.
Front Panel Controls: Idling current adjustment for each output transistor - meter monitored. A.C. on /off switch, low cut filter, meter selector switch.

Power Consumption: 90 watts. - Number of Transistors: 14
Dimensions: 14" wide x 5" high x 14" deep.
Finish: Brown and gold. - Shipping Weight: 33 lbs.

harman kardon 1964

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