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1961 - Harman Kardon "Citation Kits" im AIREX Katalog

Das ist das "Bausatzprogramm" des Herstellers "harman kardon" im AIREX Katalog von Herbst bis Ende 1961. In USA nannte man diese Produkte auch die "Modelle 1962". Das war damals so üblich.

Und vor allem - hier stehen die aktuellen US-Dollar Preise !!!

"Citation Kits" Hi-Fi Equipment

The full program of Highfidelity Stereo.

Das sind die Anfänge der Firma von Mr. "harman" und Mr. "kardon" in den USA im Jahre 1959 oder 1960. Sie sehen, daß die Ur-Produktpalette an hochwertigem Hifi mit dem Citation Modell 1 beginnt.



Professional stereo preamp and control section for extra versatility. Available in kit or wired form. Separate bass and treble step-type tone controls for each channel. Controls are completely out of the circuit when in the flat position, eliminating phase shift and transient distortion. Special treble cut contains scratch filter. Turnover and roll-off controls for many combinations of record or tape playback equalization curves. Blend control con-tinousiy variable, acting as a third channel gain control or as a cross-feed control if a center speaker system is not used. Balance control is zero to infinity type, offering full range and complete cut-off of either speaker.

Frequency Response: +0, -0.5db 5-80.000 cps. Distortion: Less than 0.05% at 2 volts. Noise: High level input, 85 db below rated output; low level input, less than 1.5 nv referred to input terminals. Output: Main (4), 2 v.; tape (2), 0.3 v. Input Sensitivities: High level, 0.2 volt; low ievel, 2.5 mv in phono RIAA position; 2.0 mv in tape head position; ceramic phono, 0.1 v. Controls: Function Selector (Aux., Tape Amp., Tuner, Phono 1, Phono 2, Tape head); Mode (Stereo, Blend, A + B, Channel A, Channel B); Blend; Equalization (Turnover: Tape, 800, RIAA, LP, AES, 78), Rolloff (0, 4, 8, 12, 14, 16); Channel A Bass; Channel B Bass; Channel A Treble; Channel B Treble; Balance; Phase; Stereo Reverse; Contour; Rumble Filter; Tape Monitor; Power On-Off; Input Level (8 sets). Tubes: 4-ECC83/12AX7, 5-ECC81/12AT7, 6 silicon diodes.

Size: 14" w. x 12" d. x 6" h. Shipping Weight, 32lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model Citation I Kit-Brown with satin gold escutcheon.
Net Each $ 159,95
- Zone 2: 164,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model Citation I-Factory wired.
Net Each $ 249,95
- Zone 2: 254,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model WC-1 Wood Enclosure-Walnut finish.
Net Each $ 29,95
Zone 2: 30,95


Stereophonic power amplifier for use with the Citation I preamplifier or other preamps with control section. Available in kit or wired form. Extended response to two octaves below and above the normal range of hearing, for smooth sound. Absolutely stable with any load. Each of the four "6550" output tubes has a bias meter for individual adjustment of the plate current of each tube. Drives inefficient speaker systems to their fullest.

Power Output: 60 watts per channel, 130 watts peak each channel. Frequency Response: +0, -1.0db, 18-40.000cps at 60 watts; +0, -1.0db, 2-80.000cps at 1 watt. Distortion: Less than 0.5% harmonic at 60 watts; 0.5% IM at 60 watts. Sensitivity: 1.5 v. rms for 60 watts input. Damping Factor: Greater than 18. Feedback: 30db. Hum and Noise: Better than 90db below 60 watts.
Inputs: Two, one each channel. Outputs: 4, 8, 16 ohms each channel; AC convenience outlet. Tubes: 6-12BY7A, 4-6550, 4 silicon diodes, 1 selenium rectifier. Power Required: 350 watts. Size: 16" w. x 11" d. x 9" h. Shpg. Wt. 71 lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model Citation II Kit-Finished in gold and charcoal brown.
Net Each $ 159,95
- Zone 2: 169,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model Citation II-Factory wired. $ 229,95
- Zone 2: 239,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model AC-2 Metal Enclosure-Finished in charcoal brown.
Net Each $ 7,95


Most sensitive FM tuner features "Nuvistor" subminiature precision tube for .65uV 20db quieting with virtually no distortion. Audio range 2 octaves above and below normal hearing. Preassembled and factory aligned converter-IF subassembly. Two separate D'Arsonval tuning meters. Meters also used for alignment of the limiters and discriminator without using any other test equipment. Terminal board construction for rigidity and uniformity. Two position local/distance switch. Will accommodate IIIMA multiplex adapter on chassis.

Sensitivity: 0.65uV for 20db quieting and 0.85uV for 30db quieting. Hum Level: 65db below 100% modulation. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 1-52.000cps. Distortion: Unmeasurable at 30% modulation - less than 0.1% at 100% modulation. Antenna Input: 300 ohms, balanced. Output Level: 2V at 100% modulation, adjustable. Output Impedance: 1500 ohms, anode follower output stage. Controls: Station Tuning; Volume; Squelch; AFC; Local/Distant switch. Squelch and AFC are defeatable. Size: 14" w. x 12" d. x 6" h. Weight, 32lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model Citation III Kit-Finished in charcoal brown and gold.
Net Each $ 149,95 - Zone 2: 154,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model Citation III-Factory wired.
Net Each $ 229,95 - Zone 2: 234,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model WCI Wood Enclosure-Walnut finish.
Net Each $ 29,95 - Zone 2: 30,95
(4) Harman-Kardon Model Citation IIIMA Stereo Adapter-Multiplex adapter represents the finest in the art of Multiplex design. Factory Wired. Net Each $ 89,95 - Zone 2: 90,95


Incorporates every advanced engineering and construction technique found in Citation I and Citation II. Unmeasurable distortion and phase shift at rated output. Square wave tracings at 20 and 20.000cps reveal no differences between the response of the Citation IV and the generator signal. Rigid military wiring boards. Separate bass and treble tone controls for each channel; special tone control defeat switch. Each amplification stage has feedback loop; flat, 2 octaves below to 2 octaves above the normal range of hearing. Special bass and treble filters. Scratch filter rolls off sharply without ringing. DC on all heaters; low noise resistors in critical places reduce thermal agitation and hum. Continuously variable blend control to maintain center "fill". Illuminated pushbutton On-Off switch. Separate switches for Tape-Monitor and Contour. Balance control is zero to infinity type providing complete cut-off for either speaker. Feedback pair output stage for low output impedance with extended frequency response and minimum distortion.

Frequency Response: +0, -0.5db, 5-80.000cps. Distortion: Less than 0.05% at 2V Noise: High level, 85db below rated output; low level, less than 1.5uV referred to input terminals. Rated Output: 2V. Sensitivity: High level, 0.2V; low level, 2.5uV in phono position. Controls: Function Selector (Aux, Tape Amp, Tuner, Phono-RIAA, Phono-LP, Tape Head); Mode (Stereo, Reverse, A and B, Channel A, Channel B); Channel A Bass; Channel B Bass; Channel A Treble; Channel B Treble; Blend; Tone; Balance; Loudness; Contour; Rumble Filter; Scratch Filter; Tape Monitor; Power On-Off. Tubes: 6-ECC83/12AX7, plus 4 semiconductor rectifiers. Size: 14" w. x 11" d. x 5" h. Shipping Weight: 25lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model Citation IV Kit-Charcoal brown and gold.
Net Each $ 119,95 - Zone 2: 122,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model Citation IV-Factory wired.
Net Each $ 189,95 - Zone 2: 192,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model WCI Wood Enclosure-Walnut finish.
Net Each $ 29,95 - Zone 2: 30,95


Smaller version of Citation II with every worthwhile feature required for superb stereo reproduction. Features include: Two 7581 per channel in fixed bias, ultra-balance circuit with bias meter, frequency response extends two octaves above and below the normal range of hearing; absolutely stable with any load; grain-oriented steel output transformers. Drives any inefficient speaker effortlessly.

Power Output: 40 watts per channel, 95 watts peak each channel. Frequency Response: +0, -1.0db, 7-45.000cps at 40 watts; +0, -1.0db, 2-80.000cps at 1 watt. Distortion: Less than 0.5% at 40 watts, harmonic and IM. Sensitivity: 1.2 v. rms. Damping Factor: 15 measured at 16-ohm tap. Feedback: 22db. Hum and Noise: Better than 85db below 40 watts. Inputs: Two, one each channel. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Tubes: 2-12BY7A, 2-6CG7, 4-7581 plus 4 silicon diodes and 1 selenium rectifier. Power Required: 250 watts. Size: 13" w. x 11" d. x 5" h. Shipping Weight, 45lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model citation V Kit-Gold and charcoal brown.
Net Each $ 119,95 - Zone 2: 124,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model Citation V-Factory wired.
Net Each $ 179,95 - Zone 2: 184,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model ACV Metal Enclosure-Net Ea. $ 7,95




Engineered to deliver professional quality performance at a remarkable low price. Features: Massive output transformers provide response beyond the normal range of human hearing; minimize phase shift for flawless reproduction in the audible range. Stereo headphone input receptacle on front panel for private listening. Ambiance control acts as a center channel gain; also regulates transferred signal into external delay network if used. Speaker phasing switch for best low frequency response. Illuminated pushbutton On-Off switch permits presetting of volume level. Blend indicator lights give precise guide in blending stereo channels. Separate bass and treble control for each channel; high and low cut filters; zero to infinity balance control for perfect speaker/room adjustment. Stereo contour control boosts bass at low listening levels. Blend control eliminates "hole-in-the-middle" effects.

Power Output: 25 watts per channel, music; 20 watts, continuous per channel at less than 0.5% distortion; 5 watts at less than 0.2% distortion. Peak, 50 watts per channel. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 12-35.000cps at normal levels. Hum: -85db at rated output. Inputs: Magnetic phono (RIAA), tape head (NARTB), crystal phono, tuner, tape amplifier, auxiliary and tape monitor for each channel. Outputs: Tape, each channel; third channel controlled by Ambiance control; stereo headphone on front panel; switched AC receptacle. Controls: Speaker Phasing; Tape Monitor; High Filter; Low Filter; Contour; Stereo Reverse; Ambiance; On-Off Pushbutton; Bass each channel; Treble each channel; Blend; Balance; Loudness; Function Selector; and. Stereo/Mono/ Blend Indicator Lamps. Tube balance control for each channel on chassis. Tubes: 4-7355, 1-12AU7, 4-12AX7/ECC83. Power Required: 125 watts, 115 V AC; fused (externally accessible). Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 5" h., less knobs. Shpg. Wt., 32 lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model A500 Award-Brushed gold front panel.
Net Each. $ 159,95 - Zone 2: $ 164,95




Super-sensitive, distortion-free tuner for FM or stereo multiplex reception. Features: Wide-band discriminator for excellent capture ratio with virtually no distortion. Twin tuning gangs for outstanding selectivity; eliminates stray capacitance and inductance. Two tuned circuits precede first RF stage for excellent spurious response rejection. Interchannel muting stops interchannel tuning noise. Flat response two octaves above and below normal audible range. Range switch improves reception of distant stations. Illuminated pushbutton On-Off switch. D'Arsonval movement, tuning meter for accurate balance and perfect visual tuning. Space provided on chassis to accommodate complete FM Multiplex adapter.

Sensitivity: 0.85uV for 20db quieting, standard; 3uv, IHFM usable sensitivity. Frequency Response: ±1db, 10-52.000cps. Image Rejection: 66db. Distortion: immeasurable at 30% modulation; less than 0.1% at 100% modulation. Hum Level: 60db below 100% modulation. Antenna Input: 300 ohms, balanced. Outputs: Two FM; 1 Multiplex; one AC receptacle. Controls: On-Off Pushbutton; FM/ Multiplex; Interchannel Muting Defeat; AFC Defeat; Tuning. Interchannel Muting Threshold Control on rear panel. Power Required: 45 watts, 115 v. AC. Size: 15" w. x 5" h. x 12" d., excluding knobs. Shpg. Wt. 22lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model F500 Award-Brushed gold front panel.
Net Each. $ 129,95 Zone 2: $ 132,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model MX500 Multiplex Adapter-Designed to plug directly into space provided on F500 chassis. Provides a complete integrated multiplex system. Noise filter provided for use in fringe areas.
Net Each $ 39,95 - Zone 2: 40,95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model F500X Award-Complete integrated multiplex tuner. Model F500 with Model MX500 factory installed.
Net Each. $ 169,90 - Zone 2: 172,90




Fine styling, professional features, crisp performance and wide-band response due to grain-oriented high permeability cores in the output transformers. Zero to infinity balance control permits a complete cutoff of left or right speaker systems enabling the system to be balanced for virtually any position in the room. Blend control is continuously variable, eliminating the hole-in-the-middle effect by introducing variable crossfeed between the two channels. Bass and treble controls are ganged and provide 12db boost and cut at 50cps and 10db boost and cut at 10.000cps. Push button On/Off switch is illuminated. B+ regulation is achieved through use of a silicon diode power supply voltage doubler circuit with heavy duty power transformer. Two 7408 tubes per channel, self-biased, pentode connected in Class AB1 operation. DC on preamplifier and voltage amplifier filaments.

Power Output: 15 watts per channel music power rating; 12 watts per channel at less than 1% distortion, 5 watts at less than .5% distortion. 30 watts per channel peak power output. Frequency Response: ±1db, 15-70.000cps at normal listening level. Hum: -80db, minimum volume; -75db, high level; -60db, low level; -55db tape head input; at rated output. Inputs: 2 Low Level (magnetic phono or tape head); 2 Phono Hi; 2 Tuner; 2 Tape Amp. (Aux.). Sensitivities: Phono Low, 3.0 mv; Tape Head, 2.0 mv; Phono Hi, 125 mv; Tuner, 125 mv. Outputs: 8, 16 ohms per channel; 2 Tape; One AC. Controls: Function Selector Switch (Phono Lo-Tape Lo, Phono Hi, Tuner, Aux.-Tape Hi); Volume control; Blend; Bass (Ganged); Treble (Ganged); Balance; On/Off; Rumble Filter; Stereo Reverse/Normal; Contour; Phono-RIAA; Tape NAB; Tube Balance controls on chassis. Tubes: Two silicon rectifiers, plus 4-7408, 4-12AX7, 1-12AU7. Power Required: 90 watts at 115 v. AC, fused (externally accessible). Size: 15" w. x 11" d. x 5" h. Shipping Weight, 25lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model A300 Award-Brushed gold front panel Net Each. $ 99,95
Zone 2: $101,95




AM/FM tuner with built-in multiplex for stereo reception of stations transmitting a stereo signal. No special controls or adjustments are required. Unit is ready to receive multiplex immediately. Circuit consists of a tuned grounded grid RF amplifier followed by a low-noise triode mixer, three high gain wide-band pentode IF stages and the Gated Beam zero-time constant limiter. Circuit employs a wideband Foster-Seeley solid-state detector, stable Colpitts oscillator, and reactance type AFC circuit. Low distortion, superior impulse noise rejection plus uniform limiting and output at all signals.

Sensitivity: FM, 3.2uV IHFM, 0.95uv for 20db quieting; AM, 80uV/meter terminal sensitivity, 10mv. Frequency Response: FM, ±1db, 10-35.000cps; FM-Multiplex, ±1db, 15-15.000cps; AM, ±2.5db, 20-5,000cps. Image Rejection: FM, 55db; AM, 50db (55db IF rejection). Distortion: FM, Unmeasurable at 30% modulation, less than 0.1% at 100% modulation; AM, 1% harmonic. Hum Level: FM, -60db at 100% modulation; AM, -45db at 80% modulation. Antenna Input: FM, 300 ohms; AM, Built-in low noise ferrite loopstick with low impedance terminal for external antenna. Discriminator Peak-To-Peak Separation: FM, 1 megacycle, ultra-linear. Crosstalk: Multiplex adapter, -40db. Outputs: FM, FM Multiplex, AM, AC (switched). Output Level: 1V at 100% modulation. Controls: Tuning Knob; On/Off Switch; AFC Defeat; Mode; Selector; Noise Filter. Tubes: 1-EZ81, 1-6AJ8/ECH81, 1-6AQ8/ECC85, 2-6BL8/ECF80, 1-6EQ7' 1-6BN6, 1-12AU7, 1-6C4. Power Required: 50 watts, at 115V AC. Size: 15" w. x 11" d. x 5" h. Shipping Weight, 25lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model T300X Award-Brushed gold front panel
Net Each. $ 149,95 - Zone 2: $ 151,95

Harman-Kardon Model CX50-Metal enclosure. Net Each $ 12,95
Harman-Kardon Model WWS0-Walnut enclosure. Net Each $ 29,95


Remarkable 30-watt stereo amplifier with dual preamplifiers and separate AM and FM tuning sections. Delivers superb performance in a single, compact chassis. Unusual design and precision construction; utilizes an "FM tuner cartridge" for lower distortion, more usable sensitivity, better AFC action and higher stability. Features blend control to eliminate "hole-in-the-middle" effects; dual tone controls adjust bass and treble separately for each channel; DC heated preamplifier filaments for hum freedom; distortion-free power through use of four 7408 output tubes.

Tuner Specifications: Same as those listed for Model T220 "Aria".

Power Output: 15 watts each channel; 60 watts total peak. Frequency Response: ±0.5db. 15-30,000 cps at normal levels. Hum: 75db below 15 watts, minimum. Outputs: 8, 16 ohms; FM multiplex; 2 tape outputs unaffected by volume and tone controls. Inputs: Magnetic phono, crystal phono, tape head, auxiliary and multiplex for each channel. Controls: AM Tuning; FM Tuning; Tuner Selector (FM, FM-AFC, AM-FM, AM, Off); Function Selector (Phono Hi/Lo, Tape Head, Aux, Multiplex, Tuner); Mode (Reverse, Stereo, Monophonic A + B, Right, Left); Dual Loudness; Dual Bass; Dual Treble; Blend Control. Output tube balance control for each channel provided on chassis. Tubes: 15 plus 5 diodes. Power Required: 130 watts; fused. Handsome, functional design ideal for table or shelf use as well as built-in installations; brushed copper or gold escutcheon. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 6" h., less knobs. Shipping Weight, 30lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model TA224 Stereo Recital-Chassis only.
Net Each $ 199,95 - Zone 2: 203,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model CX24 Enclosure-Metal. Net Each $ 11.95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model WW30 (Walnut) or FW30 (Fruitwood) Enclosures - Net Each $ 29,95


Most versatile stereo receiver consisting of 60-watt stereo amplifier, dual preamplifiers and separate AM and FM sections. New ultra-balance output stage design drives effortlessly any of today's compact speakers with virtually unmeasurable harmonic and intermodu-lation distortion. Features dual friction-clutch tone controls for each channel, blend-mode control, speaker phasing, program reversal, two magnetic inputs, close tracking loudness control, contour, rumble and scratch niters, illuminated pushbutton on-off switch, separate AM and FM tuning eyes and swivel high-Q AM loopstick antenna; third channel amplifier output, headphone receptacle.

Tuner Specifications-Sensitivity: 2.5uv (20db quieting), FM; 80uV/meter, AM. Hum Level: 60db below 100% modulation FM; 45db below 80% modulation AM. Tuning Range: 88-108mc, FM 530-1640kc, AM. Frequency Response: ±0.75db, 30-15.000 cps including standard 75usec de-emphasis, FM; ±3db, 20-5,000 cps, AM. Distortion: Less than 0.5% IM at 30% modulation, FM; less than 1% harmonic, AM. Antenna Input: 300 ohms, FM; ferrite loopstick, AM. Image Rejection: 40db, FM; 55db, AM. IF Rejection: 60db, FM; 55db, AM.

Audio Specifications - Music Power Output: 60 watts combined, 30 watts per channel. Frequency Response:  ±1db, 10-55,000 cps at 1 watt. Distortion: 0.5% at rated output. Hum and Noise Factor: Hi, 85db; lo, 65db. Inputs: Aux., magnetic phono, tape. Tape Output Level: H v. from each channel. Record Equalization: RIAA. Tape Equalization: NARTB 7 1/2"/sec. Controls: Front panel-Magnetic Input 1 and 2, Equalization (RIAA and NARTB); Stereo Normal/Reverse; Power, Contour; Rumble; Scratch; AM Tuning; Function Selector (Extra, AM, FM, FM-AFC, AM-FM, FM Multiplex, MAG, Pho/Tape Hd); Balance; Mode-Blend; Loudness; Bass; Treble; FM Tuning. Chasiss-Two Output Balance; Speaker Phasing Switch. Receptacles: Input-2 phono, 2 tape head, 2 extra, 2 multiplex. Output-2 tape, 1 multiplex, 1 third channel. Tubes: 20, plus 3 silicon diodes.

Power Required: 195 watts, fused. Finish: Escutcheon brushed gold. Size: 15" w. x 12"d. x 6" h., excluding knobs. Shipping Weight, 44lbs.

(1) Harman-Kardon Model TA260 Stereo Festival II-Chassis only.
Net Each. $ 299,95 - Zone 2: 304,95
(2) Harman-Kardon Model CX2G Enclosure-Metal. Net Each .$ 12.95
(3) Harman-Kardon Model WVV30A Enclosure-Walnut. Net Each . 29-95 - Zone 2: 30,95


Multiplex adapter for use with above units and with Model TA230 tuner. Snaps into place on the rear of the chassis, connecting to the chassis with a special power take-off network to any output tube sockets, and will provide wide range FM stereo Multiplex reception. Frequency Response: ±1db. 15-15,000 cps. Crosstalk: -40db. Distortion: Less than 1% T.H.D. Output Level: 1.25 v.

Harman-Kardon Model MX600-Net Each . $ 49,95 - Zone 2: 50,95




This amplifier embodies every important characteristic of a fine high fidelity unit at a remarkable low cost. Full range bass and treble tone controls, RIAA compensated magnetic phono input, NARTB compensated tape head input are supplied for full versatility. Unit is ideally suited for use in stereo installations and a perfect companion tor the new "Tempo" tuner listed below.

Power Output: 10 watts at less than 1% harmonic and 2% IM distortion; 20 watts peak. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 15-30,000 cps at 1 watt; ±1db, 45-20.000 cps at 10 watts. Damping Factor: 5. Hum: 80db at minimum volume, 70db on aux. and tuner, and 60db on RIAA phono and tape below 10 watts. Tone Control Range: ±12db at 50cps; ±12db at 10kc. Equalization: RIAA, phono; NARTB tape. Tape Output: Receptacle on rear of chassis, independent of tone controls. Input Levels: Aux. and tuner, 0.5 volt; phono, 4 mv at 1 kc; will not overload with input level below 180 mv; tape, 1.5 mv at 250 cps. Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble and Function (Tuner/Aux., RIAA phono, Tape Head). Tubes: 2-12AX7, 2-EL84, 1-EZ80. Power Consumption: 55 watts. Size: 12" x 4" x 6"- Finish: Black metal cage; copper control panel; black knobs. Shipping Weight, 11 lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model A-10 "Allegro" - Net Each $ 49.95 - Zone 2: 50,75


New design incorporates an Armstrong circuit with limiter and broad band Foster-Seeley discriminator. Features automatic frequency control, flywheel tuning, low distortion and excellent capture ratio without sacrifice of positive AFC action. Sensitivity: 7uv for 30db quieting; 3.5uV for 20db quieting. Selectivity: 240kc bandwidth. 6db down. Frequency Response: ±0.75db. 30-15,000cps including 75 microsecond de-emphasis. Hum Level: 60db below 100% modulation. Output Level: 1.5 volts for 100% modulation; 0.5 volt for 30%. Radiation: Within FCC requirements. Rejection: 40db. image; 60 db, IF. Antenna Input: 300 oinns. Distortion: Less tnan 0.5% at 30% modulation (3% at 100%). Frequency Range: 88-108 mc, FM only. Drift: ±5 kc maximum. Controls: On-Off and Tuning. Tubes: 2-ECC85, 3-6AU6, 1-6AL5, selenium rectifier. Power Consumption: 25 watts. Size: 12" x 4" x 6". Finish: Matte Dlack cage; brusned copper panel; edge lighted dial glass. Shipping Weight, 10 lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model F-10 "Tempo"-Net Each $ 69.95 - Zone 2: 70.45


Exciting 3-in-l chassis combines FM tuner, complete preamplifier and power amplifier in compact assembly. Features flexibility and economy with high performance; uses Foster-Seeley discriminator with limiter and automatic frequency control, separate bass and treble controls, loudness contour, RIAA compensated phono input, NARTB, compensated tape input. Tuner Performance: Same as characteristics listed for "Tempo" FM tuner. Power Output: 10 watts at less than 1% harmonic distortion; 2% IM, 60 and 6,000 cps; 20 watts peak. Frequency Response: ±0.5 db, 15-30,000 cps at 1 watt; ±1db, 45-20,000 cps at 10 watts. Other Audio Characteristics: Same as listed for "Allegro" amplifier. Controls: Function (tape head, phono, FM, Aux.), Loudness/ On-Off, Tuning, Treble, Bass and Contour. Convenience AC receptacle provided. Tape Output: Receptacle on rear of chassis; independent of tone controls. Equalization: RIAA, phono; NARTB tape. Tubes: 2-ECC85, 3-6AU6, 1-6AL5, 1-EZ81, 2-12AX7, 2-EL84. Power Consumption: 88 watts. Size: 13" x 11" x 4", including knobs. Finish: Black metal cage; copper control panel. Shipping Weight, 18 lbs.

Harman-Kardon Model FA-10 "Sonata"-Net Each. $ 114,95 - Zone 2: 115,95


Self-powered Multiplex adapter designed to operate with all Harman-Kardon FM and FM/AM tuners equipped with Multiplex outputs. A simple connection between the Multiplex output jack and the Multiplex tuner provides wide-range stereo reception of stereo FM Multiplex. Consists of two-stage subcarrier, main carrier triode amp., synchronous oscillator, L-R filter, two-section HO L/H filter, dual-phase L-It detector and precision matrix.
Frequency Response: ±1db, 15-15,000cps. Output Level: 1.25 v. Distortion: Less than 1% T.H.D. Crosstalk: -40db. Inputs. FM Multiplex. Outputs: Two, Left and Right channel stereo outputs, lubes: 1-12AU7, 1-6C4, 1-EZ80 rectifier. Power Required: 25 watts at 117 v. AC.

Harman-Kardon Model MX700-Net Each $ 59,95 - Zone 2: 60,95


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