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Im Winter Katalog 1958 von HEATH finden wir das hier :

auf Englisch natürlich : (Heath war von Daystrom aufgekauft worden, nachdem der Mr. Heath vestorben war.)


I am indeed grateful that these Heathkit flyers give me an opportunity to talk to you directly. Of course, it's not like talking to you face-to-face, but at least the Heath Company is in the unique position of being able to correspond in this more or less personal way without the usual round-about route from plant to distributor and retailer. I know we are able to do a better job for you because of this close association. From your numerous cards and letters we sense your needs and desires very quickly and, believe me, do everything in our power to adapt our planning and production to them.

We feel a great debt of gratitude to you for our rapid growth in the "do-it-yourself" electronics field. We depend entirely upon you and a growing list of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who give us such tremendous support in terms of more and more orders year after year.

Beyond this sense of debt, we feel a certain element of pride in this growth. We believe that we are contributing something of fundamental importance to the economic and educational scheme of this great country of ours.

We know, for example, that a great many young people have gained starts in successful electronic careers simply because the low cost of Heathkits enabled them to get a start when a substantial capital outlay was impossible for them.

We know that in many cases the educational value derived from assembling their own Healhkits at an early age put them well ahead of their contemporaries on the climb to success.

We feel, too, that in this day and age of ever increasing emphasis on science and technology, many more of our young people will find the gates into these fields opening to them through Heathkit building.

May I presume to suggest at this time, that if there is a young lad of your acquaintance with this bent, perhaps you could start him on his way to a successful electronics career with a very minimum investment in a simple and basic Heathkit. He may be forever grateful.

I know you will be interested to know that the Heath Company will be moving into a new plant in early 1958. This plant will have the finest facilities possible devoted exclusively to the design, manufacture and distribution of electronic equipment in kit form. You will be hearing more about this fine plant in the very near future, but I thought you would be interested in getting advance notice about it at this time.

Before closing, I would like to direct your attention to several new kits making their bow in this flyer: Two brand new feature-packed oscilloscopes (the O-12 and OM-3); two exciting new high fidelity amplifiers (W-7M and UA-1); and a real buy in a tool kit with all the tools you'll need for building Heathkits.

We at the Heath Company would like to wish each one of you a most happy and prosperous new year.


- Werbung Dezent -
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