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Einblick in den Imhofs Hifi Katalog von 1962

Es ist etwas Besonderes, einen so gut erhaltenen Hifi-Katalog aus dem England von 1962 zu bekommen. Wir haben die Seiten so geschickt wie möglich aufgeteilt, sonst würde eine einzelne Seite zu lang werden. Blättern Sie oben in der weißen Leiste von Seite zu Seite.

Imhofs - Das größte Schallplattenangebot weit und breit :

Was bei uns in Deutschland West in den späten 60er und 70ern "Saturn Hansa" in Köln (der Beginn dort war angeblich fast zeitgleich im Juli 1961) wurde, war Imhofs Anfang der 60er Jahre. Doch die Zeiten änderten sich schnell, vermutlich viel zu schnell für das alteingesessene Unternehmen.


IM styli back again (jetzt wieder eigene Ersatznadeln)

Since we stopped making IM Thorn Needles (in the famous Top Hat packs) we have been continually asked to produce IM styli. We have waited until we were certain of achieving and maintaining the very high standard required.

The craftsmen-technicians we have found feel as we do about producing a range of really high quality styli.

Their experience, together with the instruments necessary to meet the fine tolerances we demand, produces styli to satisfy the most discerning enthusiast. Although we set out to produce first-class styli regardless of cost, we found that our top-quality product can be offered at no more than average prices. For instance, a sapphire IM stylus to suit a Garrard GC2 cartridge costs 5s. 11d. and a diamond £2 9s. 6d.

Each IM stylus is checked at a magnification of "x80" (Anmerkung: 80fache Vergrösserung) and each batch sampled at "x500". By this scrupulous inspection impeccable quality is maintained and we are able to guarantee IM diamond styli for 6 months. Call at our record departments or Service Shop (a fully equipped expert will fit your stylus), phone Museum 7878 or write for full details of IM styli to suit your pick-up.

Und hier die Lobeshymnen

Our Melody Bar

Every day we receive letters from customers all over the world telling us how pleased they are with their IM styli. Listed below are some of the remarks contained in these letters and we are sure that, if you fit an IM stylus, you will be just as enthusiastic. An IM stylus will add the final touch of perfection to your equipment.

  • .... and may I take this opportunity of complimenting you on the quality of the stylus you sent me.
  • .... has given most satisfactory service.
  • .... should like to say how very pleased I have been with it—it puts all other needles in the shade.
  • .... congratulations on having produced such a fine product which certainly substantiates all the claims you make for it.
  • .... I found the results quite excellent.
  • .... congratulations on the quality of your product.
  • .... this is quite satisfactory and performance is 100%.
  • .... a fine product.


People all over the world buy records from Imhofs

Mrs. Kathleen Imhof

Imhofs export postal record service has been operating for over sixty years, improving all the time. Indeed, even before the gramophone had been invented, Imhofs were sending through the post supplies of the steel discs which operated the musical boxes which delighted the mid-Victorians.

Today, there is no better record service, no easier way of buying your gramophone records. All you need to do is to fill in one of our simple order forms, giving your
choice of records, and post it to us. We do the rest. You need not even send any money if you have a credit account with us.

We inspect all the records you have asked for, pack them carefully in special cases to withstand the long journey, take out insurance on the parcels, handle the shipping and customs documents and send the records off. All this is done by our own staff here at New Oxford Street, the most experienced staff you would hope to find.

If any of your chosen records is unobtainable, even from the manufacturers, we will gladly choose alternatives for you if you make a note on your order.

About the pictures at the right:
(1) 'ART' FOWLER Records Manageress first joined us under Mrs. Kathleen Imhof. Her charm and personality are perhaps as well known to our customers as her almost encyclopaedic knowledge of recorded music.

(2) R. W. HYDE Melody Bar Manager a jazz enthusiast with a wide knowledge of jazz and popular recordings. Once you have seen him performing on the bongos, you will know what we mean by 'enthusiast'.

(3) G. C. G. GIMBLE Senior Classical Record Salesman Fifteen years with Imhofs, he has a wide knowledge of classical recordings. He is in the centre of this picture, in the ground floor showroom.

Hier eine ganz seltene Liste der Platten-Labels von 1962

Imhofs carry the largest stocks of current pressings, including many American and Continental labels.


  1. Ace of Clubs
  2. Allegro
  3. Archive
  4. Argo
  5. Artia
  6. Audio Fidelity
  7. Barclay
  8. Bel Air
  9. Be lean to
  10. Bel ton a
  11. Blue Note
  12. Bruno
  13. Brunswick
  14. Caedmon
  15. Camden
  16. Campion
  17. Cantate
  18. Capitol
  19. Cetra
  20. Collector
  21. Columbia
  22. Columbia-Clef
  23. Contemporary
  24. Coral
  25. Counter Point
  26. D.G.G. (Deutsche-Grammophon)
  27. Decca
  28. Delta
  29. Delyse
  30. Disneyland
  31. Ducrete- Thomson
  32. Durium
  33. Electrola
  34. Elektra
  35. Emarcy
  36. Ember
  37. Emerald
  38. Encore
  39. Envoy
  40. Eros
  41. Esquire
  42. Felsted
  43. Folkways
  44. Fontana
  45. Good Time Jazz
  46. Heliodor
  47. Herald
  48. H.M.V.
  49. Jazz Collector
  50. Jupitor
  51. Listen
  52. London
  53. Melodise
  54. Mercury
  55. M.G.M.
  56. M.K.
  57. Nixa
  58. Odeon
  59. Oiseau-Lyre
  60. Olympus
  61. Orfeo
  62. Oriole
  63. Pantheon
  64. Parliament
  65. Parlophone
  66. Parlophone-Odeon
  67. Pathe
  68. Paxton
  69. Peking
  70. Philharmonic
  71. Philips
  72. Polydor
  73. Pye
  74. Qualiton
  75. R.C.A.
  76. Regal-Zonophone
  77. Riverside
  78. Saga
  79. Secco
  80. Sound Stories
  81. Starlite
  82. Stereoddities
  83. Supraphon
  84. Talking Books
  85. Telefunken
  86. Tempo
  87. Top Rank
  88. Topic
  89. Vanguard
  90. Versailles
  91. Vogue
  92. Vogue-Coral
  93. Vox
  94. Warner
  95. Waver ley
  96. Westminster
  97. Whitehall


we export hi-fi and records all over the world

These envelopes from our daily post show how widely Imhofs service is known. From every continent come the enquiries and orders. Not suprisingly, for we have been exporting self-actuating musical reproducers for the home for more than a century so that our experience in the field is unparalleled.

Packing is carried out by our own staff, experts who know just how to protect delicate equipment in different climates and conditions. Customs and shipping forms and all other documentation are handled on the premises so that the entire order is in our care until it is actually despatched. All goods are sent free of purchase-tax, of course, and despatch is by air or by sea, as required. Even when the consignment is out of our hands, we still safeguard it; every package is fully insured and safe delivery is guaranteed.

you can order by post with confidence

Imhofs have the largest mail-order department for hi-fi and records in Europe. You can choose hi-fi equipment from this book or tell us your requirements and leave us to select equipment to meet them. You can have any record currently pressed in this country and, as the same person looks after your account all the time, your personal tastes are our guide in choosing alternatives to records no longer produced.

Delivery is prompt, for our stocks are large and manufacturers give us priority when goods are in short supply. If ever you are in London, you can call and see our stocks and our demonstration facilities just as your grandfather may have done and we hope your grandchildren will do in the future.

G. W. HUDSON Export Despatch Manager
Has been with us for fifteen years and had previously spent a number of years in packing for export various types of sensitive equipment. He has made a close study of packaging methods and his knowledge and skill, together with his capable staff, are important factors in our guarantee of safe delivery. As you would expect in such a reliable and practical man, his preferences in music and in the arts generally are for the well-tried old favourites.

Natürlich hatte Imhofs auch eine Verwaltung




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