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Einblick in den Imhofs Hifi Katalog von 1962

Es ist etwas Besonderes, einen so gut erhaltenen Hifi-Katalog aus dem England von 1962 zu bekommen. Wir haben die Seiten so geschickt wie möglich aufgeteilt, sonst würde eine einzelne Seite zu lang werden. Blättern Sie oben in der weißen Leiste von Seite zu Seite.

Und das hier war neu, soetwas kannten wir noch nicht.

IMHOFs baute eigene leere Musikschrank-Gehäuse zum Selbstbestücken. Bei uns gab es fast überall die fertigen Musikschränke vor allem von Grundig, auch von Braun, Telefunken, Siemens und vielen Anderen, mit den jeweils eigenen Radiochassis der eigenen alten Radioprodukte, nur etwas größer und schwerer.
Die Möbelfabrik oder Großschreinerei unter dem Namen Rosita zum Beispiel kam erst viel später mit eigenen Schränken auf den Markt. Und bereits 10 Jahre später wußten wir, das es ganz großer Muks war, irgendwelche Chassis in irgendwelche Holzkisten einzubauen.


Imhofs exclusive range of hi-fi cabinets (1962)

Just as good music needs hi-fi reproduction, so good hi-fi equipment needs well-designed cabinets. The fanatic, more interested in wow than in music, may not worry if the various components of his system are housed in ill-assorted boxes (or in none at all), provided they are working efficiently. Most of us, however, want our equipment to harmonise with our homes and still give of their best. The Imhof range of cabinets, specially designed for hi-fi, is made to blend with the furnishings of discriminating people. It includes, as you can see from this and the succeeding pages, small cabinets for a single item (such as a motor) and skilfully proportioned cabinets to house a complete system.

The Imhof range includes several loudspeaker cabinets, a variety of cabinets for housing amplifiers, players and tape-decks separately or together, record storage cabinets and, for many of the pieces, a choice of bases and legs. The standard finish is two-tone mahogany; in addition, the Trolley Cabinet and the Reflexian enclosure are available in light or dark mahogany alone and in straight-grain walnut. These and other finishes, such as teak or rosewood, can be prepared specially for you for any cabinet.

A development of the Im flex range (see page 26), for stereo, this has a speaker compartment at either end with three central compartments for the control equipment.

The space is sufficient for either the SME or the Decca ffss pick-up arms. The tape-deck compartment can be replaced by a record storage compartment if desired (at a slight extra cost). Standard finishes are light or dark sapele mahogany, or a two-tone combination, or rosewood with light mahogany. 84"w x 17"h x 21 "d (legs extra 9", adjustable to 10").

Royal Hi-fi Gift

On the occasion of the State Visit of the King of Nepal, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh presented His Majesty with a high fidelity stereophonic tape and disc sound reproduction system.

This system, designed and built by Alfred Imhof Ltd., of New Oxford Street, consisted essentially of a special mixer control unit linking a gramophone, a microphone, a play-back tape machine, a recording tape machine and an ancillary source (such as a film sound-track). The photograph shows the control unit on the left, the two tape decks in the middle and the gramophone on the right. The whole system was housed in a specially built Imhofs cabinet finished in English walnut. The acoustically matched loudspeakers (15 ohms impedance) were also housed in walnut enclosures.

This superb and unique hi-fi system was built entirely from British components and, with its cabinet, was completed in less than four weeks from the date of the order. It thus represents a remarkable combination of British technical skill, British craftsmanship and British commercial ability.

Reprinted from January, 1961 Edition "Hi-Fi News"

Imhofs famous hi-fi cabinets

The designs on these pages are established favourites. They have been featured in design exhibitions not only in London and Glasgow but in New York and several Continental cities too. They are a joy to possess for their appearance alone and the details of their construction are specified by experts who know as much as any about hi-fi. An Imhof cabinet is the finest compliment you can pay your favourite recordings.

Here on this page are some of our latest designs, introduced to cater for the latest developments in pick-up design, in tape-decks and in stereo. Each is available in a variety of finishes so that from them one could choose a cabinet for virtually any home. On this and the next two pages are established favourites, all good to look at and capable of holding most of the hi-fi equipment available today.

IM series of unit hi-fi cabinets

For the music-lover seeking good design on a tight budget, here is the ideal range of cabinets. All are finished in Sapele Mahogany and have the same quality of simple elegance as the larger Imflex cabinets.
You will be as proud of them as we are.
IM Unit 111B 17"w x 10"h x 15"d. (below left)
IM Unit 111A 17"w x 7"h x 15"d. (similar to III SA below right).


Selected for the Design Centre and pictured here in Dark Sapele Mahogany finish, this cabinet will move with fingertip ease from fireside chair to window-seat and back again. In style and finish, it matches the Reflexian loudspeaker enclosure and the two will make a most distinguished home for your equipment. 34"w x 24"h x 16"d.


Chosen, like its counterpart the Trolley Cabinet, for exhibition at the Design Centre, this is a beautiful cabinet in any of its standard finishes (Light and Dark Sapele mahogany, separately or together in a two-tone scheme, Rosewood and Straight-grain Walnut). Virtually any hi-fi speaker can be housed in this elegant enclosure; one well-recommended suggestion is the Tannoy 12" dual concentric speaker. We should be delighted to advise on other possibilities. 24"w x 34"h x 16"d.

HFU9 control cabinet

a special two-compartment cabinet with 8" wooden legs, will hold most hi-fi installations, including many tape-decks. 35"w x 25"h (inc. legs) x 21"d.

HFU10 control cabinet

a special three-compartment cabinet, will house the largest combinations of control equipment including tape decks. 8" wooden legs. 50"w x 25"h (with legs) x 21 "d.


Similar to the model accepted for the Design Centre, but subtly enlarged to take the latest pick-ups. Standard finishes are light or dark Sapele Mahogany, or a two-tone combination, or Walnut. Teak finish available at a small extra cost. 35"w x 24"h (inc. castors) x 18"d.

the Imflex range

a typical arrangement using HFU1 and HFU2 cabinets on a wooden HFU3 base, housing player, tuner, amplifier and loudspeaker.

Imflex cabinets are so designed that you can arrange your own selection of units in a manner suited to your own tastes and needs. All the cabinets match in depth and height and all have the same rich two-tone mahogany finish (you can order other finishes, of course), so that they form harmonious groups which can be added to at any time.

To complete your array of Imflex cabinets, choose from wooden or metal legs, individual legs to complete bases. Wooden screw-on legs come in two sizes (4±" and 12") and both sizes can be had with brass ferrules, if preferred. Metal legs are in one size only (9") and are enamelled black.

list of cabinets

HFU3 (wooden legs) 44"w x 12"h x 16"d.
HFU8 (wooden legs) 66"w x 12"h x 16"d.
HFU3 (metal legs) 44"wx 12"hx16"d.
HFU8 (metal legs) 66"w x 12"h x 16"d.
HFU1 control cabinet with room in the base for an amplifier and one of the smaller radio tuners. 22"wx17"h x16"d.
HFU2 speaker enclosure fully lagged, acoustically designed for 12" speaker. 22"wx17"hx16"d.
HFU7 record storage cabinet will hold up to 150 records. 22"wx17"hx16"d.
HFU5 speaker enclosure full size compact cabinet designed for a 12" speaker. 44"wx 17"h x16"d.
HFU6 record storage cabinet will hold up to 300 records. 44"wx17"hx16"d.


This is Imhofs most ambitious enclosure designed for those who require the full stereo effect that can only be provided by widely spaced loudspeakers, and yet cannot accommodate three separate cabinets. This cabinet provides acoustically designed enclosures for two 12" loudspeakers, as well as extensive record storage facilities, accommodation for stereo amplifiers, control units and radio tuners, as well as even the largest transcription turntables. Beautifully finished in Mahogany and Rosewood veneers, and is a fine piece of furniture for use in a modern home. Dimensions: 9"w x 20"d x 16"h (28"h with legs).

The Red Carpet Room in the 'Oriana', . . .

the latest ship of the Orient Line, has this superb hi-fi system to delight its passengers. Built by Imhofs, it will provide supreme musical enjoyment from here to Australia and back again. The 'Oriana' is a luxury ship with all the latest refinements for passenger comfort—naturally only an Imhofs hi-fi installation is good enough.

fitting in cabinets or concealing in rooms

Even the finest contemporary cabinets will not always blend harmoniously with period furnishings. However, antique chests, bureaux or commodes can be discreetly converted into hi-fi cabinets. Imhofs maintain a team of craftsmen specialising in this skilled and delicate work.
We also make special cabinets to customers' drawings, working (where required) in co-operation with architects and interior designers. Our engineers take a personal pride in their work so you can be certain that any installation they have made will look right and sound right and that it will give years of reliable service.

A wonderfully comprehensive imhofs hi-fi installation in the Surrey home of Mr. Sefton Myers. The control cabinet to the right of the fireplace houses the motor, tape-deck and

This combination of reliability and personal attention to the detailed problems of any installation has been tried and proved in such diverse piaces as theatres, hospitals, the Tower of London, churches and homes both socialite and suburban. Percy Wilson summarised it for us in The Gramophone when, in describing the problem of erecting fringe TV and FM aerials on his very old house, he said "that problem has been dealt with for me by the Imhof Service Department. It is the most helpful thing I have yet come across in this field of service."



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