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1961 - "SCOTT Stereo, Hi-Fi Equipment" im HARVEY Katalog

Das ist das Programm des Herstellers "HH SCOTT" im HARVEY Katalog von Mitte /Ende 1961. Man nannte das auch die "Modelle 1962". Im eigenen "H.H. SCOTT" Hauptkatalog waren einige Geräte bereits nicht mehr enthalten.

und vor allem . . . . . -
hier stehen die US Dollar Preise !!!

Hier kommt der HARVEY Katalog-Teil nur für SCOTT (auf den Seiten 304 und 305)

Das sind also die Produkte oder Geräte, betriebsbereit fertig oder als Bausätze, die H.H. SCOTT im Jahr 1961/62 in den USA angeboten hatte. Diese Modelle hier waren sehr kurzlebig, denn der Wettbewerb durch die damals anderen Großen der Branche war hart und bestimmt nicht fair, so wie wir das verstanden hatten.


H.H. Scott Stereo, Hi-Fi Equipment

im HARVEY Katalog von Mitte /Ende 1961


For all H. H. Scott tuners. Special circuitry prevents whistle during tape recording. Self-powered AC design. Styled to match all current and older Scott tuners. Comes complete with connecting cables and full instructions. Note: H. H. Scott does not recommend using any other adapter with Scott wideband tuners. Controls: Adapter In-Out; Noise Filter In-Out; Selector (Off, Monophonic, Subchannel Filter and Stereo); Level. Size: 7" x 5" x 13".
Scott Model 335 Multiplex Adapter-Net Each US $ 99,95*
West Coast: $99.95*


Wideband design for drift-free tuning; noise-free reception of the weakest stations. Built-in multiplex for receiving FCC approved FM stereo broadcasts. Special circuit eliminates whistle for tape recording. Subchannel noise filter does not affect program frequency response. Silver-plated front end. Switchable AGC for maximum quieting. Sensitivity: 2.5uV, IHFM standard. Controls: Selector (Off, Mono, Stereo With Subchannel Filter, Unaltered Stereo); On-Off; Tuning; Level; Stereo Noise Filter; AGC Switch. Size: 15" x 5" x 13". Shpg. Wt., 19 lbs.
Scott Model 350 FM Stereo Tuner US $ 199,95*
West Coast: $202.95*


Monophonic version of Model 350 has same specifications but without built-in multiplex circuitry. Multiplex output is, however, provided for hook-up with Model 335 Multiplex Adapter. Shpg. Wt., 10 lbs.
Scott Model 314 FM Tuner-Net Each US $ 119,95*
West Coast: $ 121.95*


FM SECTION: New improved silver-plated front end.
Sensitivity: 2.5uV employing the very rigid IHFM standards. 1uV for 20db quieting with matched 72-ohm antenna.
Tuning: Controls permit vernier and fast tuning; illuminated VU meter for FM-AM precision tuning. Antenna Input: 300 ohms, with negligible mismatch on 72 ohms. Wide band design 150kc IF pass-band; 2 mc detector; 80db rejection of cross modulation; AGC; 2 stages of full limiting; equipped for multiplex operation.
AM SECTION: Sensitivity: 1uV. Audio Output: 4 volts for 100% modulation. Three-position adjustable IF bandwidth (wide range, normal, distance); 10 kc whistle filter; external antenna connections for weak signal areas. Controls: FM Tuning; AM Tuning. Mode Selector (Off, Monophonic, Stereophonic, Stereophonic Phase Reverse); Band Selector (FM, AM wide, AM normal, AM distant); AM-FM Meter; separate AM and FM level controls at rear. Separate output jacks for stereophonic operation, tape recording, and multiplex. Built-in Ferri-loopstick for improved AM reception. Copper-clad aluminum chassis.
Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 5" h. Weight 19 lbs.
Scott Model 330D AM-FM Tuner-Net Each US $ 219,95*
West Coast: $ 222.95*


Sensitivity: 2.0uV employing very rigid IHFM standards for ultimate sensitivity. Dynaural Interstation Noise Suppressor. Tuning Range: 87-109 mc. Audio Output: 4V for 75 kc deviation. 150 kc IF passband; 2 mc limiters and detector; three stages of full limiting; 85db rejection of cross-modulation; 2 1/2db capture ratio; AGC; planetary drive tuning; vernier control; tuning meter; two feedback stages of low distortion audio amplification. Antenna Input: 300 ohms. Low impedance output permits use of 70 ft. cable. Self-contained power supply, 105-125 v., 50-60 cps AC, 50 watts. Outputs: Channel A high and low (tape); Channel B high and low (tape); Multiplex output; Switched AC outlet. Controls: Power (Off/On); FM Tuning; Level; Interstation Noise Suppressor; Local-distant switch for optimum sensitivitv. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 4" h. Net Weight, 13 lbs.
Scott Model 310D FM Tuner-Net Each  US $ 194,95
West Coast: $ 198.25*


Complete unit with dual preamplifiers and dual 25-watt power sections for the most advanced stereophonic reproduction. Center-channel output is provided as a means of eliminating the "hole-in-the-middle" effect.

Unit may also be used as an electronic crossover. Features: Separate bass and treble controls for each channel; 3mv stereo cartridge input; master balance control handles both channels quickly; master volume control with loudness/volume switch for easy tonal balance; phase reversal switch "cleans up" poorly made tapes and recordings, tape monitor provisions included.
Power Output: 36 watts per channel, 72 watts peak. Frequency Response: Flat, 20-20,000 cps. Distortion: Less than 0.3%, first order IM; less than 0.8% harmonic. Hum Level: 75db below maximum output.

Inputs: Two low level magnetic (one for tape deck), two high level (tuner and tape recorder). Outputs: Tape recorder; 4, 8 and 16-ohms speaker taps for each channel; plus center channel; one switched AC outlet. Controls: Function (Balance A, Balance B, Stereo, Stereo Reverse, Monophonic Records, Channel A, Channel B); Bass (one for each channel); Treble (one for each channel); Balance; Loudness; Loudness-Volume Switch; Scratch Filter On-Off; Rumble Filter On-Off; Channel A; Channel B; Magnetic Inputs 1 and 2; Input Selector (Mike, RIAA, NAB, Tuner); Aux. Tape Monitor Switch (with high level playback inputs); Phase Reversal; Power Off. Tubes: 4-12AX7, 4-7591, 2-7199, 1-5AR4.
Operation: 105-125 v. AC, 50-60 cps, fused; 20 watts per section. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 4" h. Shipping Weight, 28 lbs.
Scott Model 299C Stereo Amplifier-Net Each US $ 224,95*
West Coast: $227.95*


In addition to all the features described for stereo Models 299C and 222C, Model 272 incorporates the patented dynamic rumble suppression and will supply a full 88 watts of power at the lowest audible frequencies with even the most inefficient speakers.
Power Output: 44 watts per channel. Frequency Response: 20-30,000 cps. Distortion: 0.8% at full power output harmonic. Hum Level: Better than 80db below full power output. Inputs: Two low level magnetic (one for tape deck), two high level (tuner and extra).

Outputs: Center channel; 4, 8 and 16-ohm speaker tap for each channel; one switched AC outlet. Controls: Function (Balance A, Balance B, Stereo, Stereo Reverse, Monophonic Records, Channel A, Channel B); Bass (one for each channel); Treble (one for each channel); Balance; Loudness; Loudness-Volume Switch; Center Channel Level; Dynamic Rumble Suppressor Control; Scratch Filter On-Off; Channel A and Channel B Magnetic Inputs 1 and 2; Power Off; Input Selector (EUR 78, NAB Tape, Ortho RIAA, Tape Monitor Switch, Tuner, Extra); Phase Reversal; Channel A and Channel B Acoustic Level; Channel A and Channel B Phono Input Levels. Tubes: 6-12AX7, 1-6AU6, 2-6BL8, 4-6CA7/EL34, 1-5AR4.
Size: 16" w. x 13" d. 6"h. Shipping Weight, 42 lbs.
Scott Model 272 Stereo Amplifier-Net Each US $ 269,95*
West Coast: $274.95*


Complete 44-watt, two-channel stereophonic amplifier; 22-watts per channel. Features: Separate controls for each channel; DC heaters for minimum hum level; special calibration of tone controls for operation as electronic crossover, or "Bi-Amplifier".
Power Output: 22 watts per channel; 44 watts total. Frequency Response: Flat, 20-20,000 cps. Distortion: Less than 0.3%, first order IM; 0.8% harmonic at full output. Hum and Noise: 75 db below full output. Sensitivity: Low 3 mv magnetic; high 9 mv magnetic, tuner, tape recorder. Outputs: Stereo tape recorder; 4, 8, 16-ohms each channel; center channel; switched AC outlet. Controls: Input Selector (Phono or Tape Head, Tuner, Aux., Tape Monitor Switch with high level playback inputs); Equalization Selector (RIAA or NAB Tape); Stereo Selector (Balance A, Balance B, Channel A, Channel B, Stereo, Reverse Stereo, Monophonic Records); Channel A Bass, Channel B Bass; Channel A Treble; Channel B Treble; Scratch Filter; Volume-Loudness; Stereo Balance; Master Volume. Tubes: 11. Operation: 105-125 v. AC, 50-60 cps. Size: 15" w. x 12" d. x 4" h. Shipping Weight, 25 lbs.
Scott Model 222C Stereo Amplifier-Net Each US $ 154,95*
West Coast: $158.25*

*Less case; see following page for cases.

H.H. Scott Stereo, Hi-Fi Scottkits

Die Hifi-Kits waren Hifi-Bausätze, mit denen weder SCOTT noch FISHER noch HARMAN KARDON außerhalb der USA Erfolg hatte. Alleine Heathkit hatte in den späten 1960er Jahren damit einen Achtungserfolg, weil diese Hifi-Bausätze auf der erfolgreichen Welle der erstaunlich guten und preiswerten Heathkit Meßgeräte - Bausätze mit schwammen.


Fine quality kit for monophonic or stereo FM reception. Pre-aligned, pre-assembled multiplex section and silver-plated front end for easy assembly. Scott Kit-Pak includes correct length, pre-cut wires; parts mounted on charts; pre-riveted sockets and terminals; package acts as convenient work bench; and, full color instructions. Station selector includes convenient logging scale; tuning meter assures accurate station selection. Stereo noise filter and subchannel noise filters. Special circuitry with tape recorder output on front panel for flawless stereo recording. Sensitivity: 2.2 nv, IHFM usable. Capture Ratio: 6.0 db. Controls: Level; Selector (Off, Mono, FM Stereo With and Without Subchannel Filter); Stereo Noise Filter; Switchable AGO; Tuning.
Size: 15" x 5" x 13". Shpg. Wt., 19 lbs.
Scott kit Model LT-110 Stereo FM Tuner Kit-Net $ 159,95*
West Coast: S 162.95*


Monophonic FM version of Model LT-110, with same performance specifications, but without built-in stereo multiplex capability. Multiplex output jack permits use with Model 335 self-powered adapter for wideband multiplex reception (see previous page). Controls: Tuning; Power On-Off. Size: 15K" x 5M" x 13M". Shpg. Wt., 12 lbs.
Scott kit Model LT-10 FM Tuner Kit-Net Each $ 99,95*
West Coast: $ 101.75*


Fine 80-watt stereo amplifier in kit form. All mechanical parts preriveted to chassis, supplied in Kit-Pak. Power Output: 40 watts each channel music waveform, 30 watts each channel steady-state. Frequency Response: ±0.5db, 20-20,000 cps. Power bandwidth, 20-20,000 cps. Cutoff filter is sharp below 20 cps (12db or better per octave). Distortion: Harmonic, 0.8% at rated out.; IM CCIF, 0.3 %. Hum Level: High level input, 80 db below rated output; low level inputs, 10uV equivalent. Sensitivity: Tape, 3.0us. Mag. High, 9.0 mv; Mag. Low, 3.0 mv. Controls: Input Selector (Phono, Tuner, Extra); Stereo Selector (Bal. A, Bal B, Monophonic Records, Stereo, Stereo Reverse, Chan. A, Chan. B); Treble Chan. 1, Chan. 2; Bass Chan. 1; Bass Chan. 2; Tape Monitor (In, Out); Center Channel Level; Stereo Balance; Loudness; On/Off; Pickup Selector (NAB, RIAA); Scratch Filter. Power Required: 200 watts, 105-125 v. AC, 50-60 cps.
Scott kit Model LK-72 Stereo Amplifier Kit-Net  US $ 159,99*
West Coast: $ 163.75*


Medium power, high quality stereo kit includes chart-mounted parts, pre-cut wire and pre-riveted sockets and terminals for easy assembly. Power Output: 24 watts per channel. Hum and Noise: Better than -75db at full output. Frequency Response: 20-20,000 cps; IHFM power band below 19 cps to above 20,000 cps. Distortion: Less than 0.5% IM. Inputs: 3uV or 9uV for RIAA or NAB; tuner and extra high level input; tape monitor. Controls: Seven-position Stereo Selector; Scratch Filter; Loudness Compensation; Treble and Bass, each channel; Input Selector; Stereo Balance; Loundess/Power. Outputs: Tape record; center channel; 4, 8 and 16 ohms, each channel; AC outlet. Tubes: 11. Shpg. Wt., 25 lbs.
Scott kit Model LK-48 Stereo Amplifier Kit-Net  US & 119,95*
West Coast: $ 122.95*


Dual-channel basic power amplifier in handy kit. Uses 6550 matched output tubes, normally found in military applications; rated 100 watts. Unique circuitry assures top performance without adjustment using laboratory equipment. Input sensitivity switch-able, 1.5 to 2.5 volts. Switchable subsonic noise filter. Absolutely stable, even without load. Power Output: 65 watts, music per channel; 60 watts, steady state. Frequency Responses Below 19cps to above 25,000 cps, IHFM power band. Distortion: Less than 0.5% total harmonic: 0.5% IM, full power. Damping Factor: Switchable 16:1 or 8:1. Controls: Subsonic On-Off, eadh channel; Bias, each channel; On-Off Switch; Input Level; Meter. Size: 15" x 6" x 1".
Scott kit Model LK-150 Stereo Amplifier Kit-Net US$ 169,95
West Coast: $ 174.95*


Laboratory quality control center for stereo systems, in easy-to-build kit. Kit-Pak doubles as work bench for easy assembly. All wires pre-cut; sockets and terminals pre-riveted; full color instructions. Unique power supply shielding, DC tube heaters and aluminum chassis for low hum level. Distortion: Less than 0.1% at 2.5 v. output. Hum Level: -80 db. Controls: Input Selector; Stereo Selector; Separate Bass and Treble, each channel; Stereo Balance; Loudness/Power; Volume; Phase Reverse; Rumble Filter; Scratch Filter; Tape Monitor; Center Channel Level; Dual Magnetic Pickup Selector. Equalization provided for Mike, Tape Head or RIAA. Outputs: Derived center channel; tape head; 4, 8 and 16 ohms, each channel. Size: 15" x 5" x 13". Shpg. Wt., 14 lbs.
Scottkit Model LC-21 Stereo Control Kit-Net US $ 99,95*
West Coast: $ 99.95*


Combines stereo FM-AM tuner with a 40-watt stereo preamp-amplifier, with center channel output, on one chassis.

Tuner: Professional tuning controls permit both vernier and fast tuning; illuminated tuning and signal strength meters (one for FM, one for AM), for precision tuning of very weak stations. Automatic gain control; separate AM and FM sections; output level controls; tape recorder outputs; wide-range AM detector; 10 kc whistle filter; stereo phase-reverse position; multiplex output jack, are some of the features that add to this unit's versatility. Has sensitive FM detector bandwidth of 2 mc. Sensitivity: FM, 1uv for 20db quieting. Harmonic Distortion: FM, 0.8%. Hum and Noise: 80 db below 1 volt. Capture Ratio: 6 db. Output Voltage: For 100% modulation, 4-6 volts.

Amplifier: Complete unit with dual preamplifier and power sections, 20-watts each channel. Separate bass and treble controls for each channel (ganged); 3 mv stereo cartridge inputs; master balance control handles both channels quickly. Power Output: 20-watts each channel, 40-watts peak. Frequency Response: Flat, 20-30,000 cps. Distortion: Less than 0.3% first order IM; less than 0.8% harmonic. Hum Level: -80 db, below maximum output. Inputs: Two low level magnetic (one for tape head), two high level (tuner and tape recorder). Outputs: Tape recorder; 4, 8 and 16-ohm speaker taps for each channel, plus center channel; switched AC outlet. Controls: FM Tuning; AM Tuning; Input Selector (Phono, AM-FM Stereo, FM-FM Multiplex, Extra); Stereo Selector (Balance A, Balance B, Monophonic Records, AM-FM Stereo, FM-AM Stereo-Reverse, Channel A FM, Channel B AM); Channel A Treble; Channel B Treble; Channel A Bass; Channel B Bass; Stereo Balance (with Channel A only and Channel B only positions); Loudness; Pickup 1 and 2 switch; Equalization (NAB Tape, RIAA, NAB, ORTHO Phono); Tape Monitor (Playback, Record); Rumble Filter; Scratch Filter; AM Selectivity (Distant, Wide); Phase (Stereo-Reverse, Normal); Loudness/Volume Switch. Tubes: Tuner section. 4-6AU6. 1-6AL5, 1-6X4. 2-6FGC tuning eyes; Amplifier section, 2-6BL8, 4-7189, 4-12AX7, 1-5AR4 rectifier.
Size: 16" w. x 13" d. x 6" h. Shipping Weight, 37 lbs.

Scott Model 399 Stereo AM-FM Tuner-Amplifier-Net Each US $ 399,95*
West Coast: $ 404.95*


Units listed are priced without case. Following are case types available for all Scott units.

Leatherette finished steel. Shipping Weight, 5 lbs.
Model H-For Model 335 multiplex adapter. Net Each $ 9.95
Model C-For 222C, 299C, 310D, 314, 330D, 350, LT-10, LT-110,
LK-48, LK-72 and LC-21. Net Each $ 12.95

Model CWM (Mahogany) or CWW (Oil Finish Walnut) - For 222C. 299C, 310D, 314, 330D, 350, LT-10, LT-110, LK-48, LK-72, and LC-21. Net Each .$ 19.95
Model FWM (Mahogany) or FWW (Oil Finish Walnut)- For Models 272 and 399. Net Each $ 29.95
Model HWM (Mahogany) or HWW (Oil Finish Walnut)-For Model 335. Net Each $ 14.95

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