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200 watt stereo power amplifier - MODEL 911

The 911 is a high powered solid state basic amplifier designed to satisfy the requirements of the most critical and demanding listener. It is capable of driving the lowest efficiency speaker systems as well as the largest to full output with sufficient reserve power to deliver, when required, a total peak in excess of one kilowatt.

Yet, at power levels of one watt and less, the 911 has a distortion level which is almost unmeasurable. C/M Laboratories' design philosophy of complementing high damping throughout the audio spectrum with high peak power capability results in the reproduction of crescendos and nuances with equal ease and clarity.
As the most complex load that an audio amplifier would be presented, the loudspeaker is an electrical motor coupled to a diaphragm or piston required to push and pull air at the rate and amplitude of the electrical signals represented by the original source of sound.

The ability to start, stop, accelerate, and decelerate the moving diaphragm at the precise instants of time in a controlled manner is the key to the creation of an atmosphere of 'listening through to the source'. Although high damping is one of the requirements in producing this quality of sound, it alone has little value. It can be readily understood that control over the loudspeaker is impossible without power capability as the energy required to regulate the intricate movements of the diaphragm can be many times greater than the average value. It would be a simple matter to ignore the need to consider these parameters when designing an amplifier since an amplifier design without due consideration may measure equally well when used with resistor and/or capacitor loads as another amplifier having these same qualities.

A well acknowledged but frequently forgotten aspect is that no combination of fixed resistors and capacitors will ever simulate any given loudspeaker in its entirety. The very physical fact that the former does not produce motion at all should be sufficent reason that there is little similarity when it comes to the reproduction of sound.

Thus, when hearing familiar sounds through the 911, it becomes even more apparent that the 911 is a remarkable instrument as it brings out the true qualities that conventional specifications alone could never describe.


OUTPUT POWER Per channel (both channels sumultaneously): 100 watts rms into 8 ohms, 60 watts rms Into 16 ohms, 90 watts into 4 ohms. Total available peak power, 1.1 kilowatts.
POWER BANDWIDTH 10 Hz to 30 kHz +0, -3 db at less than .5% total harmonic distortion; 0 db reference at 1 kHz, rated output.
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±.5 db; 1 Hz to 100 kHz, ±3 db.
INTERMODULATION DISTORTION Less than .5% at power levels between 1 watt and 100 watts equivalent single frequency power into 8 ohm load (60 Hz mixed with 6 kHz, 4:1).
DAMPING FACTOR Greater than 200 for 8 ohm load, 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
OVERLOAD RESPONSE Recovery from 100% clipping overload, 10 microseconds maximum. Automatic protection circuitry provided against short circuits, open circuits and grossly mismatched loads.
INPUT SENSITIVITY Independent level controls provided for sensitivity adjustment of each channel. Maximum sensitivity, 1 volt rms to 1.65 volts rms input required for full output in 4 to 16 ohm loads, respectively.
INPUT IMPEDANCE Greater than 50,000 ohms.
HUM & NOISE Better than 70 db below full rated output.
POWER CONSUMPTION 120 volts, AC only. 6 amperes at full output, 70 watts no signal.
SOLID STATE COMPLEMENT 8 silicon output transistors (23 transistors in total), 2 zener diodes, 3 silicon diodes, and 2 silicon rectifiers.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 143/4" wide x 81/s" high x 11%" deep.
WEIGHT Approximately 40 pounds.
FINISH Brown enamel and brushed gold anodize.

Der US Preis:

PRICE: $477.00 Fair Traded.

Ein Kommentar aus 2009

March 2009

I have a CM Labs 911, it was my first "high power" amp. I bought mine used about 1973 or so.

It has blown up a few times...

Imho there is no way to bring this amp up to modern standards.

It has several problems in that regard. First, it is a single rail supply, and so has a monster cap at the output. Second it is a design that is relatively crude by today's standards.

Otoh, it does sound relatively nice, smooth and has mostly even order harmonic distortion, lots of second.

I'd bypass the output cap with some good film, as large as will fit in the space and leave it at that. Oh maybe improve or bypass any "bypass caps" or other electrolytics on the board as well.

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