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Electronic cross-over network - MODEL 601

C/M Laboratories, pioneers in the design and manufacture of solid state amplification equipment, is constantly evaluating and developing ideas to increase fidelity and realism in sound reproduction to the highest level that the state of the art will allow.

To this end, C/M Laboratories constantly tests traditional methods and rules-of-thumb against present technology. New standards evolve; old ones revised. New measurements are made to describe new performance factors. A generation of amplifiers is born having improved operational characteristics.

In the use of this new breed of power amplifiers, it has been found that the bi-amplification concept becomes increasingly more advantageous than has been in the past. The bi-amplification system is a system which amplifies high and low frequencies separately through individual amplifiers and feeds the respective signals directly through to the loudspeakers bypassing the conventional cross-over network. This system reduces cross-modulation distortion between high and low frequencies in a single amplifier and improves both phase and amplitude control over the loudspeakers by the total utilization of the much higher damping and peak powers now available in more recent high quality solid state amplifiers.

The resulting spaciousness in the sound quality is caused by increased clarity combined with a much better definition in the placement of instruments heretofore not possible with conventional cross-over networks. An integral part of the bi-amplification system is the electronic cross-over network which separates the frequencies prior to power amplification.

C/M Laboratories now makes available the Model 601 Electronic Cross-over Network which has been designed to cover any cross-over frequency from the requirements of the super woofer to the super tweeter in the range of 100 Hz to 12.7 Khz with 127 switch selections in 100 Hz increments. Level controls allow relative adjustment between high and low pass amplifiers to equalize efficiencies of the respective loudspeakers. Modular in concept, two Model 601's may be cascaded to provide either steeper cross-over slopes or three-way outputs for tri-amplification systems.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (A) High-pass amplifiers - from selected cut-off frequency to 100 Khz +0, -3db. (B) Low-pass amplifiers - 1 Hz to selected cut-off +0, -3db.
  (C) Wideband mode (no cut-off selected) 1 Hz to 100 Khz +0, -3db, high and low pass amplifiers.
CROSSOVER POINT Smooth 6db/octave (both low-pass and high-pass amplifiers simultaneously) switch selected by any combination of seven slide switches. Total possibilities yield 127 frequencies from 100 Hz through 12,000 Hz in 100 Hz increments. Frequency accuracy ±5% of switch-repeatable setting.
OUTPUTS Left and right channel outputs, low and high pass amplifiers rated 2 volts rms. Recovery at 100% overload, 2 microseconds maximum.
OUTPUT LOADING Permissible loading, 10K ohms from 600 ohm source.
TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION Less than .5% at rated output.
INTERMODULATION DISTORTION Less than .5% at 2 volts equivalent single frequency amplitude.
OVERALL GAIN Odb, ±1db maximum. Individual level controls for high-pass and low-pass amplifiers. No balance control between channels provided.
SOLID STATE COMPLEMENT Includes 4 mos-fet's, 8 transistors and 4 silicon diodes.
POWER REQUIREMENTS 120V, 60 Hz, 4 watts.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 2V2 High x 11 % Wide x 5Va Deep.
WEIGHT Approximately 41/2 lbs.
FINISH Beige and Brown.
PRICE $126.00 Fair Traded.
- Werbung Dezent -
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