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All solid-state pre-amplifier - MODEL CC-2

The Model CC-2 is an all solid state preamplifier designed to be used in conjunction with only the highest quality components. From the conception of C/M Laboratories to the present, the Model CC-2 follows the tradition: one line of quality, one line of performance.

In constant search for product improvement, only the best and most reliable designs are incorporated; there can be no compromises on performance if the ultimate in sound reproduction is the goal.

Relatively inexpensive for a component in this class, economy is achieved by the simplification of functions and the elimination of seldom used controls. Yet, the specifications alone would place the CC-2 in the professional category. It is therefore ideal for the user who wishes to enjoy music at the peak of perfection without having to become an engineer at the controls of a massive console.

Judged by whatever means of comparison, whether it be based on quality or specifications, the CC-2 ranks among the very best. But most important, when it is finally put through the 'listening test', it becomes increasingly apparent that, regardless of price, no other pre-amplifier has the ability to wring out that last drop of recorded sound. Performance as high as the state of the art permits ... without compromise.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE 1 Hz to 100 kHz minimum, +0 -3 db.
MAIN OUTPUTS Left and right channel outputs rated at 2 volts rms, 10 volts rms maximum. Recovery from 100% clipping, less than 2 microseconds.
TAPE RECORDING OUTPUTS Left and right channel outputs provided for recording. Flat response unaffected by front panel controls.
OVERALL SENSITIVITY @ 1 kHz (Balance control at normal): Phono (RIAA), variable 3 to 8 mv for 2 volts output (input clipping overload, 90 to 250 mv, respectively). Any high level input, .1 volt for 2 volts output.
TOTAL HUM & NOISE Phono, 80 db below 10 mv input. High level, 80 db below full output.
TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION From any input, less than .1 % at 2 volts rms output.
INTERMODULATION DISTORTION From any input, less than .1% at 2 volts rms output. Less than .25% at 10 volts rms. (equivalent single frequency amplitude).
INPUT SELECTOR Low level, Phono (RIAA). High level, Tape, Tuner, Auxiliary.
MODE SELECTOR Stereo, Stereo Reverse, Mono, Right only, and Left only.
TONE CONTROLS Bass, switchable in and out of circuit, continuously variable ±17 db @ 50 Hz in circuit. Treble, switchable in and out of circuit, continuously variable =t13 db @ 10 kHz in circuit.
BALANCE CONTROL Continuously variable, +3 -60 db each side of center.
VOLUME CONTROL Continuously variable, total control range 90 db.
LOUDNESS Two position slide switch converts Volume control to compensate for deficiencies in hearing at lower listening levels.
TAPE MONITOR Two position slide switch permits comparison of recording with original program source.
SUB-SONIC FILTER Two position slide switch, flat or -3 db @ 20 Hz.
A.C. CONVENIENCE OUTLETS Two switched, one not switched.
SOLID STATE COMPLEMENT 22 silicon transistors, 5 silicon diodes, 1 zener diode.
POWER REQUIREMENTS 120 volts, 50 to 60 Hz, 4 watts.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS Panel, 121/2" wide x 4" high x 9" deep (behind panel).
WEIGHT Approximately 10 pounds.
FINISH Panel, brushed gold anodize and brown enamel.

Der US Preis:

PRICE: $225.00 fair traded. OPTIONAL CABINET - $15.00

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