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100 watt stereo pre-amp/amplifier - MODEL CC-50S

The Model CC-50S, newest member in a line of audio reproduction equipment from C/M Laboratories, is an integrated stereo amplification system embodying preamplification stages, necessary controls for its function, and power amplifiers in a single package.

Designed specifically for the discriminating listener, it develops one hundred clean watts of power which is more than adequate for most living rooms. It encompasses the best circuit designs and elements traditional to C/M products.

Unlike other 'integrated' designs where price generally dictates sacrifices in performance, the Model CC-50S achieves an economy by eliminating seldom used controls and functions. Nevertheless, for its type, the Model CC-50S is without peer; its performance as high as the state of the art permits ... without compromise.


OUTPUT POWER (continuous rms rating per channel): 50 watts into 8 ohms, 40 watts into 4 or 16 ohms, 20 to 20,000 cps. Total available instantaneous peak, 400 watts.
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (high level input to power amplifier): 20 to 20,000 cps ±.5db at rated output; 5 cps to 60,000 cps ±3db at 1 watt.
POWER BANDWIDTH 10 Hz to 30 kHz +0, -3 db at less than .5% total harmonic distortion; 0 db ret. at 1 kHz, rated output.
INTERMODULATION DISTORTION Less than .5% at 40 watts equivalent single frequency power (60 cps mixed with 6 kcs, 4:1).
OVERLOAD RESPONSE Recovery from clipping at power amplifier less than 10 microseconds. Automatic protection provided against short circuits and grossly mismatched loads.
DAMPING FACTOR Better than 200 for 8 ohms, 20 to 20,000 cps.
INPUT SELECTOR 5 position push-button switch selects Phono, Tape Head, Tuner, Tape Amp, and Auxiliary inputs.
MODE SELECTOR 5 position rotary switch selects Right only, Left only, Mono, Stereo, and Stereo Reverse modes.
OVERALL GAIN @ 1 kc (Balance at normal): Phono, 80db; Tape Head, 70db; Tape, Tuner, or Aux, 45db. Gain from inputs to Tape Recording Output, 45 db less. Phono and Tape Head gain adjustable over 10db range.
RATED INPUT Phono, 3 to 15mv @ 1 kc; Tape Head, 6 to 30 mv @ 1 kc; high level inputs, .25 volts rms. Input impedance: Phono and Tape Head, 47k ohms; high level inputs, 100k ohms.
EQUALIZATION Automatic with input selection, RIAA for Phono, NARTB for Tape Head.
FREQUENCY COMPENSATION Switchable in and out of circuit (indicated by panel light). Bass, ±17db @ 50 cps; Treble, ±13db@ 10 kc Rumble filter, 50 cps cutoff; Scratch filter, 7 kc; Loudness switch alters Volume control to compensate for deficiencies in hearing at reduced listening levels.
TOTAL HUM & NOISE 70 db below 10 mv low level input; 70 db below .25 volt high level input.
TAPE MONITOR Two position switch permits comparison of recording with original program source.
TAPE RECORDING OUTPUT rated output, .25 volts rms into 10k ohm load; flat response, unaffected by controls.
PHONE JACK Provides front panel connection to stereo headsets automatically disconnecting loudspeakers.
A.C. CONVENIENCE OUTLETS Three switched, one not switched. Total capacity, 500 watts.
SOLID STATE COMPLEMENT 33 transistors, 3 signal diodes, 4 reference zener diodes, and 2 power supply rectifiers.
POWER REQUIREMENTS 120 volts, 60 cps, 230 watts.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS Panel, 17" wide x6" high; 13" deep (behind panel).
WEIGHT Approximately 40 pounds.
FINISH Panel, brushed gold anodize and brown enamel. Chassis, cadmium plated.

Der US Preis:

PRICE: $435.00. - OPTIONAL CABINET - $24.00.

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