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Vorwort : Wir sind im Jahr 1979

Der europäische und der amerikanische Hifi-Markt sind gerade am Zusammenbrechen, die Umsatze fallen ins bodenlose und die Firmen stehen reihenweise mit dem Rücken zur Wand. Auch kleinere Firmen haben weltweit immer mehr Probleme. Die Kunden sind verunsichert, weil nach und nach mehr Einzelheiten über die neue digitale Schallplatte lanciert werden. Noch tummeln sich mehrere visionäre aber weltfremde Erfinder bzw. Wettbewerber auf diesem zukunftsträchtigen Markt. - Die etablierten kleinen Nischenanbieter müssen also um so mehr auf sich aufmerksam machen und ihre Produkte so gut wie möglich - bezogen auf die übehaupt noch verbliebene Kundschaft - präsentieren. Hier also einer der kleineren Entwickler und Hersteller von Vinyl-Abtastsystemen.



The KARAT series of moving coil cartridges breaks new ground in the continued search for perfect sound performance. Behind their unusual design exists a major technological achievement and a significant development in the hifi market. For the first time, we have been able to dramatically reduce the cantilever- length (der Ausleger; der freitragende Arm) to only 2.5mm as against the average length of 6-7mm.

The cantilevers are made from the most precious and enduring materials. The DV/KARAT DIAMOND is manufactured entirely from diamond and the DV/KARAT is made from synthetic ruby (in practice, found to give a better performance than pure ruby.)

New : frequency response of up to 70k or 50kHz

In addition, the micro miniaturisation of the internal parts has resulted in a light but rigid unit of incredible sensitivity. Thus the dispersion of the propagating wave form of the musical signal picked up from the record is kept far smaller in the KARAT series than in any other cartridge. You will easily detect this phenomena after listening to the surprisingly realistic sound which a KARAT cartridge will add to your system, whether of the most expensive or modest type.

Schon wieder typisch amerikanisch : "outstanding features"

Due to these outstanding features the DV KARATS have a remarkably wide frequency response of up to 70k or 50kHz and an exceptional tracking ability. Because of the very small size of the cantilever, the resonant frequency is higher than 50kHz. With this design, the normal rubber damping is not required ; this means that the performance is never affectedby room temperature or the creeping time effect of damping material.

The very light weight and the higher 'compliance make the DV/KARAT ideally suited to the modern low mass tone arms which were mainly developed for low mass moving magnet cartridges.

These two outstanding models are truly the new generation of phono cartridges and that is why the DV/KARAT was selected as one of the most advanced items in the Design and Engineering Exhibition at the 1979 CES Chicago.

DV/20A Type2 - DV/20B Type2

These cartridges are the successors of the famous Dynavector /Ultimo 20A and 20B types which have been enjoying such very good world-wide reviews for their execllent musicality, technical performance and unusually high output voltage for moving coil construction.

Based on this very great success, we have re-designed them to even higher standards. Both the 20A and 20B Type 2 can now deliver an amazingly high output voltage of 3.6mV, together with an astonishingly flat frequency response to 20kHz.

The tracking ability is superb to match the most difficult direct cut discs. All its predecessors' features are retained, but great technological advancement has given the new Type 2s more easiness and musicality. Thanks to the very high output voltage and the light weight of the new models, many more music lovers will be able to enjoy the realistic sound of the moving coil construction without the nuisance or added expense of additional transformers or pre pre-amplifiers.

DV/30A DV/30B

This series is the professional version of the 20A and 20B Type 2s which have an integrated body to ensure exact performance when used in the SME type tone arms.


This very exclusive cartridge features the famous 'Paroc' diamond stylus developed by Dr. Weinz of West Germany, renowned for its optimum line contact shape and superb precision polishing. The cantilever itself is of straight solid boron which is also manufactured in West Germany and especially designed to achieve a very fast response. The moving coils are wound on a non-ferrous core which avoids the hysteritic characteristics of the ordinary permalloy core. The combination of these features, together with the use of other modern materials has enabled us to produce a cartridge which reaches the very pinnacle of design criteria. Once again, superb tracking ability is guaranteed in this 'state' of the art' design.

DV/1OX (1978)

The extremely formidable specification targets for the DV/ 10X in the design stage included : (a) Very flat frequency response, (b) Excellent tracking ability, (c) High output voltage, (d) Fine musicality. (e) Low price. These factors are contradicting all the time in the design of moving coil cartridges, but due to the very advanced standards of technology employed in our laboratories it has been possible to solve these difficulties in a most successful manner. Like the DV/KARAT, the DV/10X was one of the selected items at the Design and Engineering Exhibition at the 1978 CES Chicago for its outstanding performance and very reasonable price. Thousands of people have been able to replace their moving magnet cartridges with the inexpensive DV/ 10X which has enabled them to enjoy the more precise and dynamic sound from their conventional equipment without the nuisance of adding transformers or pre pre-amplifiers.

DV/505 TONE ARM (pat) (1977)

This unconventional tone arm is our answer to to-day's advanced record cutting technology. The DV/505, with its biaxial arm, dynamic and electro-magnetic damping systems and spring loaded tracking force, gives 100% cartridge performance. The DV/505 arm will extract from the Dynavector cartridge the very maximum in quality and enable you to experience tremendous satisfaction from your records. The 1977 CES Design and Engineering Exhibition selected and awarded the DV/505 tone arm. Why not treat yourself to this luxury-the experience will be well worth it.


Made to the same rigid standards of excellence as the Dynavector moving coil cartridges. The DV/6A is designed to bring the low output voltage of moving coil cartridges up to more practical levels. It features expensive solid silver wire and a massive magnetic core. These extravagances are more than compensated for by its performance quality. The DV/6A is the most prestigious among the many other transformers or pre pre-amplifiers. The DV/6X is the economical version but retains almost all the special features of the DV/6A.

Anmerkung / Kommentar

Der Text wurde sicher von einem Amerikaner für Amerikaner formuliert. Damit ist - wie in den USA seit langem üblich - jedes Produkt absolut "outstanding" oder "extraordinary", also außergewöhnlich - im Vergleich zu .......... ja, im Vergleich wozu bitte ? Die Antwort bleibt uns der Werbetexter schuldig, obwohl in den USA ganz andere Maßstäbe bei der sogenannten vergleichenden oder diffamierenden Werbung gelten als 1979 bei uns in Deutschland.



Specifications I

Specification DV KARAT DIAMOND DV/KARAT 20A Type 2 20B Type 2
Output Voltage 0.2mV at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec 0.2mV at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec 3.6 mVat 1 kHz, 5cm/sec 3.6mV at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec
Separation over 20dB at 1 kHz over 20dB at 1kHz Over20dB at 1 kHz Over 20dB at 1 kHz
Frequency Response 20~70kHz 20-50kHz 20~20kHz 20~20kHz
Stylus Line Contact (0.1 XO.lmm) Line contact (0.1 XO.l mm) Elliptical (0.3x0.7mil) Elliptical (0.3x0.7mil)
Cantilever 0.4X0.4X2.5 oblique cut naked diamond 0.4X0.4X2.5 oblique cut naked ruby Tapered aluminium Straight solid berylium
Compliance 15X10"6 cm/dyn 15X10"6 cm/dyn 24X1 0~6 cm/dyn 24X10~6 cm/dyn
Wiring impedance R = 30Q L = 80^H R = 30Q L = 80;UH R = 510O L=1.0mH R = 510Q, L=1.0mH
Tracking Force l-5gr ±J;§ 1.5gr ±J:8 1.8gr 1.8gr
Total Weight 5.3gr 5.3gr 5.3gr 5.3gr

Specifications II

Specification 30A (High Output) 30B (High Output) 30C (Low Output)
Output Voltage 1.8mV at 1kHz, 5cm/sec 1.8mV at 1kHz, 5cm/sec 0.18mV
Separation Over 20dB at 1 kHz Over 20dB at 1 kHz Over 20dB at 1 kHz
Frequency Response 20—20,000Hz 20—20,000Hz 20—40,000Hz
Stylus Shibata type HI Shibata type HI Paroc by Dr. Weins
Armature Material Super permalloy Super permalloy Polyacetal
Cantilever Tapered aluminum Straight berylium Straight boron
Compliance 15XlO~6cm/dyne 15XlO-6cm/dyne l5XlO"6cm/dyne
Wiring Impedance R = 200 ohms L = 0.4mH R = 200 ohms L = 0.4mH R = 30 ohms L = 0.1 mH
Tracking Force 1.5grams 1.5grams 1.5grams
Total Weight 1 9grams 19grams 18.5grams
Effective Length 50mm + 3mm adjustable 50mm + 3mm adjustable 50mm + 3mm adjustable
Azimuth Angle + 5 degrees adjustable + 5 degrees adjustable + 5 degrees adjustable

Specifications III

Specifications 10X Specification DV/505
Output Voltage 1 .8mV at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec Overall Length 335mm inch head shell
Separation Over 20dB at 1 kHz Effective Length 241 mm
Freguency Response 20~20,000Hz Offset Angle 21.5 degrees
Stylus Elliptical Lateral Tracking Error 0° at inner grooves, 2.2° at outer grooves
Armature Meterial Super permalloy Overhang 1,5mm
Cantilever Tapered Aluminium Adjustable Height Range 38—70mm
Compliance 15X10"6 cm/dyn Lateral & Vertical Sensitivity Less than 50mg
Wiring Impedance R = 200 ohms L = 0.4mH Head Shell Connection Standard EIA type 4-pole connection
Tracking Force 1 .5grams    
Total Weight 9.5grams    

Specifications IV

Specification DV/6A DV/6X
Adaptable impedance of the cartridge 3-40 ohms 3~ 60 ohms
Load resistance 47K ohms 47K ohms
Step-up ratio 1 : 13 1 : 20
Frequency Response 10~70,000Hz + 0dB,-ldB 10~30,000Hz+0dB,-ldB
Max. input at 50Hz 300 mV 200 mV
Distortion below 0.01 % below 0.01 %
Dimension 52(W)Xl91(D)x75(H)mm 75(W)Xll5(D!x45(H)mm
Others balanced or unbalanced  
  connection is switchable  

Impressum und Prospekt-ID

Dynavector Systems. Ltd
Acousta Ginza, 8-6 Ginza 3-chome Chuo-ku Tokyo
Tel Tokyo (564)4011 Telex J23475 DYNAVEC
B-a-101 79-08-5-0001


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