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SETTON - manufacturer of quality audio products - Volume II

(aus dem Fundus des Hifi Studio Kuhl) überarbeitet im Juli 2019

TS-11 - The first front access design.

in terms of the technology involved, the turntable is the least complex of all the components in a hi fi system. Other than the delicate task of transduction performed by the cartridge assembly - a turntable's functions are more mechanical than electronic in nature. And since most of the significant technical problems involved in phonograph record sound reproduction were solved a good many years ago, all the turntables of good quality recently introduced in the market perform according to well-established norms of high fidelity. In other words, there are perhaps fewer differences between any two high quality turntables than there are similarities.

Recognizing this, Setton isn't promising a "technical revolution" with its new TS-11 turntable - though it certainly passes all the traditional tests of quality with honors. (Only 0.08 % wow and flutter; ARLL weighted rumble practically non-existent; calibrated stylus force gauge and antiskating for an accuracy as perfect as can be measured ; and a mere 0.001 grams of vertical and horizontal friction).

Nonetheless, what we are offering is spectacular : spectacular design, actually, a revolutionary new format for more convenient record playing, with front access to the platter and its controls. Indeed, having already achieved their technical goals, the Setton engineers went a step further and tackled a problem which up to now has been generally neglected by everyone : the turntable's encumberance.

The result was the TS-11, which will end the turntable's habitual isolation as a component and make it welcome among all the other components in a rack or shelf installation.

The TS-11 is the first step in what Setton hopes will become the turntable's renaissance, because it represents a complete innovation. It does away with a good number of outdated traditions in turntable design while keeping the best technical aspects intact, or improving them.

The TS-11 's unique front access construction cuts out wasted space above and behind the turntable. The front of Setton's Slide-O-Magic cover slides back horizontally and nestles over its rear half, with such smooth sliding action in either direction, it can't disturb tonearm tracking.

This simple innovation , in conjunction with the convenient disposition of the controls on the front (rather than the top plinth) permits the TS-11 to be placed where many people have always felt it belongs : just below eye level on a rack or shelf, alongside other components.

Verticle-action controls in this frontal configuration are a guarantee against accidents as well as against vibrations, since pressure is applied downward, toward a perfectly rigid surface, rather than against the console itself.

The illuminated read-out panel makes it possible to check speed and functioning and to tell when a record is finished playing at a glance. A very special feature - a unique lighting similar to that on professional studio designs - allows you to choose exactly the cut you want to hear, even in full obscurity.
Finally, the whole assembly is protected from vibrations by newly designed, wide insulating base pads.

It was about time somebody did something for the turntable.
That's why Setton Engineering went to such lengths in the conception, development and testing of the TS-11.

TS-11 Turntable.

- Automatic return at the end of the record
- Auto-reject whatever you like
- Manual straight operation
- Pause with viscous damped filter
- Auto shut-off power supply at the rest position
- Speed indicator light
- Belt-drive
- 4 pole synchronous motor
- 2 speeds : 33 1/3 & 45 RPM
- Weight of platter: 2.05 lbs. with rubber mat
- Anti-skating system : spring type adjustable
- Head shell: detachable
- Counter weight: adjustable

TUS 600 - The Setton tuner.

They had bought a Setton amplifier and they didn't want to trade it in for a receiver. So they asked us to please make a tuner with the same Setton styling and electronic superiority.

We did. We studied the idea, took all the best tuner parts from receivers such as the RS-660, and perfected their specifications. After all, a tuner has to stand on its own. You never know what kind of other components an avid audiophile will a tuner with.

The TUS-600 AM /FM Stereo Tuner has it all: 0.07% total harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion ; high sensitivity FM front end with 4-gang variable capacitor and sensitive dual-gate MOS FET ; high selectivity IF section with three 2-element ceramic filters ; an MPX with stable Phase Locked Loop IC for excellent stereo performance ; independent meters for signal strength (AM/FM) and center tuning (FM); Dolby NR adaptor switch for Dolby FM ; and stereo, mono, and muting "on" indicator lights incorporated in the same stylish window arrangement as the security panel indicators on our amps and receivers.

In addition, the TUS-600 features a multi-level muting knob for continuously adjustable muting, from 15 to 35 dBf, backed by a high quality potentiometer. Choose a setting and the light comes. Every station with a weaker signal will be muted out, and you won't be irritated by interstation noise while looking for a strong FM station. Want an even cleaner sounding station ? Just turn up the muting adjustor and look for it. When you find it, the light goes off.

TUS 600 Tuner

- Sensitive dual gate MOS FE T in FM front end
- High-sensitivity front end with 4 gang variable capacitor
- High selectivity IF section with three 2-element ceramic filters
- PLL (Phase-locked loop) IC for stable stereo performance in the MPX section
- MPX filter
- Two large meters are used for signal strength and center tuning in FM reception
- Mode indicator (mono/stereo), muting indicator
- Dolby N.R. adaptor switch for Dolby FM


Setton a new name in audio that is quickly becoming an international symbol of higher fidelity.

Last year we gave hard-to-please audiophiles a peek into the 1980s, with a world-acclaimed collection of amplifiers and receivers, a unique hifi remote control center, and a pair of separate power amplifiers for the car.

This year Setton maintains its position of leadership with the three marvels in this catalogue. It's really too bad that not everyone can afford a Setton as easily as the imitations which are bound to follow.

SETTON - Towards perfection

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